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January Sale: Dot Com Gift Shop

Dot Com Gift Shop January Sale

With all of the sales in full flow and every last store trying to eek out those few pennies we have left in our pockets I urge you to head over to Dot Com Gift Shop where you can pick up some beautiful gifts for rock bottom prices in their January sale. For as little as £1.50 you can pick up a coffee mug for those early morning pick ups or those midday blues. The image above is just a selection of a few items they have on offer. Check out the Dot Com Gift Shop now and grab yourself some of their FABULOUS items.

My two favourite items of the bunch are

Paisley Park Deluxe Sewing KitPaisley Park Deluxe Sewing Kit – £5.95 (Down from
I am always on the look out to add bits to my sewing kit (a beautiful Cath Kidston sewing basket that I picked up in the sale only two years ago!) in the hope that it will encourage me to create something soon!
Rambling Rose Baking Set | DotComGiftShop

Rambling Rose Baking Set – £1.95 (Down from £5.95)

This is one item that I am most definitely without a doubt going to us. I love to bake but these days my time is limited between work and actually having a life! I am thinking Banana Nut Muffins with a pot of tea and a chat with the girls – what do you think?

Go on save yourself some cash and get shopping

Last Minute Stocking Fillers – Blogmas Day 24

Last Minute Christmas Stocking Gifts


There is always something that gets forgotten in the haste of preparing for the big day. Check out my selection of little things that you can find whilst out and about just to stack up those stockings for a champagne breakfast and sneaky present opening. From Urban Decay to Yankee Candles this selection has something for everyone – although there is a lack of male presence! So for the men in your life check out the selection below for some last-minute gifts that can be found in many shops.
Last Minute Stocking Fillers for Him
If you man has a sweet tooth or likes to pamper himself there is something for almost anyone in the selection above. I hope you are more prepared than I am and are enjoying the holiday season.

To Do Tuesday – Blogmas Day 16

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Last Weeks List

– Write Christmas cards and send for Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange

– Wrap and bag Christmas presents

– Put up Christmas lights

– Schedule 1 week of posts

– Comment on 10 news blogs

– Put together gift basket for mothers

How Did I Get On?

Still working on the Christmas gift baskets for our mothers however it is taking longer than I anticipated due to lack of time to go out and shop for the contents. Bit by bit I am getting there – it will happen. On the wrapping side of things the other day I got into a bit of a wrapping frenzy put my audio book on and got cracking. With only 3 more presents to wrap and a couple more to buy I am pretty much all sorted.

One thing I do regret this year is not planning ahead enough to participate in The Broke & The Bookish Secret Santa – such a shame but next year will be a good one! (Not wishing the time away of course!).

Commenting has not been my strong point this week but I have visited almost 10 new blogs and let me tell you there are some awesome bloggers out there – as if you didn’t already know.

This Weeks List

– Edit Christmas baking blog and put on You Tube

– Comment on 10 news blogs

– Find 5 new blogs on Bloglovin’

– Organise 2 Pinterest boards

Once again I will be on Twitter & Instagram this afternoon whilst out and about!

See You There 😀

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