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Pamper Session

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On Sunday after a trip to the Flower Market I decided to have a little pamper session. Mainly because I was soaking wet and just felt a bit meh at the time. Now pampering to me should be Read More →

The Tide is High – Nails Inc

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Whilst perusing the latest of this months mags in the supermarket In Style jumped out at me not only for the beaut of a polish from Nails Inc but for the cover title of Read More →

Lush Favourites

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That little word ‘Lush’ makes most peoples heart skip a beat when they think about it, walk past the shop or even catch a whiff of their collection of delectable scents. To have a list of Lush Favourites may seem like a must have but also one very tough choice to make just one. After an eye test today I passed by the local Lush store on the way to the car park and could not resist going in. As always the welcome was warm like greeting old friends and the chat was hilarious!

Here are a couple of the photos that I took whilst in the shop today.

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