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Monday, Blogging, It's Monday What Are You Reading?, IMWAYR, Blog A Book Etc, FayHow is your New Year panning out so far? For me the time is just flying by and things are a bit of a fuzz! With plenty to read/listen and my skin causing me a ridiculous amount of problems with the bitter weather that has been dealt out I just want to curl up with copious amounts of caffeine and chill out. Although I have not made any New Years resolutions there are goals that throughout the year I set myself and slowly try to tick off of my list each month. One goal I am working towards at the moment is a work goal so I won’t be writing it on here but I may be a little bit distracted so bare with me.

So what have you been up to over the past week?

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Little Lies, Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty, Books, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

It has certainly taken some time but I am LOVING this book. Although the narration is slightly grating it is a really gripping read that you just don’t know where the next chapter will lead you.

Next on the list . . .

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I am contemplating finishing the rest of Liane Moriarty’s books whilst I am in the mood.
However I really am thinking about finishing off this . . .

The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt, Fiction, Audible, Audio Book, Books, Reading, Listening, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

It has been sitting in my Audible library unfinished for quite some time now so I am thinking I might just have to grin and bear it!

What is on your reading list this week?

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I managed to pick this up in the sale on the Collectif website – it was an absolute steal and was delivered today. It fits like a dream and I am in LOVE! The fabric is thick and in abundance! Trying to get it on and off was a bit of a chore but worth every minute! I will take pictures of me in it of course and post that soon.


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With the cold weather really battering my skin keeping my hands, face and lips smooth is a task as they are the first areas that feel the brunt. Air conditioning is yet another issue to be dealt with whilst at work that causes chapped lips. This wonderful product really does put paid to harsh weather conditions and artificial air circulation. After washing my hands of course a couple of dabs and my lips are kept moist and smooth. The smell of this product is not for everyone but I like it very much.

Soap & Glory, Hand Food, Hand Cream, Cream, Skin Care, Beauty, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

As part of the gift set I bought myself last week this lovely product is my go to hand cream for work as it makes my hands feel silky smooth after so many washes of my hands. Have you tried it yet?


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With himself we settled in the front room and both spent some laptop/work time together. Although we were working on different projects we chatted, chilled and just had a generally nice evening. Then the Baileys came out – delicious as always!

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Although Mikado’s are absolutely delicious there is something about pretzel sticks and nutella that just taste absolutely divine. Soft chocolate with a touch of salt is YUMMY!

What have you been up to?

The Classic Car Boot Sale

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,
Yes ladies and gents it is that time of year again. What time of year – Classic Car Boot Time. No I’m not crazy and yes the weather is a bit crap but the Vintage crowd did good. From Boots & Braces to Craft Beer and Kitchenware we had a great day. Not having embraced the vintage look before I thought I would give it a try but compared to the beauts walking around I did not hold a candle. The women and the men left me in awe of their style and presence.

from above and beyond

Before I went in I set myself a challenge to find three favourite stalls and actually buy something from one of them. This task I clearly did not think through very well as I wanted almost everything that I touched and took a lot less money with me than actually needed. However the bits I did pick up were fantastic and I actually managed to pick three from all of the fantastic stalls there on the Saturday. I have posted my top three throughout this post as putting them one after another would be too easy of course. Just remember if you were there you may have different favourites and I would love to hear about them so please leave a comment and share your wonderful finds :D.


Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

This stall I cannot for the life of me remember if it had a name however I remember when I walked in the entrance it was on the right and quite close to the front. The owner was fantastic and her husband and daughter arrived as we were mid conversation. It was like talking to old friends and her sense of humour was off the hook. Not only did she have a great selection of hats but her fabrics should be envied. She will be setting up a website very soon so when I get some more details I will let you all know.

If there is anyone that knows her name or the name of her stall please do holla!

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

As we reluctantly left the my first favourite there were a number of amazing items dotted about as you can see. Taking me back to my childhood and beyond these amazing displays really were something to catch your attention.

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

This guy was having the time of his life whizzing around and weaving through the passers-by. Onlookers were smiling and so was he. I’m sure he felt like a kid again – awesome right!


Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

Once again a stall with no name – which is almost as much of a shame as me not taking a picture of the most amazing shearling jacket they had for sale. Sadly at £80 the darling item was out of my price range for the day but I am sure it found a loving home – if not next time I hope it will be mine! One thing I do remember about this gorgeous stall was a very well dressed woman trying on an outrageously gorgeous cowboy jacket that I just would never have the courage to wear. It looked amazing on her of course and I do hope she bought it. This stall also had a small selection of bags and slightly bigger belt collection. Once again if the name is out there in the ether do pop it in a comment!

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

As we carried on through these two lovely lads stood out from the crowd with their beaming smiles and twinkling grotto of home delights. From Tala baking utensils to brightly coloured glass ashtrays the selection was to die for. And check out the guys outfits – they were retro heaven. Not only were their items great but so were they – as we dove into the vintage Selfridges bag hidden beneath for wrapping and a bag the conversation flowed as did the cash. I did pass over my twitter details but cannot for the life of me remember their stall name. Once again (I know you must be sick of it by now!) leave a comment with any details that you can fill in. If it helps these lovelies were the first stall on the left once you enter.


Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London, Bows & Braces, Bows & Braces Vintage Fair, Classic Vault

The two beautiful ladies on the bottom left – mother and daughter team Alice & Linda run Classic Vault which is a collection of glorious vintage pieces both clothes and accessories. They also run the Bows & Braces Vintage Fair which is packed to the hilt with a mammoth amount of sensational stalls for you to peruse at your leisure – check out the site for the next date and location. Now, with a Trilby in mind and of course some braces this was definitely the right stall to stumble upon and I will not hesitate to say it is in my top three of the fair. As it started to rain the hat went straight on (Alice had to actually prise it out of my hands to get the tag off whilst I took shelter under her stall!). I will post about my purchases soon.

Thank you for kitting me out ladies and I hope to see you again soon. 

As you can imagine there were many other stalls and bits and bobs on show so check out some of what was on offer. I am looking forward to seeing the many other photos out there of this awesome day and look forward to the next event. Fingers tightly crossed the weather will be better and hopefully it will return to the South Bank!

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

The picture below is one of my favourites as it shows some of the people that we met on the day and just how fabulous they look – we also got a cheeky outfit shot in at the bottom right! The outfits worn overall were stunning and the effort that went into them is astounding. Next year I think I need to up my game! How cool is the guy on the left and with such a cheeky grin with a wink after I clicked! Shame I couldn’t catch it!

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

If you made it to the Boot Sale I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if you were unable to get there hopefully you will be able to make it to the next one. Vintage hosts a number of different events and the next one coming up is . . .

Vintage NYE, Vintage Presents, New Years Eve Party, New Years, NYE, Vintage, Fashion, Party, Food, Drink, Celebration

Details of this event are yet to be released but keep your eyes and ears open for information as it will be an amazing night for sure.

Vintage presents . . .

Vintage Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage, Car Boot, Clothes, Fashion, Home, Beauty, Blog A Book Etc

Vintage Presents . . . Once again it is time for The Classic Car Boot Sale hosted by Vintage. On Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stratford you can see a marvellous selection of vintage fashion, accessories and home-wares on display in some of the most beautiful vehicles around. Alongside the beautiful beamers you will be able to enjoy munchies from some of London’s finest street food vendors.

Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage, Fashion, Accessories, Homewares

Last year was fabulous and with this years venue I am sure it will be bigger and better. Check out some of the pictures I took and get excited like I am for the shenanigans that will be happening this year.

Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage, Car Boot, Vintage Fashion, Fashion, Accessories, Homewares

Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage, Car Boot, Vintage Fashion, Fashion, Accessories, Homewares

Event Info

Dates: 20th & 21st September

Time: 10am – 6pm

Location: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford (Next to the London Aquatics Centre & The Stadium)

Cost: £5 before 11am (£4 thereafter)

How to get there

Classic Car Boot Sale Map

Nearest Tube

 Stratford – Turn left out of the station and into Westfield Shopping Centre. In the centre go up one level and exit to ‘The Street’. Follow the signage for ‘Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’, then follow the signs for The Classic Car Boot Sale.

Stratford International Station is served by

Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

Jubilee and Central line

National Rail services operated by Greater Anglia and c2c

Southeastern High Speed 1 services

London Overground services

19 minutes by tube from Oxford Circus to Stratford Station

44 minutes by cycle from Oxford Circus to Stratford Station

1 hour 31 minutes by bus from Oxford Circus to Stratford Station

2 hours 18 minutes to walk from Oxford Circus to Stratford Station

Other Ways

13 minutes to walk from Hackney Wick to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

3 minutes to cycle from Hackney Wick to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

If you need any other information on getting there please click HERE

Vintage Classic Car Boot Sale

REVIEW: The Vintage Girl (Swept Off Her Feet) by Hester Browne

The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne

The Back of the Book

When Evie Nicholson is asked to visit Kettlesheer Castle in Scotland to archive the family heirlooms, she jumps at the chance. Evie’s passion for antiques means that, for her, the castle is a treasure trove of mysteries just waiting to be uncovered.

But in each heirloom lies a story, and in the course of her investigations Evie stumbles upon some long-buried family secrets. Add handsome, gloomy heir Robert McAndrew and a traditional candlelit gala to the mix, and Evie’s heart is sent reeling with an enthusiasm that may just extend beyond the Kettlesheer silver…

My Thoughts

It has been a while since I finished listening to this particular book. I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

This book may be better known as Swept Off Her Feet by Hester Browne. The writing was deliciously sweet and listening to the book gave it a completely different dynamic. My bug bear with audio books is that they take the imagination out of reading. When you pick up a book and really get stuck in the voices that you have in your head are yours and only that. When audio takes over you just have to go with it or stop listening. Luckily the reader was delightful and put on a variety of voices that fit the bill perfectly.

Evie is a thirty year old hopeless romantic who loves everything art, vintage, history and quite a bit of old tat. Everything has a back story which fascinates Evie endlessly. Driving her boss mad buying on a whim and hoping that someone will see the beauty that she has seen. Evie lands the opportunity of a lifetime (for Evie!) and she heads up to the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Her sisters other halves family live in the most beautiful (from description) castle in the middle of nowhere. Not everyone can say that they have been a welcomed family guest in a castle. Well some may be able to but I can safely say that I am not one of them.

Whilst taking in all of the beauty of Kettlesheer’s glory the family descend and we meet Duncan and Ingrid a pair that can only be described as nothing other than chalk and cheese. With Duncan’s hefty outbursts and Ingrid’s quite becoming conversation they really are a couple that if I met would be in awe. They say opposites attract and this a testament to exactly that.

This is the point where I just cannot forget Robert McAndrew. You will get to know throughout the story that there is some serious chemistry between Evie and Robert. Quite the modern young scotsman in London, a family man at heart but with his own life and outlook on it. A man that most woman seem to want these days – damn fiction! Between the reeling (dancing!) and shuffling through family heirlooms the build up of sexual tension is ferocious and you will most likely like myself scream at the pair of them to just make something happen and SOON!

There are lots of other delightful twists and turns throughout the book that if you like most chick lit you will most definitely enjoy.

Overall this book is worth the read and I would recommend it as a holiday read.

Thank you to Quercus books for sending me the lovely book and sparking my interest in the first place :D



Mediocre Beans

27 Dresses

No, not the Katherine Heigl Movie although that is a pretty good chick flick!

This post is about 27 dresses (ok you got me on that one!) from Saturday night out on the town to Sunday morning brunch with the girls.

From high street to high-priced there is something for everyone, even the vintage lovers amongst us!

High Priced High Street

1. Burddy Colourful Canary Print Dress, £149 – Ted Baker

2. Jacquard Collared Dress, £250 – Karen Millen

3. Laura Dress, £135 – Coast

4. Beaded V Neck Dress, £169 – Biba

5. Vita Short Dress, £135 – Coast

High Street Haven

1. Eiffel Tower Print Sleeveless Dress, £24.99 – H&M

2. Chi Chi Mint Dress High Neck Lace Front Prom Dress, £49.99 – New Look

3. Blue Bird Print Border Puff Sleeve Dress, £19.99 – New Look

4. Voulez Vous Collar Daisy Chain Dress, £24 – George for Asda

5. Limited Edition Drop Waist Dress, £28 – Florence & Fred

A Touch of Vintage

1. Red Swan Print Day Dress, £35 – Lady Vintage London

2. Goa Print Button Back Dress, £60 – Love Ur Look

3. Vanilla Sky Day Dress, £35 – Lady Vintage London

4. Beautiful White Butterfly Tea Dress, £50 – Lady Vintage London

5. Green Birdcage Hepburn Dress, £50 – Lady Vintage London

It may seem that I have only looked at one store however they were my absolute favourites from a large selection. For more dresses check out Collectif, Love Ur Look (For more!), Tatyanna, Vivenne of Holloway – some of which I will be featuring in another post about dresses that I simply NEED in my life!

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

1. G21 St George’s Flag Lips Midi Dress, £10 – George for Asda

2. Spring Silhouette Jersey Dress, £55 – French Connection

3. Mint Long Maxi Dress, £14.99 at H&M

4. Sweatshirt Dress, £12.99 at H&M

5. Jersey Maxi Dress, £12.99 at H&M

Once again there seems to be a dominant brand in this little collection – this is partly due to H&M having amazingly comfortable lounge clothes!

Twinkle Twinkle

1. Caree Sheer Floral Dress, £299 – Ted Baker

2. Bandeau Waterfall Dress, £58 – Lipsy

3. Andrica Short Dress, £75.00 – Coast

4. Melanie Maxi Dress, £250 – Coast

5. Brompton Full Length Dress, £295 – Phase Eight

Personally for evening dresses Coast are the go to brand – I am sure there are plenty of others out there as you can see. However they know how to make a well-fitting garment and seem to get it right 99% of the time.

coast and lips faves

1. Fabia Embroidered Fit And Flare Dress, £160 – Phase Eight

2. Kardashian Halter Pencil Dress, £85 – Lipsy

If you had to pick one (Just one!) which one would it be?!

GIVEAWAY: Goody Bag with Popular by Maya Van Wagenen

The lovely people from Penguin put on a lovely vintage themed party for the interview of the lovely Maya Van Wagenen by the awesome Jo Elvin (Glamour Editor). Whilst there we were all given goody bags with a copy of the book and the opportunity to have a little chat with Maya and get her to sign her book. The lovely Maya signed a copy for me and personalised it and also signed two more copies for my readers.

The book is receiving rave reviews and Maya is truly inspirational especially for her age. She seems wise beyond her years and a pleasure to listen to when speaking. This young lady is poised and ready for action and I am pretty sure there will be a lot of that on the literary scene as she is well and truly on fire.

On the night we were given the hashtag WWBD – little did I know that when I actually checked on the social networking feeds that was also being used for What Would Beyoncé Do? – Quite frankly as fabulous as Beyoncé is I couldn’t give a rats backside what she would do in her current situation as it is none of my business. So with attention back on the lovely Maya we cracked on!

The Giveaway

What’s Included

- Signed Copy of the book Popular by Maya Van Wagenen

- Betty Cornell’s Teen-age Popularity Guide

-  June’s Issue of Glamour (With a hilarious editors letter from Jo!)

- Red Bird Makes Vintage Style Brooch

- Sweeties from There’s Only One Amy Law’s

- WWBD Armband

popular giveaway

Not a bad lot for a freebie so get those entries in ASAP for your chance to win this great goody bag – there are two up for grabs so go for it guys! And SPREAD THE WORD far and wide – the more entries the better!

So the giveaway is running from Thursday 22nd May at 07:00am until Thursday 29th May – sadly this competition is only open to UK residents as postage is too expensive to the USA. Click on the link below to go to the page for entries :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Popular (The Party from Penguin)

My, my that is a lot of P’s! Myself and Catherine headed to Penguin Headquarters in Central London for a wonderful Vintage themed Book Party. There was an interview with the author that was held by Jo Elvin the editor of Glamour MagazineI managed to get a couple of pictures (not many – sorry!) and as myself and Catherine walked over the river on the way home there are so pictures of that too.

Popular Book Launch

The mini burgers not only looked awesome they were absolutely delicious! There was a pop up hair and make up stand – with my hair in corn rows I was unable to get my hair done and as I wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous I didn’t partake in a makeover either. However some of the guests that did really did look stunning. There were some stalls selling some fabulous vintage items such as clothes and accessories. One in particular is Red Bird Makes which had some delightful brooches and other vintage like jewellery on sale. After looking through her Etsy I really could damage my bank balance. Check it out as it is truly AWESOME!


Maya and Jo had an intense conversation over the course of about 30 – 40 minutes and I even managed to ask a question. This young girl is a true inspiration – at 15 years old with her first book published and many other projects ready and waiting she is something of an icon for those her age. As I am currently reading another book this one has been added to the top of the pile.

Maya was lovely enough to sign two extra copies of her book for me to giveaway right here on the blog so keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway – it will not only be for the book but the goody bags that came with it – check out the contents below.

goodies with a view

The day was finally over and we headed back home via this wonderful view.

With a massive THANK YOU to Penguin and a cheery HELLO to the lovely ladies I met whilst there – I had a fantastic time and look forward to future events.

A Bright(on) Afternoon

The week before last myself and Catherine went along to the opening of Collectif’s new Brighton store. As both of us absolutely LOVE Brighton we decided to make an afternoon of it and funnily enough not even making it to the Pavilion this time. Instead we headed to Kensington Gardens for a spot of shopping and a look around Snoopers Paradise. After meandering through this glorious shop in a shop in a shop (!) we weaved our way through quite a large selection of second-hand book shops. The amalgamation of both shops was indeed paradise for us both. Here are some pictures of the day.

lost in thought

Kensington Gardens was just wonderful and as mentioned above Snoopers Paradise and all of those book shops were just awesome!

to be worn again

To Be Worn Again is one of the shops close to Snoopers Paradise and outside it had a rail of fabulous sale items that Catherine revelled in when she found a beautiful dress that she quickly went in to try before she bought. You can see it HERE on her post about our day.

foodies at pho

After a long afternoon trawling through hidden gems we were quite hungry so we started out search for food. We both agreed that we wanted to try something different from the usual Pizza Express, Jamie’s or Wagamama’s! Enter Pho! Vietnamese Street Food at it’s best. In the spirit of trying new things we both had a starter and then picked a dish we had never eaten before. My choice of starter was lovely however the main course is one that I will never repeat again – unless I lose my taste buds any time soon. I loved the idea that you were able to add greens, bean sprouts and other things to your dish but the dish was just not right. Catherine tucked into hers as she made the right choice!

The service was something else in itself. After falling in lust with our waiter and his Ed Nortonesque beard he was back and forth darting from table to table enabling our view! Yum! Even if the food wasn’t!

breathless views

Sufficiently stuffed we couldn’t leave before going to the seaside – we were in Brighton after all. And what better time than sundown. We were able to get some fabulous pictures of the sun setting and as some of you might know already Brighton is so wonderfully beautiful at sunset.

tatty bye bye

A rare picture of me tucked in up there on the left! Not the most fashion forward photo but the cold took over me and the layers were necessary! We grabbed some candy floss and a large bag of other tasty treats and waved goodbye to Brighton for another day. With a heavy heart we made our exit under the arches before the darkness really set in and we were in the pitch black on one of England’s worst roads! No lights.

Thank you Brighton we will be back soon!

The Classic Car Boot – London South Bank

classic car boot

The weekend just gone I found myself queuing up at the gates to get into the Vintage Car Boot Sale on the beautiful, gleaming London South Bank. As the South Bank is one of my favourite haunts in London this was the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon with friends and a couple of drinks surrounded by fabulous fashion and beautiful people.

With cars, bikes, dresses, suits and even toys this car boot was one that would give many others a run for their money and well worth the £4 entrance fee. The weather really was on the sales side and it’s just beautified things even more so than usual. Everyone was smiling and spending their hard-earned cash on those little trinkets that they just could not do without or would not be able to find elsewhere.

Here are some more pictures:

cars at vcb

classic car boot crowd

Food drink music and sunshine

When the last drink was poured and the stragglers were gone the sun set on the South Bank. I took my vintage scarves and gave a wave goodbye to 2014’s Classic Car Boot Sale

London at it's best

Birmingham Fashion Week 2014

Attention Fashion Lovers

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.56.09

Blog A Book Etc is heading to Birmingham Fashion Week on the weekend of 28th February. I thought it would be only right to give you a run down of the happenings that may occur whilst I am there. I will be getting the train from London Euston up to Birmingham New Street on the afternoon of the 28th. After settling in I’ll be making plans from there whether to go to a show or catch up on some posts before getting ready and heading out. 

The schedule for the weekend looks like it will definitely be fun so check it out on the BIFW website. I am sure that as long there is coffee and my laptop charger I will have no excuse! There will be plenty of photos taken and hopefully some new outfits worn.

There are some great up and coming designers that are showcasing their work over the weekend and here are some examples of my favourites so far.

 What Alice Found

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 19.40.28

In 2009 Nicki Grainger started out with an online Vintage hobby. 2010 however was the year that spread the love for this fantastic company. With a feature in Glamour magazine a Vintage boutique was born in Bournemouth and in three years began to make a name for itself. Sadly in the past month the permanent hotspot for Vintage closed its doors but opened up many more as a travelling concept boutique and styling agency.

As a girl a family friend made several comments about Nicki’s inquisitive nature and how it reminded them of the epic Lewis Carol adventure Alice in Wonderland. After taking in hand her first copy of the famous literary masterpiece and getting into her rhythm the name was decided. What Alice Found was born – the perfect name for a company that provided a wonderland of vintage items. Each time you step into the treasure trove you never know what you will find and in what size. Although some may find this a bit hit and miss it is all part of the extraordinary experience that What Alice Found provides. Lucky dip some may call it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 19.39.43

Nicki Grainger is the brain behind the operation and with her vast experience in the field of fashion, marketing and styling What Alice Found is going from strength to strength. As vintage has become quite mainstream in the past few years Nicki ensures that What Alice Found is different from many others out there. With carefully curated shops, displays and items there is not a crammed rail in sight and that well-known musty ‘Vintage’ smell is no more.

A pure love for re homing beautiful clothes with a touch of wonderland. Sounds almost dream like doesn’t it!

alice in wonderland

Now you know all about this fabulous designer please pop over to the website (link below) and check out what else is on offer. Currently there is a collection available on the ASOS Marketplace so check that out too.

‘What Alice Found’