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Eye Test with Vision Express

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Almost two weeks ago it was that time of year again folks. Eye test time! I am always slightly dubious about going for an eye test, much like the dentist it is something that takes up time that I would prefer to use for something else. However it is necessary.

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Before an eye test I always try to get a good nights sleep so my eyes feel on top form and I don’t have a headache when going through the motions of the test. It may seem like an easy thing to do but sitting and telling someone the difference between the clarity of black dots and circles on a red or green background with tired overused eyes is something of a task. Cold Cucumbers also make a massive difference on the morning of an eye test so if you have time try it.

Eyes, Eye Test, Sight, Eyesight, Vision Express, Letters, Alphabet

For the past couple of years I have been going to Vision Express and I have to say have never had a problem with their service yet. The range of glasses available is pretty good but one thing that they lack that the likes of Specsavers have are deals. Himself prefers Specsavers but I just cannot bring myself to go back as their service has never been great (personal experience here – yours may be different).

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I am quite lucky with my optometrist as I usually manage to see the same one each time and she is absolutely hilarious. This time however was a different lady but with a similar sense of humour so she really made the testing time fun rather than a laborious task.

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The team at the Wimbledon Branch as a collective were absolutely amazing as they helped me select a pair of glasses that I felt comfortable with and could double up as sunglasses as it was the first pair of transition lenses for me. If you live around the Merton area and need an eye test I would highly recommend this opticians as it is highly unlikely that you will leave unhappy or unsatisfied.

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Today was the day to pick up my glasses and despite having to wait a little longer for the transition lens placement it was totally worth the wait. My new glasses are comfortable, stylish and incredibly practical – oh and let’s not forget truly geeky!

Eyes, Eye Test, Sight, Eyesight, Vision Express, Letters, AlphabetAs I have just washed my hair I won’t be putting up a picture of me in them just yet! Keep your eyes peeled on my instagram for updates and I will eventually write another post on how I am getting on with the transition lenses. Out of all the choices above these are my new glasses!

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Lush Favourites

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That little word ‘Lush’ makes most peoples heart skip a beat when they think about it, walk past the shop or even catch a whiff of their collection of delectable scents. To have a list of Lush Favourites may seem like a must have but also one very tough choice to make just one. After an eye test today I passed by the local Lush store on the way to the car park and could not resist going in. As always the welcome was warm like greeting old friends and the chat was hilarious!

Here are a couple of the photos that I took whilst in the shop today.

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1920’s Prohibition Night

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Being thrown back into the roaring 20’s is not something that happens on your average Saturday night out. Dressed up to the max a large group of people got together in an underground speak easy on a backstreet in East London. Drinks were served up in Read More →

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