Christmas Candles, Candles, BlogMas, Blog A Book Etc, FayI am yet to meet a blogger that doesn’t love a candle, that being said I have only met a couple of people that do not like candles. Personally I am a great lover of them as not only do they create a calming ambiance but they smell and look nice as a centre piece to most rooms in the house. Just think after a stressful day at work, you come home and run a hot bath, light a candle and pour a large glass of wine – good right?! View Full Post

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At the moment myself and the hubster are between two houses until we settle. As many of you can imagine living between two houses can be prove difficult when it comes to shopping and saving money, we seem to make it work though. In this post I will show you my 5 top tips on my #wastelessjourney.

1. Shopping List & Meal Planning

With myself being OCD and the Mr being extremely organised we tend to prioritise and categorise our shopping, before we sit down and make our list we plan a weeks worth of meals together. It is understandable that with children this would be increasingly difficult but whilst it is just the two of us we make the most of it. You are probably thinking ‘Huh?!’ but View Full Post

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Ozeri manufactures lifestyle products for the modern home. From bottle openers to bathroom scales Ozeri produces seamlessly stylish pieces of equipment that started out as products that were being supplied to the specific market of the destination club industry. Over the past couple of months I have View Full Post