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As a person of habit I tend not to change too much however over the past couple of years my blog and I have gone through a whirlwind of experiences. Blog A Book Etc has gone from being a blog that was in majority a place where I posted my book reviews. Now the Etc plays a bigger part and things are forever changing with product reviews being introduced and new for 2014 Vlogging! The fact that I sat in front of the camera and spoke about things that people may not want to hear is one thing, however to actually upload it to You Tube – ahhhh!

When I am not blogging I am a Nurse and I have to say I love love LOVE my job. There are the bad parts but they really are few and far between. On my way too and from work is when most of my reading takes place and now I am working closer to home I am trying to find time in my day for my lovely books!

Some would say I have an unhealthy coffee habit however I would say it is just bordering on normal!

For now I will leave you with that and get myself in gear for more posts, photos and who knows what else!

If you would like me to review your books, products etc! please Email Me

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Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day/evening!



    1. Thank you very much :D I will do something with this either on my shift tonight or when I finish nights on Monday morning! Thanks again :D


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