It’s Monday!

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This post was originally started on Monday 31st March however between the jigs and the reels things got a little hectic and now the action is happening today. As you can see!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been caught up listening to the PC Peter Grant stories and currently I am on Broken Homes. I have never been one for audio books but getting into these books listening has been a lot better than reading the hard copies. With work in the background and really stepping up its game taking time out to read a book has been quite difficult so having an audiobook on in the background whilst doing little things like cleaning or packing things away is just brilliant.

The lovelies at Audible have given me a bit of rope to go out and review some books so I will be letting you know what I choose for my first list and keep you updated on how I get on.

Do you use Audible?

What do you think of it?

Do you still prefer reading or are you happy to mix it up?

It’s Monday

So what have you all been up to over the past week?

Did you have a nice weekend? 



Still jumping between audio and paperback my mind is slightly boggled to the point that I cannot wait to get to the end of the book. That does not stop it being fabulous!


Rivers of London


ozeri espresso 2

I have been at home drinking plenty of coffee and trying to be productive and conquer my ever-growing procrastination (yet again!).


kiefer jackThis addictive TV series is something that has taken up many hours of my time but it is just something that I cannot help to click on next when one episode is over. Each episode leaves you on such a cliff hanger that you just HAVE to know what is going to happen next. Oh and Kiefer (Son of Donald) Sutherland is just amazing! You have to love him.


dany got4

I am very excited about Season 4 of Game of Thrones, apparently it is due to air on April 6th – so exciting!!!

That’s all from me – now it’s time to sleep (Night shifts here I come!) 

It’s Monday

And after a busy weekend at Birmingham International Fashion Week I am trying to adjust back to my normal pace of things. As I am working today and tomorrow this will be a quick post just to update you as to what I have been up to. So let’s begin!

The Books


This book was started off as an audio book however whilst I was listening I found myself trying to blog at the same time. One had to go so I am back with the paperback now and very much enjoying the story. Something about the feel of a real book! Hopefully by the end of this book I will be back up to speed about what is actually happening as I lost my train of thought with the audio version – sadly. 

ox hbook ccnursing

This book is still glued to me and is full of great information with regards to work. I think it is my new go to guide for help at work! Well for a firm base of knowledge at least.

The Weekend

Sofia Dourvari Clothing 1

This beautiful hat just finished the look of the wonderfully elegant wedding dress.

Sophia Dourvari 2


Sophia Dourvari 3

This is my absolute FAVOURITE piece from the Sophia Dourvari collection that graced the catwalk with so much elegance there were few mouths that remains closed whilst the catwalk was in motion. The intricate detail of this gown is just spectacular. These are only a couple of the photos I managed to catch of the shows and more will be on show on Wednesday so keep those eyes peeled! 

What are you up to this week? Any plans?

It’s Monday, Let’s Do It

Good Morning Blog Lovelies

How are you all feeling on this wonderful Monday morning? As you can probably tell I am slightly excited about it being Monday. Not so much that it is the beginning of the week but at the end of this week I will be heading up to Birmingham.

Fashion Week here I come and not only will it be an epically wonderful networking opportunity but it is also the girly weekend I have been waiting for, for what seems like forever. Time away from home is very valuable these days. Time to breath, blog and reboot!

This week I would love to share with you all of the wonderful fictional things I have gained. However that is not the case. So without any more waffle!


ox hbook ccnursing


These bad boys have not left my side this week. Sadly my passion for reading has taken a turn for the professional. However I have to say they are quite enjoyable books as the rationale behind certain critical care I am giving is just amazing. The level of care is massively increased hence the patient being in critical condition however it is all the more fulfilling knowing that I have done everything I can to help them either maintain or improve on their current state.



Whilst studying and reading this is the scent that has been burning in the background. I cannot admit that it keeps the hunger at bay but it really does smell amazingly seasonal. Not one to hold on to the Christmas spirit when it has passed its time this is really something out of the ordinary for me!

With a sweet toffee kind of scent this is the perfect complement to those evenings where I just HAVE to study and need the extra oomph of calm feeling.

Listening To

Now as this is the clean version there are many words missing that may be constituted as offensive but really are just lyrics. Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip are two of the giants of the rap world and this song just accentuates their true talents. The other thing this video does is highlights how BAD Kanye West really is at rapping! After listening several times to this TUNE (!) it is ridiculously obvious that Kanye is really not needed. Try and see if you can notice his minuscule effort.

As I was listening to the new tune from Busta I figured a bit of the ‘Old Skool’ couldn’t be missed out! This tune was a big summer tune and the video just shows you how ‘fine’ Busta used to be in his younger days. Don’t get me wrong he is still awesome but back then – well . . . Enough of that!

Right back to reality! 

Over the next couple of days lists will be made with regards to the things I will be taking with me to Birmingham. So far we are pretty organised and almost ready for the off. The only thing that is on tender hooks is outfits!

So, what have you been Reading, Doing, Listening to?