The Classic Car Boot Sale

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,
Yes ladies and gents it is that time of year again. What time of year – Classic Car Boot Time. No I’m not crazy and yes the weather is a bit crap but the Vintage crowd did good. From Boots & Braces to Craft Beer and Kitchenware we had a great day. Not having embraced the vintage look before I thought I would give it a try but compared to the beauts walking around I did not hold a candle. The women and the men left me in awe of their style and presence.

from above and beyond

Before I went in I set myself a challenge to find three favourite stalls and actually buy something from one of them. This task I clearly did not think through very well as I wanted almost everything that I touched and took a lot less money with me than actually needed. However the bits I did pick up were fantastic and I actually managed to pick three from all of the fantastic stalls there on the Saturday. I have posted my top three throughout this post as putting them one after another would be too easy of course. Just remember if you were there you may have different favourites and I would love to hear about them so please leave a comment and share your wonderful finds :D.


Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

This stall I cannot for the life of me remember if it had a name however I remember when I walked in the entrance it was on the right and quite close to the front. The owner was fantastic and her husband and daughter arrived as we were mid conversation. It was like talking to old friends and her sense of humour was off the hook. Not only did she have a great selection of hats but her fabrics should be envied. She will be setting up a website very soon so when I get some more details I will let you all know.

If there is anyone that knows her name or the name of her stall please do holla!

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

As we reluctantly left the my first favourite there were a number of amazing items dotted about as you can see. Taking me back to my childhood and beyond these amazing displays really were something to catch your attention.

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

This guy was having the time of his life whizzing around and weaving through the passers-by. Onlookers were smiling and so was he. I’m sure he felt like a kid again – awesome right!


Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

Once again a stall with no name – which is almost as much of a shame as me not taking a picture of the most amazing shearling jacket they had for sale. Sadly at £80 the darling item was out of my price range for the day but I am sure it found a loving home – if not next time I hope it will be mine! One thing I do remember about this gorgeous stall was a very well dressed woman trying on an outrageously gorgeous cowboy jacket that I just would never have the courage to wear. It looked amazing on her of course and I do hope she bought it. This stall also had a small selection of bags and slightly bigger belt collection. Once again if the name is out there in the ether do pop it in a comment!

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

As we carried on through these two lovely lads stood out from the crowd with their beaming smiles and twinkling grotto of home delights. From Tala baking utensils to brightly coloured glass ashtrays the selection was to die for. And check out the guys outfits – they were retro heaven. Not only were their items great but so were they – as we dove into the vintage Selfridges bag hidden beneath for wrapping and a bag the conversation flowed as did the cash. I did pass over my twitter details but cannot for the life of me remember their stall name. Once again (I know you must be sick of it by now!) leave a comment with any details that you can fill in. If it helps these lovelies were the first stall on the left once you enter.


Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London, Bows & Braces, Bows & Braces Vintage Fair, Classic Vault

The two beautiful ladies on the bottom left – mother and daughter team Alice & Linda run Classic Vault which is a collection of glorious vintage pieces both clothes and accessories. They also run the Bows & Braces Vintage Fair which is packed to the hilt with a mammoth amount of sensational stalls for you to peruse at your leisure – check out the site for the next date and location. Now, with a Trilby in mind and of course some braces this was definitely the right stall to stumble upon and I will not hesitate to say it is in my top three of the fair. As it started to rain the hat went straight on (Alice had to actually prise it out of my hands to get the tag off whilst I took shelter under her stall!). I will post about my purchases soon.

Thank you for kitting me out ladies and I hope to see you again soon. 

As you can imagine there were many other stalls and bits and bobs on show so check out some of what was on offer. I am looking forward to seeing the many other photos out there of this awesome day and look forward to the next event. Fingers tightly crossed the weather will be better and hopefully it will return to the South Bank!

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

The picture below is one of my favourites as it shows some of the people that we met on the day and just how fabulous they look – we also got a cheeky outfit shot in at the bottom right! The outfits worn overall were stunning and the effort that went into them is astounding. Next year I think I need to up my game! How cool is the guy on the left and with such a cheeky grin with a wink after I clicked! Shame I couldn’t catch it!

Vintage, The Classic Car Boot Sale, Vintage Cars, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Homeware, Homeware, Fashion, Cars, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Olympic Park, Stratford, London, East London,

If you made it to the Boot Sale I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if you were unable to get there hopefully you will be able to make it to the next one. Vintage hosts a number of different events and the next one coming up is . . .

Vintage NYE, Vintage Presents, New Years Eve Party, New Years, NYE, Vintage, Fashion, Party, Food, Drink, Celebration

Details of this event are yet to be released but keep your eyes and ears open for information as it will be an amazing night for sure.

REVIEW: The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan

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The Back of the Book

Having unexpectedly lost her husband and lacking the means to support herself, Josie Di Santi and her two daughters take refuge in the small town of Mill River, to live with Josie’s aunt, Ivy. The sisters, Rose and Emily, are inseparable growing up – until a shocking tragedy tears them apart.

Years later, Rose and Emily return to Mill River for the reading of their mother’s will, where they learn that Josie would do anything to force their reconciliation: the sisters must move into neighbouring houses for the summer and work together to locate the key to Josie’s safe deposit box, which contains their inheritance. And so, left with no choice, Rose and Emily reluctantly begin their search. But in a place known for its magic and miracles, little do they know that an even greater treasure awaits them . . .

My Thoughts

This is a book that took some time for me to get into – you know the sort that you give yourself at least until you get past page 50 before you put it down for the first time. The one thing that gave me the extra push was that the publication date was looming and I was asked to post my review on this day (not set in stone thanks to the lovelies at Sphere!).

Yet another book that jumps from past to present is here in my lap and I cannot put it down. Way past the page 50 mark and I hooked entirely. The Di Santi sisters are quite a couple of characters both together and alone they really do shake things up. This book has most definitely reaffirmed that making assumptions and jumping to the wrong conclusion really can mess things up.


Mrs Materialistic with the ideal marriage, home and life – or so one would think. With a turbulent past that has sadly shaped her current life and possibly future Rose is on the war path to finding the buried treasure. With her brilliant son at her side and loathed sister next door Rose in effect locks herself away from the world and only comes out when she feels ‘calm’. What it takes to make her feel that ‘calm’ is shockingly heartbreaking as it eventually leads to a tragedy that nobody should have to face.

With nothing but disdain Rose tends to her sister and neighbours with a very long spoon. However she shows her soft side with her aunt Ivy and son Alex. If only everyone else was treated with such tenderness Rose would find it a lot easier to live in Mill River. She does not want to be there for long nor does she want to get to know any of the people who ‘never change’.

As with everyone Rose has a lot going on in her life and there is a point that even when you think you cannot stand her any more you as reader will want to slap her and then help her.


As she wafted into Mill River Emily bought with her not only her trusty Gussie-pup but an air of happiness and freedom. The polar opposite to her sister Emily looks kindly on the Mill River way of living and tends to love thy neighbour as one ‘should’. DIY queen that she is, Emily rolls up her sleeves and just gets on with life as if staying in her old home town was what she intended to do all along.

Although the olive branch she put out to her sister has been broken it is blatantly obvious that this hurts her and she wants her sister back. However being just as stubborn as her sibling next door cruel tricks and public brawls seem to be the way forward.

Going back to Emily’s entrance into town this is one girl you would not think hangs on to the past as she travels like a hobo with the clothes on her back and a few other worldly goods. But as with everyone else in the world something is on Emily’s mind and it is the reason why she and her sister do not get along.


Firstly I have to say – I want an Aunt Ivy. Not only does this elderly dame know how to have a laugh but she has many levels of serious that her advice rings true from start to finish. She is there for both of the girls throughout their tragic ordeal and is quite a substantial character in the story. Of course Ivy has her own back story but that is something that you will just have to find out.


By the time I reached the end of this book not only did I almost drown from shock and drop the book whilst reading in the bath my heart melted. This is a story that as mentioned before reaffirms that jumping to conclusions and making assumptions can just make trouble. Not only that but it reminds the reader that family really does mean everything and if you have the chance forgive now and work the rest out later.

There are a couple of other characters in the book which really do sizzle things up and you will no doubt find out when you pick up this book. Once I got over the initial unsure stage and blew past page 50 this story had me hooked and as I said almost drowning in the bath to finish it.

The Mill River Redemption was sent to me by Sphere as an ARC. My review contains only my opinion and nothing written has been influenced due to the book being a gift.


rating3* Mediocre Beans

REVIEW: For Once in My Life by Marianne Kavanagh

For Once in My Life, Marianne Kavanagh, Books, Reading, Review, Fiction, Relationships, Blog A Book Etc

Back of the Book

Tess and George are soul mates. They’ve just never met each other.

They both live in London. They went to the same university. But throughout their twenties, despite their shared friends’ best efforts, they never come face to face. And now they’re stuck with partners who don’t understand them and jobs that make them unhappy, always settling for second best.

Finally they meet at a friend’s thirtieth birthday party. Can they disentangle themselves from their former lives and grab hold of their one chance to be together? Or is it too late?

My Thoughts

This is one book that I would like to talk about each character however as there are quite a few it would probably be one of the longest posts I have ever written. So in the spirit of getting to the point there will be two sides with many overlapping points as that is just how the story goes. The two characters that I will be discussing at what may seem length will be the main focus of Tess and George.

Firstly let me say when I got this book a couple of weeks ago I honestly did not think it would be as good as it was. Also that the writer would be such a gem. Check out her site she is just fabulous.


A vintage loving twenty something who seems to be consistently on the edge of a mid-life crisis way before her time. As timid as a church mouse, many people if given the chance would walk all over her. This may seem incredibly unfair to say but she is a bit of a doormat. Although with her soft personality she is a hopeless romantic who believes in soul mates and what seems to be eternal love. With this I can identify. It seems that whenever this is admitted there is always someone waiting to ‘just let you know’ that it is a crock of ish!


A piano playing jazz loving band manager who although living in the shadows or pretty much everything around him inside wants to push his way to the top of the tree and play for the stars. His belief is that his band really have what it takes if they put the work in. Now this is not something to be sneered at, if people had this general work ethic things might actually get done around a workplace rather than complacency taking over. George is an entity unto himself – especially when he starts playing and loses himself in the music.

Both Tess & George have a group of friends who cross paths many times that I almost couldn’t keep up with the who’s who. But once in the story it was hard to get lost. Each character was loveable in their own way and you just couldn’t help but feel attached and slightly protective.

My, my, what a tangled web we weave! 

As their joint set of friends have endless attempts at getting Tess & George to meet the years pass by with mounting speed. As the years pass life moves on however for Tess & George the pace seems glacial. They manage to lose themselves in other peoples lives and dreams and leave themselves until last. Property is exchanged, a wedding is had and eventually a child crops up. Despite all of these goings on Tess and George still manage to miss out on the wonderment of each other.

It gets to the point where I was sitting on the edge of my chair urging them to somehow bump into each other. Of course it didn’t happen until it was too late – or so I thought. I will not be giving anything away as to what happens between the two. Whether it is a happy or unhappy ending is completely up to you – but I would advice you to read it.

The book is heavily based around the story of soul mates and relationships which really is something that is close to home with me. One more reason to fall in love with the book. Everyone seems to be connected in one way or another and as you go through the book the links will start to fall into place and even some of which are quite unexpected. A story full of the trials and tribulations of real love.

When I reached the end of the book although it is all left to your imagination I appreciated this as it was up to me to concoct whatever story I thought would be appropriate at that point. This is the part of the book that really tests whether you are an optimist or pessimist.


rating4* worthy fix

REVIEW: Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

Back of the Book

A love story that will have readers perusing bookstore shelves, looking and longing for a love (and a red notebook) of their own.

“I’ve left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.”

Lily has left a red notebook full of challenges on a favorite bookstore shelf, waiting for just the right guy to come along and accept its dares. But is Dash that right guy? Or are Dash and Lily only destined to trade dares, dreams, and desires in the notebook they pass back and forth at locations across New York? Could their in-person selves possibly connect as well as their notebook versions? Or will they be a comic mismatch of disastrous proportions?

My Thoughts

This book has been on my ‘To Be Read’ list for some time now. Any book about books is a hit with me especially with a bit of romance thrown in and seeing as it starts of with just that I was hooked. However being a Young Adult book it was slightly out of my territory but this one I would go beyond!

With Christmas around the corner Lily and Dash find themselves respectively alone. One by choice and the other by partial abandonment.

Lily – An outcast to everyone else but a superstar in my head. For a young girl to walk out in an outfit that she likes instead of trying to fit in with the ‘in crowd’ takes a lot of guts and it is something that I would never have had the balls to do back in the day. With her trusty red book she feels safe and by sending messages to and fro with Dash a friendship/love affair happens. In the days before mobile phones and internet is this what happened. Well I would hope it still happens.

Dash - 16-year-old supposed Snarly Adonis with a turbulent home life that he takes in his stride and just gets on with things from such an adult perspective. The one thing I loved about reading Dash’s parts of the book is that he is the perfect compliment to Lily. Where Lily constantly questions herself, he also does however seems to have the solution for most things and comes to these conclusions very concisely.

The Ending – Of course I am not going to tell you. What I will say is that for a book that I wrote off due to genre I can safely say I won’t be doing that again. It was so great I stayed up until 2am reading it.

Having never read any books from either author I was a total blank canvas to their writing. Now that isn’t to say that I will go crazy and read everything they have written. However if one of their books does cross my path in the future I will not be so quick to dismiss it!


rating4* worthy fix