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Ideal Home Show 2014

ideal home outside

With great thanks to the lovely press people who organise the Ideal Home Show myself and Catherine were given press passes to this wonderful event. There were many great sights and despite missing the opening day the show remained in full swing right until the last-minute of the day and I am sure until the closing day.

Once we crossed the threshold we headed to the press office to collect our passes and get going.

press pass mistakes

My question really was ‘how many times can you get BLOG A BOOK ETC wrong?! Not exactly the picture of prepared for someone who you know is showing up. The kicker was that Catherine’s who they claimed was my +1 was on the side waiting neatly written out and they ‘couldn’t find it’. After this debacle we giggled for a while after this.

Now the next set of pictures will be favourites picked from the many traders that were showing the day I attended. There were so many traders and it was almost impossible (for my memory card anyway!) to take pictures of everything!

Ideal Home Show picks1

Good right?!

Floral Headpieces

These great headpieces I can imagine being worn at many festivals – how cute are they!

Bits & Bobs

From cute to tasty . . .


Did anyone go to the show and if so I would love to hear what you thought about it – if there were any favourites at all?

1 Nail Too Many

When it comes to nails I tend to have many different colours available to me and not enough time to use them. Models Own most definitely has not helped this problem as their selection of truly awesome polishes just increases my numbers it seems each time I spy a new shade I do not already own. On trend and slightly addictive the Models Own polishes are affordable and value for money (great bottle size). Take a look at the new additions to my ever-growing collection! I must apologise for the state of my nails in advance they usually look a lot more clean-cut – to the salon I go!

New Additions

20140321-000946.jpgSpeckled Egg – Magpie/ Velvet Goth – Valerian/ Fruit Pastel – Banana Split
Lip Stix – Awesome Apricot

Velvet Goth – Valerian


Oh so sparkly and just a beautiful deep blue – this colour is definitely one for those party nights that are approaching at alarming speeds. Not only is the packaging absolutely stunning with a velveteen lid against the standard bottle, the polish is a great colour too. That should not be a surprise right? With a base coat and two coats it took as surprisingly short time to dry, the only drawback of this being the polish on the brush seemed to be drying out before I had time to re-dip the tip. After a quick shake up all was back to normal but this was repeated at least three times before completing the full set of nails (double coat).


The picture above is after a glossy top coat has been added although if left there is a slight matt finish which is great. I am a lover of top coat an even though I have the matte top coat it was nowhere to be found!

Fruit Pastel – Banana Split


Spring is most definitely here – well on my nails anyway! This light and airy colour is perfect for adding a touch of delicacy to your fingertips. To create such a strong pastel look I used a white nail polish on top of my base coat and then applied two coats of this colour. Although it took forever and a day to dry it was most definitely worth it. The polish itself was clean and easy to come out onto the brush and there was not a gloop in sight. The size of the brush is perfect for three stroke application and can assist with precision application to those of you unlike myself who have a steady hand.


An added bonus of this lovely little bottle is the scratch n’ sniff – sadly you cannot scratch/rub your nails and smell but I am sure that would only lead to encouragement of the filthy habit (sorry if you do it but – urgh!) of biting your nails. It really does smell like banana split although personally it brings back childhood memories of the long gone banana flavoured Chewits. Does anyone remember those yummy treats?!


At the moment there are a couple of deals you can take advantage of with regards to these products.


2 for £8 on ALL Models Own Products

Models Own Site

6 for £20 Mix & Match

I am loving my new additions and the two that I have not shown on this post today will be written about at a later date. 

Have a Lovely Day!

Neutrogena Lip Care with Nordic Berry


£1.76 (On Sale) Usually £2.65 @

The packaging for this product is nothing special however the actual casing of the lip care is simple, effective and durable. Ready to contend with my 13 hour shifts and the possible dry effect work air conditioning has on my lips!

On application the lip care is thick and sinks into your lips rather than leaving a slimy layer of balm on top. Lasting up to 6 hours at a time I am able to whip this bad boy out on my break time just to top up as needed or after food and drink. The only problem I have with this product is that by the time you get to around 6 hours my lips did start to feel a little dry.

If I had to pinpoint a scent for this lovely moisture stick I would have to say it really does what it says on the tin so to speak. To be cheesy about it, it is Berry Delicious!



Mediocre Beans

It’s Monday . . . wait?!

Ok so I am a little late but I have to say *whew* what a busy weekend it has been. I am still playing catch up with my Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day (I will get there by the end of the day hopefully!). So what have I been up to . . .


Rivers of London

This is the first book on my list for the Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon and I am absolutely loving it. At the moment I will keep schtum about how I feel as all will be revealed in my review with a small summary in the wrap up post I hope to write for the read-a-thon!


final tesco haul

That ‘small’ collection is just the icing on top of a very large cake I seem to have concocted. My addiction to make up products seems to have taken a vigorous turn for the broke end of things as I just can’t stop picking it up. However myself and Catherine (Vintage Frills) who also seems to have this illustrious bug have made a pact to become thrifty over the next couple of months. I hope it works!

There are a couple of products in the picture above that I am adoring right about now and they are:

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nordic Berry Lip Care

F&F Eye Liner Ink – Black

There will be reviews for these products some time this week so keep your eyes peeled.


Over the past week I have been using hand cream at every opportunity and my hands really have thanked me for it. Another hit to my wallet was my new hand cream stash however I can slightly justify this stash as I know it is a product that I will use every day for work if nothing else. Being a nurse DAMAGES your hands and if I don’t want them to look old before their time I need to pay attention to them.

Last weeks favourite is . . .

lacura hand cream

With a massive thank you to Catherine for picking this up for me I have stashed this beauty in my locker at work for those moments when dry just will not cut it.

A review will be posted this week. 


Composting is still happening however I am having a bit of an overflow problem. With such beautiful british weather (oh the sarcasm!) I really need to get hold of a garden composter to empty out my kitchen waste. Maybe next payday! Or I could try and build my own – hmmm!

Otherwise at home

quinoa cooking

I have been experimenting with new foods and Quinoa (pronounced Kee-noir – thanks Catherine!) is a new favourite. Used as a rice substitute and after my first try quite easy to cook it was mixed with a range of things from various recipes that I adapted.

The picture above was taken by myself, I will brand it soon! 

A recipe for the above picture with other pictures will be posted soon.

What have you been up to?