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Once again as I finish night shifts and watch all of the Monday morning commuters make their way to work whilst wishing it was Friday afternoon once again I bring you my bookish moments of the previous week.


Still struggling but will get there eventually.

Next Up

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I cannot wait to get started with this one. The perfect winter warmer I hope!

Looking Forward to

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I have read all of Sophie Kinsella’s previous books including her stand alone books.
I am über excited about this one.

What are you reading?

Communication is Key

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Firstly I wanted to say Thank you to WordPress for notifying me that I have been blogging with them for 7 years. Wowza!

Now, moving on. I write my blog because it is a place where I can put my opinion out there and despite what anyone thinks I can be 100% honest. Without the fear of social segregation from an opinion that does not conform with societies current beliefs or even someone just having a bad day and taking it out on the first person they come across. I do love blogging as the community is actually quite amazing. A community that allows you to converse with people about your favourite things and just have a chat to someone who shares a similar thought but might be on the other side of the world. Amazing.

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We all have days that aren’t so great and on those for me the best thing is a great cup of coffee and a book. There are three favourite books that I have listed previously HERE. However every book I read sends a different message and leaves me with a different set of thoughts and feelings. When I read I feel my mind swelling with information that of the real world included and if I am honest it feels great.

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Being a nurse there is little time left for a normal life outside of work but escaping into my latest book is always something that I try to make time for. I have to admit it is kind of like a cheap version of therapy. Not being one to pour out my emotions and thoughts to others the insular part of me is grateful to all of those fabulous authors out there that have created something for me to escape with.

Why do you blog? And if you don’t what is your outlet?


IMWAYR, It's Monday What Are You Reading?, Reading, Weekly Meme, Monday, Meme, Books, Book Group, Online Book Group, Book Journey, Blog A Book Etc

Yet another Monday has rolled around and my book list is still epically massive! Thanks to Sheila over at Book Journey all of us book lovers/geeks come together on this gloriously tiring day and share what we have read, plan to read etc. So whilst I am finishing my second to last night shift of the week and heading to bed with a nice cuppa and a couple of pages before I drift into the land of nod I thought I would share what I have been up to.

Currently Reading

what i had before i had you

Sent from the lovelies at Harper Perennial US I am loving this book but struggling to get through it as sleep takes over me. Tomorrow I will be able to give it a little more attention!


mill river

Review posted HERE. Check it out and even grab a copy if you can.

Up Next

little lies

I just LOVE Liane Moriarty’s writing so I am very much looking forward to this one. Although not looking forward to carrying it as it is a hefty hardback! May have to look into a Kindle version :(

What have you been reading?

September Surprise Me

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September is one of those months where it is almost the end of the year but the beginning of a brand new season. With new Autumn/Winter lines gracing the catwalks, people starting to think about Christmas way before they should and children going into new classes at school it is most definitely a month of change. Questioning myself – is it a good change? Is there a change on my end that is needed?

As I do not have children or work in a job that takes a specific break for the summer holidays work just continues like most as usual. Over the past couple of weeks I have been on leave from work and managed to not only celebrate my birthday with an epic weekender but gone through a week of being bed bound with tonsillitis. Nurses really are the worst patients, all I wanted was to be left alone in my room to get over the illness and read in the moments I could manage to stay awake!

In a way September seems to be the month that people pick up on the New Years resolutions that they haven’t quite got around to and try and sort themselves out before the end of the year creeps in and tasks are rendered unsuccessful.

This brings me to the point of – what have I not ticked off my years list? Well at the beginning of the year I didn’t make an resolutions as quite frankly I am very bad at sticking to them.

So for the month of September what will I be doing?

Reading time - After changing jobs and getting into the swing of things my commute has been cut down to only 20 minutes each way. My reading time which used to be made up mostly of travel time has since diminished – not that I am complaining that work is so close as I have more of life outside of work. However I now have to find the time at home to sit and read. Not being one that is in love with audio books (I tolerate them as a last resort), I barely use my kindle (or kindle app).

Girl time - During the last month myself and Catherine (old school friends right here!) have been out a couple of times and have had a great time. I have a very small circle of friends who are actually quite separate so group occasions are sparse. However after spending some much-needed girly time together that we both enjoyed we need more. As both of us have commitments that take up a lot of time scheduling is paramount.

Blogging time - Right here, right now I have to admit I love my blog (hasn’t been that way for a while!) and I want to put more effort into it. Things will be changing over here at a gradual pace and hopefully you will be seeing the differences very soon. More scheduling.

New places - Time permitting from work I would love to visit two new places that I have not been to before. It is so easy on days off to just head to the local coffee shop and sit there. However there is so much else to do and I am hoping that I will be involved. Camera at the ready of course!

New people - This goes hand in hand with the new places point of the month. Time and effort are needed in equal measure. Getting out of my comfort zone has always been difficult but I will try.

On that note I am going to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while then head home and prepare to go back to work tomorrow before I get on with my list of things for tonight of course!