As I have been reading Ruth Ozeki’s – A Tale for the Time Being I think this links nicely to culture of the book.

I love to make things and for this to be so simple and made from every day materials just makes it even better. This is my first try at a Kusudama flower and I am quite happy with it!


I will be posting a how to tutorial later today after a trip to the craft store!!

This is the photo from yesterday so today’s photo will be posted later today to catch up!!

There may be days that I post two or three photos per day depending on what my schedule is. There will be four weekly catch ups and then if I get the time I will do a post at the end of the month linking to all four weekly catch ups so you can see my findings for this month.

Here are the titles for the daily pictures and what I aspire to get pictures of:

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 13.26.34

Friday 1st March

I wanted to get a picture that showed L for Light but had to look in my back catalogue and found the following picture.

Sun from the plane

This was taken by my iPhone from a plane trip to Rome if I remember rightly. I love taking pictures above the clouds and this one just puts me in quite a peaceful place.

Now get yourselves over to Fat Mum Slim and take part – when you look back at the photos you take you may even surprise yourselves!
You don’t need a blog to take part there are many different ways. Check out FMS for all the different ways you can participate.

Holiday Vans

As I passed by Office in Kingston I saw these just inside the door and had to go in a check them out.
They look super comfortable and would be light enough to get around in when I go away. Interesting!

Snug Doc Martens £105

These bad boys take me back to my middle school days when I got my first pair of Doc Martins which were black patent!
These look warm and snuggly and would look great with leggings and a dress or top! Ooh and my Ray Bans!

These were found in the Bentall’s Centre in Kingston although they are available at Office as well!

Looks like my bank account will be going lower again!

After what seemed like an eternity in shopping time getting through Marks & Spencer’s we made our way out and up through the Bentalls Centre in Kingston.

En-route back to the car my mum as always stopped a looked all googly eyed at the Gelato. Yum!

How could we resist. Three females and ice cream – there was never going to be a chance of walking straight through to the car!

Hazelnut & Rum 'n' Raisin

Hazelnut & Rum ‘n’ Raisin – Mine!

Rum 'n' Raisin x 2

Rum ‘n’ Raisin x 2 scoops – Mum

Chocolate & Cherry

Chocolate & Cherry – Mum’s friend

All of the ice creams were delicious and we of course had a taste of each one! There are so many more flavours to pick from and that includes sorbet. I have had their Gelato before and it beats other ice cream by far! The only thing I would say not to buy from this place is the ice cream cones or the biscuits in the jars as they look amazingly crunching and appetising however a baby’s rusks much better in taste! Now I am going to try on my clothes!

Check out Gelateria Danieli’s Website HERE

Wishlist Wednesday Button

This weekly meme is hosted by Dani over at Pen To Paper. I am a bit late with my Wish-list as it is now Thursday but better late than never right! 

Running Late

Sometimes there are books that I want just because they have a beautiful cover, it is quite bad as I know nothing about the contents. One of the books that remains on my wish-list and really is starting to get to me (I cannot get it anywhere) is this:

Mr Penumbras 24 hour bookstore

Reviews have been posted about this book around the blogosphere and the general internet and I am itching to get a copy. When I checked in Waterstones the man (gorgeous specimen of man!) informed me that it was not due out until August in the UK. What kind of rubbish is that! HELP blogosphere someone must know something. My problem is I most definitely do not want it on an e-reader. What do I do now?! I just found that it is the lovelies at Atlantic Books so keep everything crossed for me that someone gets in touch soon.

Now just to mix it up a bit I want to move away from books and take it to the beauty and fashion side of things.

Fashion Wish-List

Parisian Monochrome Chequered Midi Dress £14.99 OUT OF STOCK

Parisian Monochrome Chequered Midi Dress £14.99 

Monochrome has apparently made a come back in all shapes and sizes and this dress really caught my eye. The material is like a dress I already have and is nice a light so would be perfect for the breakthrough from Winter to Spring. The affordable price is just a bonus and you can shop online as well.

Beauty Wish-List

Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash £17.00

Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash £17.00

This face wash not only smells delicious but feels great on my face. There are some face washes that even when you are washing make your skin start to feel dried out, this is not one of them. The only way I can describe the feeling is that of when you first put lip balm on and your lips are all soft and supple – that is how my whole face feels when I am using this. Originally I used a sample of this product but I really need to go and get a big tube. As you only need a little to make a lot of froth it will last quite a while which is always worth the money.

That’s all for my wishes. How about you? Again I will say I know it isn’t Wednesday but better late than never!!!