A/W 2014

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The above is a little collection of items that I feel would be staple pieces of clothing throughout the autumn/winter season. Perfect for those one-off shopping trips or just strolling to meet the girls for coffee. Two of the items on there have seen me through a couple of winters so far with a slight alteration to one.
Mulberry Alexa – £1,100
My change here is that I have the chocolate-brown Bayswater bag – it is a classic that will see me through many more years if looked after well. 
Chanel – La Vernis – 505 – Particulière – £18.00
No matter what time of year I always seem to have this particular colour in my collection – effortlessly chic when you can think of nothing else to do.
Winter Splash, Red, Louboutin, Christian Louboutin, Accessories, Shoes, Boots, Hats, Blog A Book Etc
The footwear from the previous set was left out intentionally due to my love for these red bottomed beauties and the accessories have just that touch of red so you know who made the item without asking.
The hat is not Louboutin but throughout the autumn and winter months it will come in handy for keeping those wispy hairs in place. It was around last season and will be for some to come I suppose for its clean and easy ability to just finish an outfit.
For a splash of colour on those dark days ahead these items are perfect (if you have the cash to splurge!) to jazz up any outfit and if I could I would with the outfit at the top of this post. Shoes and clutch for the evening and the boots and panettone bag for the day out.

What are your plans to jazz up or tone down your autumn/winter wardrobe?

Lush Haul

It has been way too long since I last visited my beloved Lush and on entering I wondered to myself quietly why I had stayed away so long. Then I looked at the prices and the amount of items I would love to walk out with. This is when I remembered that my bad habit was curbed quite nicely. Until now!


With a couple of samples thrown in for good measure my card actually managed to get away without burn marks!

clean teeth

Having previously tried Lush’s oh so wonderful toothy tabs and thinking that they tasted like congealed talcum powder and black pepper, it was time to try again.

According to the lady in the shop ‘Atomic’ and ‘Chou Chou I love You’ are the two that are least likely to make me want to vomit. We shall see!

In essence Lush Toothy Tabs are sold as ‘A solid alternative to toothpaste with essential oils and spices for fresh breath and a sparkling smile’.


Lush Lip Scrub

Once upon a time I owned the loveable Bubblegum Lip Scrub however after a couple of weeks of non use and drier climates it sadly went hard and was to never be seen again!

Enter MINT JULIPS. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this product – well actually I can so watch out for the review.


May Day Bath

Bath bombs have always been my THING for the bathroom as there is truly nothing better after a stressful (well any!) day than running a super hot bath and sticking one of these bad boys in it.

After a couple of minutes fizzing around your bathroom smells like paradise and your skin once in the water feels like it too.

May Day is a new one for me and a Limited Edition for Lush (For May only!). I will be trying this one out tonight so I will let you know how I get on.

What are your favourite Lush products and why?

3 Simple Steps to Newness!

There are many candles in my house as not only myself but my mother has a slight obsession with the beautiful smelling things. From Yankee to Ikea we have a wide range of wax in our house. Thankfully it is not a house of wax (odd film!).

End of the Jar

As you can see from the above images from the small selection of house candles we are a different points with each candle. The one on the right is Fluffy Towels scent which seems to be a particular favourite especially in the bathrooms in the house. It smells incredibly fresh and comforting especially when sinking into a hot bath with a good book. Sadly this candle has come to its end (there are more in the cupboard!) so in the spirit of recycling the wax must BE GONE!

Step One

Fill your jar/container with boiling water from the kettle put the lid on and leave on the side.
Perfect time to make a cuppa and catch up on some reading or whatever else is on your to-do list!

Nice Hot Soak

There are many blogs around the blogosphere and pins on Pinterest linking to instructions of how to clear out that final bit of wax and make this large jar ready for use of something other than a candle! I have thought about sweety jars, flower pots, pasta containers but (and it may be slightly cliché) I will be using this lovely jar for make up storage and a few others I have got my hands on for make up storage. I cannot claim that it is something different but it looks nice and that is enough for me!

Step Two

After leaving the jar for about 30 minutes the wax should have slowly made its way to the water’s surface as shown in the picture below.

wax floating

Once you can see the wax at the top and the jar has cooled down it is time to get that wax out.


Step Three

Now comes the bit that might be a bit tough and take a few soaks. Removing the wick base.

For me this took two more soaks and about an hour in the cooled water before the base lifted out with ease.

All that is left after that is a good scrub inside and out and then you will have a jar ready to use.

dirty to clean

The only thing I noticed about the Yankee jars is under the sticker on the outside you are left with a residue. After scrubbing there is still a vague outline as you can see however I am sure if you pop it in the dishwasher it would come off. If not then you have the perfect place to put a label or paint over with some chalkboard paint!

Overall I am happy with my three simple steps and now have a lovely jar ready for my make up brushes.

ready & waiting

If you like this post then please do let me know and if you have any inspiration for other projects please do let me know.

Ciao Ciao!

Ideal Home Show 2014

ideal home outside

With great thanks to the lovely press people who organise the Ideal Home Show myself and Catherine were given press passes to this wonderful event. There were many great sights and despite missing the opening day the show remained in full swing right until the last-minute of the day and I am sure until the closing day.

Once we crossed the threshold we headed to the press office to collect our passes and get going.

press pass mistakes

My question really was ‘how many times can you get BLOG A BOOK ETC wrong?! Not exactly the picture of prepared for someone who you know is showing up. The kicker was that Catherine’s who they claimed was my +1 was on the side waiting neatly written out and they ‘couldn’t find it’. After this debacle we giggled for a while after this.

Now the next set of pictures will be favourites picked from the many traders that were showing the day I attended. There were so many traders and it was almost impossible (for my memory card anyway!) to take pictures of everything!

Ideal Home Show picks1

Good right?!

Floral Headpieces

These great headpieces I can imagine being worn at many festivals – how cute are they!

Bits & Bobs

From cute to tasty . . .


Did anyone go to the show and if so I would love to hear what you thought about it – if there were any favourites at all?