A/W 2014

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The above is a little collection of items that I feel would be staple pieces of clothing throughout the autumn/winter season. Perfect for those one-off shopping trips or just strolling to meet the girls for coffee. Two of the items on there have seen me through a couple of winters so far with a slight alteration to one.
Mulberry Alexa – £1,100
My change here is that I have the chocolate-brown Bayswater bag – it is a classic that will see me through many more years if looked after well. 
Chanel – La Vernis – 505 – Particulière – £18.00
No matter what time of year I always seem to have this particular colour in my collection – effortlessly chic when you can think of nothing else to do.
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The footwear from the previous set was left out intentionally due to my love for these red bottomed beauties and the accessories have just that touch of red so you know who made the item without asking.
The hat is not Louboutin but throughout the autumn and winter months it will come in handy for keeping those wispy hairs in place. It was around last season and will be for some to come I suppose for its clean and easy ability to just finish an outfit.
For a splash of colour on those dark days ahead these items are perfect (if you have the cash to splurge!) to jazz up any outfit and if I could I would with the outfit at the top of this post. Shoes and clutch for the evening and the boots and panettone bag for the day out.

What are your plans to jazz up or tone down your autumn/winter wardrobe?

New Look Summer

Last week I headed up to central London with Catherine for a walk around and general catch up. Feeling in a girly mood  I decided to actually make an effort to dress like a female instead of my usual jeans, birkes and vest. Personally it made a lot of difference and despite showing my knickers to many onlookers on the St Paul’s steps I really enjoyed myself.

From City Thameslink we strolled out and up to Pizza Express for some lunch and planning for the rest of our day.

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As usual the pizza was tasty and it was a great opportunity to ogle the waiter and catch up as we hadn’t seen each other for a while. When you go from seeing each other more than three times a week to about three times a month catch ups are needed.

Feeling overly satisfied and slightly bloated we moved on . . .

St Paul's, London, Tourist, Photography, Black and White

There were squirrels, pigeons, lovers, readers and city workers walking through the gardens of the cathedral. The atmosphere was truly vibrant but peaceful at the same time.

The wind was out in full force and although I did my best to contain my skirt there were a couple of episodes where the passers-by of this idyllic setting got a bit of an eyeful. I did however manage to get some decent photos where my skirt was not making an attempt to reach my throat!

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Scarf – Zara
Top – New Look
Skirt – New Look
Shoes – Primark
Bag – Mulberry
Watch – Tissot

Spinning, St Paul's Cathedral, London

After this little episode we were in much need of more alcohol as we felt a little squiffy!

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After leaving St Paul’s we started to notice that there were many of these awesome book chairs in random places – there were a couple that I only realised were in place when on another side of a very difficult to cross road. So, there will be more photos of these awesome shows of literature across the literary city of London.

Madison, London, Champagne, Celebration, St Paul's Cathedral

We made our way over to Madison at One New Change. This is a place that I have now visited a fair few times and absolutely love the atmosphere. On that evening in particular the vibe was buzzing and we just had to pop some champagne. There is always good news and bad news but why not just go with the good.

the people of london

Before we left Madison the weather did a complete 360 and the heavens opened. After it calmed down slightly we made a break for it and headed over the Millennium Bridge back to our side of the river – the best side of course!

Views of London

This is why I love London – no matter how good or bad the weather is it is truly BEAUTIFUL.

I really do love my city.

London, South Bank, Views, Photography, Festival of Love, Snog, Frozen Yoghurt, Statues, Wall Art

As you may have noticed I am a great advocate for the ‘South’ side of the river and the above couple of pictures are just a few to testify to the brilliance and creativity shown on the south bank.

There are few more photos that I will be posting soon but this just about sums up our lovely day out.

Do you love your city? Is it London? If not then where?

Show & Tell time people :D

Girly/Indie Chick

Over the past couple of days I have spent my time creating sets on Polyvore – this amazing website is already so well-known however for some reason I was out of the massive loop and remained a neophyte. Until now!

After a weekend of nothingness I find myself on Sunday afternoon chilling with my best mate and trying to put together summer looks for the month ahead.
Roll up in one hand and tea in the other I am trawling the internet for bargains and hot summer looks all in one. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come. This summer I am getting prepared to get my legs out!
Girly/Indie Chick
I put this set together purely because I already own most of it however the vests and necklace I will be finding soon. Check out my fresh Polyvore page for links to all of the fabulous things I have been finding!

Let me know what you think and what you have been wearing so far.

5 Bikinis

Summer Time is coming and getting that ultimate bikini body seems to be as ever high on us ladies priorities list. *SPOILER ALERT* for this post – there are a few breasts and bottoms included but that is solely for the purpose of showing the bikini as not many sites displays bikinis these days without anyone in them.

My little collection of favourites spans from fitted to fitting for the occasion. Personally I prefer swimwear to fit me properly on the upper half as otherwise there is potential for disasters of epic proportions to happen. Freya and Fantasie generally fit the bill with a little Panache on the side so sit back, relax and check out these bad boys.

Oh and there is one little surprise in there that costs far too much but looks amazing! Can you see it!

1-4 bikinis

1. Betty Underwired Frill Bandeau Bikini Top £31 by Cleo for Panache at Figleaves

2. Betty Bikini £16 by Cleo at Figleaves (Also comes in Aquamarine)

3. ASOS CURVE Spot Bandeau Bikini Top £16 at ASOS

4. ASOS Curve Bikini Bottom In Spot Print £12 at ASOS

dion bikini selfridges

5. Dion Lee Filter spine-twist Bikini £385 at Selfridges 

flowers and dots

6. Dreamer Bikini with Tie Side bottom £59 (Both top & bottom) by Freya at Bravissimo

7. Coral and Cream Spot Bikini £34 at Topshop

Don’t you just love them!

Coming up soon – The Ultimate Juice!