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To Do Tuesday – Blogmas Day 16

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Last Weeks List

- Write Christmas cards and send for Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange

- Wrap and bag Christmas presents

- Put up Christmas lights

- Schedule 1 week of posts

- Comment on 10 news blogs

- Put together gift basket for mothers

How Did I Get On?

Still working on the Christmas gift baskets for our mothers however it is taking longer than I anticipated due to lack of time to go out and shop for the contents. Bit by bit I am getting there – it will happen. On the wrapping side of things the other day I got into a bit of a wrapping frenzy put my audio book on and got cracking. With only 3 more presents to wrap and a couple more to buy I am pretty much all sorted.

One thing I do regret this year is not planning ahead enough to participate in The Broke & The Bookish Secret Santa – such a shame but next year will be a good one! (Not wishing the time away of course!).

Commenting has not been my strong point this week but I have visited almost 10 new blogs and let me tell you there are some awesome bloggers out there – as if you didn’t already know.

This Weeks List

- Edit Christmas baking blog and put on You Tube

- Comment on 10 news blogs

- Find 5 new blogs on Bloglovin’

- Organise 2 Pinterest boards

Once again I will be on Twitter & Instagram this afternoon whilst out and about!

See You There :D

Snap App Happy

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The app market is saturated to the hilts with free and not so free photo editing apps. There are also plenty of posts about peoples most used and favourite editing apps. So . . . here are mine!


Google+, Snapseed, App, iPhone app, Photography, iPhone, Photo Apps, Blog A Book Etc

For dramatic stormy skies and scratchy vintage like finishes this is the app for you. Not only is it free but if you like the sort of app where you can just upload straight to many social networks this is great.


Pixlr-o-matic, App, iPhone app, Photography, iPhone, Photo Apps, Blog A Book Etc

Add-ons plus minor twists and turns this app has pretty much everything you need to transform a plain Jane photograph into something spectacular. My favourite filter is . . .

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess, App, iPhone app, Photography, iPhone, Photo Apps, Blog A Book Etc

Although I had to pay for this app (About £1 – I think!) there are a few nice features on this app. However the one disappointment is despite paying already for the privilege of taking up storage space on my phone if I were to use certain fonts I would have to pay more.

Click Serendipity

Click Serendipity, App, iPhone app, Photography, iPhone, Photo Apps, Blog A Book Etc

This is an app that I have neither used or owned however have looked and seen great things about it – I am still thinking about making the purchase but with so many other apps available for free it won’t be happening any time soon.


VSCO Cam,App, iPhone app, Photography, iPhone, Photo Apps, Blog A Book Etc

Lots of rave reviews for this lovely little app, however I am still waiting for it to show me it’s best. Maybe it is time to sit and play about with it a bit.


Retrica, App, iPhone app, Photography, iPhone, Photo Apps, Blog A Book Etc

This app was introduced to me by some colleagues and although it is more about the instant photos rather than uploading and saving photos (saving on the memory) it isn’t really much different from instagram. The resemblance doesn’t stop from instagram even down to the apps icon.

What are your favourite photo apps?

GIVEAWAY: Goody Bag with Popular by Maya Van Wagenen

The lovely people from Penguin put on a lovely vintage themed party for the interview of the lovely Maya Van Wagenen by the awesome Jo Elvin (Glamour Editor). Whilst there we were all given goody bags with a copy of the book and the opportunity to have a little chat with Maya and get her to sign her book. The lovely Maya signed a copy for me and personalised it and also signed two more copies for my readers.

The book is receiving rave reviews and Maya is truly inspirational especially for her age. She seems wise beyond her years and a pleasure to listen to when speaking. This young lady is poised and ready for action and I am pretty sure there will be a lot of that on the literary scene as she is well and truly on fire.

On the night we were given the hashtag WWBD – little did I know that when I actually checked on the social networking feeds that was also being used for What Would Beyoncé Do? – Quite frankly as fabulous as Beyoncé is I couldn’t give a rats backside what she would do in her current situation as it is none of my business. So with attention back on the lovely Maya we cracked on!

The Giveaway

What’s Included

- Signed Copy of the book Popular by Maya Van Wagenen

- Betty Cornell’s Teen-age Popularity Guide

-  June’s Issue of Glamour (With a hilarious editors letter from Jo!)

- Red Bird Makes Vintage Style Brooch

- Sweeties from There’s Only One Amy Law’s

- WWBD Armband

popular giveaway

Not a bad lot for a freebie so get those entries in ASAP for your chance to win this great goody bag – there are two up for grabs so go for it guys! And SPREAD THE WORD far and wide – the more entries the better!

So the giveaway is running from Thursday 22nd May at 07:00am until Thursday 29th May – sadly this competition is only open to UK residents as postage is too expensive to the USA. Click on the link below to go to the page for entries :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Grand Designs @ The London ExCel



Thanks to the lovely Nick from Power Cases I actually found out that this was on. I really do need to concentrate more on the social scene for events and such things! Killing two birds (no animals were harmed during the writing of this post – had to be said!) so to speak as I had to pick up some bits for other people I headed off to the show just to collect and run. HOWEVER – once there with the press room calling I got my golden ticket and was away like wildfire with my camera. This post is going to be heavy on the photos and light on the words. So this is what I saw on the day . . .

old skool

In a little corner these lovely vintage looking items were placed. My only problem was the price tag being almost £10k!!!

garden loving

So many beautiful things for the garden and pretty much something for every corner of a broad imagination and a lot of money.

kitchen crazy

for the love of vodka

a little pizzazz


That’s about it from my little trip to Grand Designs! There were some amazing sights but overall I have to say most of the stuff is heavily over priced and most people would most likely be able to reproduce if a little effort was put in!

Did you go? If so what was your favourite part? Did you buy anything?

9th Hour and Counting

Hours Listened: 3

Hours Read: 6

Pages Read: 110 (Man I need to up my game with concentration!)

Books Finished: 0

Tweets: More than 30 (Way too many!)

Pictures taken: 14

Cups of Coffee: 3

Feeling: A bit annoyed that my progress is so slow :(

Song of the Hour: So Easy by Röyksopp (Have a listen it is a great concentration builder)

Ready for a Read-A-Thon

readathon book pile

Are you ready for the read-a-thon? I know that I have been away for just under a week but that is what happens when work and general life just get in the way. Sadly my activities have not been blog or photo worthy therefore it has pretty much been radio silence over here at Blog A Book central. However as my mother always taught me as I am sure many of yours also did – if you have nothing worthy of interest to say just SHUT UP!

So on that point, I am just checking in and seeing how everyone and everything is going – whether you comment or not well that is something for you to decide but I will be checking out some new blogs and commenting even more than I did over this last week. Yes when I do not write I read and network with all of you lovelies!

This weekend I will be co-hosting over at 24 Hour Read-a-thon which will be the second time I have done this – it may sound geeky as it is a day full of reading but I absolutely love it and my blog is called Blog A Book Etc after all so there really should be some booky stuff right?!

As you can see above in the image – that almighty pile of books is what I intend on reading over the 24 hour period. How much of the pile I get through is another story but ambition is key! You can check out my progress throughout the blog as although as mentioned above I will be co-hosting for a couple of hours I will also be tweeting, instagramming (is that even a word!) and writing the occasional post on my personal progress. Oh it is just all go!

Right once again but finally I am going! Work is calling!

Check out the read-a-thon bits and bobs




Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Bloggiesta Finish Line

To Do List

1. Change blog theme

2. Schedule 1 week of posts/templates

3. Filter saved images

4. Clean up sidebars

5. Comment 1o new blogs

6. Update instagram and post at least 5 #tagged photos

7. Update Goodreads

8. Find 10 new blogs on Bloglovin

So looking at my list it doesn’t actually appear that I have been that active. Going on my original to do list title of 2 Hours of Bloggiesta I actually set a timer and two hours later the results of my activities are outlined below. With regards to social networking I have never thought of myself as a pariah but I have never been someone who has been an all in kind of person. Today the ball game changed and I social networked my butt off! Take a look!

Twitter – 19 New Follows

Pinterest – 17 New Follows

Facebook – 16 New Likes

Google + – 10 New Follows

Bloglovin’ – 15 New Follows

Goodreads – 19 New Follows

Instagram – 12 New Follows

You Tube – 5 New Subscriptions

Tumblr – 7 New Follows

Comments – 12 Comments Made

busy bee

Busy bee right! I have to say that I am incredibly proud of myself and once I have finished writing this post I will try and finish the rest of my list! After I have pooped myself out I will be looking at many of the other wrap up posts to see how everyone else got on!

Well done guys ‘n’ gals!

Top 3 Ideal Home Show Wants

IHS Logo

Tomorrow I will be heading to Earl’s Court to the Ideal Home Show. London’s top exhibition and go to gig for a one stop shop of all things home and general lifestyle. With well-known names such as Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen, Melinda Messenger and many others this event is one not to be missed.


Top 3 Sections of Interest




My reasoning behind the top 3 would be the relevance to my current life right now. As I have yet to purchase a property renovation is the last thing on my list at the moment. However technology is something that I use on a daily basis, shopping is a passion and clearly I am a woman! So let’s get started!

With the opportunity to get pampered and source some new products the day is already looking up before it had begun. Champagne by the catwalk and tech savvy bods floating about I will be in my element.

Stay tuned tomorrow for photos, posts and much more.
I will be on TwitterInstagram, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest throughout the day.

Study Time

study time

As I am off this weekend I am hoping to devote at least one of the days to catching up on some much-needed study time for my new job. When I got home last night I felt slightly deflated with regards to work but that is expected when moving from one place of work to another that is completely different. Overall my feelings are positive and happy as the environment with regards to staff attitude and numbers is wonderful.

My drawing above is one of many study aids that I make myself to help me remind the important things. I’m sure my notebook will be covered in post it notes and all different colours of highlighters by the end of the weekend.

If all goes well then I will have given myself an excuse to go stationery shopping – :D!

Moving on to other things:

I will be posting this week as there are some posts that I have ready to go so keep your eye out for those. One in particular being my Kilner Composter arrival!

Stay Tuned!

not giving up

Coffee Recycling

tassimo coffee

The fact that I drink too much coffee is not a secret. This year I bought the ‘household’ a Tassimo coffee machine and have to admit I am thoroughly enjoying using it. The taste of the coffee is divine and the variety of coffees, teas and other hot drinks is just wonderful. The price isn’t too shabby either – for eight large cups of coffee (cappuccino’s, latte’s, mocha’s etc!) is approximately £4.49 dependent on the choice of beverage.

costa recycling

Now, I did not drink all of that coffee whilst writing this before you starting thinking my problem is more serious than I admit! Whilst having a nice chit-chat with Catherine over a coffee I started to think about recycling. At the moment whoever makes the capsules for the coffee is stored before and after use did not really think about recycling the contents and container!

As you can see above I got to work with my kitchen knife, teaspoon and scrubbing-brush. 10 capsules of coffee in total along with 10 milk capsules all with their tops cut out and scrubbed out. All of the left over coffee was put into my lovely counter top food bin.

coffee ground

The food bin was provided to us by Merton Council however we have to purchase the rather expensive food bags which are about £2 for 20 bags. I know we are recycling but really!

food waste bin

The bin is quite a size so only certain bags fit in it and those bags can only be bought in certain shops such as Robert Dyas or going directly to the council. I think it is time to start looking on Amazon!

image_ 072

This little beauty is in my sights and I really hope I can get my hands on one soon to begin my new spring compost project. I have some lovely ideas for the garden this summer and homemade compost will be one way I will making the fabulousness happen. Hopefully! How cute is it – you can find it over at Kilner.

Now after all of that recycling I think I will make another coffee! My choice is a Carte Noir Caramel Macchiato with no sugar (go me!) – Yum!