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The Tide is High – Nails Inc

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Whilst perusing the latest of this months mags in the supermarket In Style jumped out at me not only for the beaut of a polish from Nails Inc but for the cover title of ‘Festival Fashion’. Despite not attending any festivals this year it is always nice to see what fashion is about for the coming months and what a better way to enjoy shorts, cropped tops and all of the other wonderful things than planning for some of the biggest events of the year. Glastonbury, Wireless even SW4 are but a few of the events that are taking place in the next couple of weeks/months.

Are you going to any?

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July’s issue of In Style is giving you the chance to grab four exclusive Nails Inc colours of which I was lucky enough to grab ‘The Tide is High’. This colour is one that I was thinking of buying anyway so two birds with one stone is the statement of this sentence. Inspired by 80’s Anthems this collection of gorgeous summery colours are worth £11 each so for the small price of £16 you could have all four or just be lucky enough to find your favourite in store now. As I already have many other pinks, greys and far too many reds to even count the lovely minty green pastel was the perfect addition to my forever growing varnish collection.


On application I have to say I was disappointed as the consistency was watery and the brush was just not big enough (if you love Essie you know what I mean!). Also after giving the polish longer to dry than usually needed it lasted all of five minutes before smudging on two nails and chipping on all of the others a couple of hours later. Thankfully this little bottle of not so awesomeness was free – I think I will be heading to Boots very soon for a bottle of Essie’s famous Mint Candy Apple as the brand is yet to let me down and for £7.99 a bottle that’s not a bad deal.

As Nails Inc is a well known brand this was even more of a disappointment that the polish performed so poorly. Sadly this is not the case.


Like I said before, the colour is one that I have been meaning to get for some time and as it was a freebie I just couldn’t resist. In the bottle it looks slightly grey but when on your nails and after vigorous shaking the greeny blue hue really comes into its own. With regards to accessorising an outfit check out a couple of items that I have picked that I would wear with such a colour.

The Tide is High
I am finding it significantly difficult to pick a favourite out of this bunch of goodies as most of them can be interchanged throughout the day/week/month!

Can you pick a favourite?

Lush Favourites

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That little word ‘Lush’ makes most peoples heart skip a beat when they think about it, walk past the shop or even catch a whiff of their collection of delectable scents. To have a list of Lush Favourites may seem like a must have but also one very tough choice to make just one. After an eye test today I passed by the local Lush store on the way to the car park and could not resist going in. As always the welcome was warm like greeting old friends and the chat was hilarious!

Here are a couple of the photos that I took whilst in the shop today.

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Festival Ready

Are you Festival Ready?

Festival Ready


As you can guess my favourite colour is PINK! And why not! There are so many fabulous things that come in the wonderful colour and what better colour to wear when you are ready for summer and FESTIVAL READY! Whilst you get into Read More →

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