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As the months go by I fall back in love with a magazine that has never really meant that much to me. To some this particular magazine is something that they prioritize over food, I am yet to get to that point but it really is something that makes me think more and more about what I wear each day, whether it is what is considered as ‘in Vogue’ or not. One thing in the back of my mind each time View Full Post

Mens, Winter, Fashion, Footwear, Adidas, Converse, Nike, Blog A Book Etc, FayPack up your short sleeve shirts and vests with shorts and get out the warm winter woollies with scarves, gloves and hats. Men’s Winter footwear really has got better over the past couple of years, with the birth of the metro-sexual man designers have had to step up their game for the ‘average’ man. From ear muffs to cosy socks it’s not only the ladies that can stay warm and on trend. View Full Post