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1920’s Prohibition Night

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Being thrown back into the roaring 20’s is not something that happens on your average Saturday night out. Dressed up to the max a large group of people got together in an underground speak easy on a backstreet in East London. Drinks were served up in jars, flutes and thick rimmed glasses with dry ice in the air and spritzes of fragrance to enhance the wild flavours on offer. From flapper skirts to flat caps this crowd of glitzers were ready to roll through the night amped up on ‘bootleg’ liquor, late night gambling and shaking to the live band & DJ.

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The period of Prohibition was brought forward by the sanctioning of the 18th amendment to the US constitution where the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors was made illegal. Prohibition was a difficult movement to enforce due to the rise of illegal production and sale of liquor and the entry of speakeasies and increase of gang violence and numerous other crimes. In the 20’s social morals were somewhat loosened and the cocktail was popularised whilst cocktail parties were the done thing with the higher class social groups.

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Prohibition began on 17th January 1920 at midnight, no later than 1 hour later the first arrest was made against that act and that was one of so many to come. The age of bootlegging began and the era that we know as prohibition something that we celebrate so vigorously was in full force creating a domino effect of crimes throughout the united states.

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Part of the act allowed non intoxicating cider and fruit juice to be made in peoples homes. Vineyards at this time made an absolute killing and making wine at home became incredibly popular. However as with most things there was a way to get hard liquour and at that time it was going to your local doctor for a regular prescription of whiskey. Depsite numerous arrests the number of convictions was few and far between with not a single sentencing passed.

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By the 30’s prohibition was a thing of the past as the mass increase of organised crime, violence and social acceptance for flouting the law was on the rise.

Have you celebrated the Prohibition era before?

Have you been to one of these fabulous events?

This was my first time and I have to say it will most definitely not be my last. With the opportunity to get fully dressed up and have a brilliant night what more could I ask for?

Before I leave you to enjoy the rest of my pictures I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Lulu Gwynne from Betty Blythe’s Vintage Tea Shop as she was kind enough to provide me with the appropriate garments for the event. It is a perfect place to kick back enjoy a spot of afternoon tea and play dress up with your friends. When you were younger didn’t you just love playing dress up?! Why not grab your girls and head on over to Lulu’s vast array of vintage treats whilst enjoying your tea.

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REVIEW: Lip Glam Lip Balm

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Lip Glam is a multi purpose balm that can be used not only on your lips but your cuticles, dry skin patches, split ends, eyebrows and a multitude of other places. It is made from 100% natural ingredients so it can be used by people with sensitive skin such as myself. It has been dermatologically tested and is paraben free. The icing on the top of the cake for me is that this product is made in England – it is rare that products are made in this country so when I find one that is it is an added bonus.

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As you can see it looks like Vaseline however it feels a lot less sticky and seems to stay put for a lot longer. Also when used on my cuticles it doesn’t make my hands feel greasy which is great. If the tube is cold you just need to hold it between your hands for a minute or two and it will be ready to use.

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May Day

Blossom, Spring, Tree, Nature, Blog A Book Etc, FayMay Day is an ancient spring festival originating from the Northern Hemisphere and usually is celebrated as a public holiday. It is also a spring holiday in many cultures that continue to celebrate this day. Celebrations are usually shown by dancing, singing possibly around a maypole and the crowning of a May queen.

From the reform of the Catholic calendar May 1st is celebrated as the Feast of St Joseph the worker – the patron saint of workers. In the traditional farming industry this is a day where all of the sewing is complete and labourers are given the day off.

On this particular May Day I will be attending the wedding reception of an old family friends son and his soon to be wife. And on the Sunday although we have a family thing in the afternoon we might be heading to Columbia Road Flower Market again in the morning, if we go it will be nice and early to avoid the manic crowds. Fingers crossed!

Celebrations do not stop here – May Day is celebrated in many different ways by many different people. So from me to you I hope you are having a wonderful Bank Holiday in the UK and taking the time to smell that gorgeous Spring air.

If you are stuck for activities check out some of these . . .

London Coffee Festival


Canalway Cavalcade

Electric Run

Columbia Road Flower Market

Brick Lane Market

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Happy May Day!

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