Pain Free Valentine’s Day

Would You Call Me Down? Be My Valentine!, Valentine's Day, Valentine's, Romance, LoveSo it’s just under a week until the big day and I am a little stuck on what to do. Last year the Mr took care of celebrations, this year however is my turn to pull out the stops. It sounds a little crazy alternating the years in which one of you makes the effort but this year in particular the Mr will be in hospital the day before and I suspect in a lot of discomfort on the actual day so I want to try and create a pain free day for him. I have never really thought too much on the idea of alternating the years but it seems like a nice idea so maybe this year will be the start of a new tradition.

Even though I am not the hearts and flowers type of girl he always seems to get it right when it comes to romance. This as you can imagine puts me in a bit of a bind. I have been searching the internet, magazines and just giving myself a bit of a headache trying to find a nice low key but different idea. On top of all of the above this year is one that we have both agreed to do on a budget! So here are a couple of things I have come up with . . .

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No Tech Day

Technology seems to have taken over life these days so those odd days when you are both off why not TURN IT ALL OFF. As both of us are usually using some form of technology through the average day it would be great to leave those bits to one side and just concentrate on each other. Turning off our phones, laptops and games consoles is the perfect way to get back to just us, hopefully we can do it!

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Chocolate & Cake

Or just a nice rich chocolate cake! Who doesn’t love cake, chocolate and just the amazing plethora of sweet treats available to the general public these days. I know my lovely Mr loves a bit of cake and the more chocolate the better, recently he has shown me his love for Black Forest Gateau that for me is just ICK so I think I will stick to a nice sponge cake and lots of Strawberries & Cream.

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Favourite Foods

Buying in both of your favourite foods is something that can be easily done these days, if you fancy a treat instead of slaving all day in the kitchen ordering in is the option for V Day. With the likes of Just Eat and Hungry House you can order a variety of different things without having to be pigeon holed into just one type of food. Luckily around the corner from us there is a lovely little Chinese takeaway that also makes great Sushi so we are both happy bunnies on the food front. What are your favourite foods?

Rose Petals, Valentine's Day, Romance, Valentine's, Red RosesUnder Garments 😉

There is nothing better than getting dressed up to go out and really making an effort. If however you are staying in why not make the same effort but with your night clothes, underwear etc. This doesn’t have to stop at just yourself as there are plenty of comfy but sexy under garments for the Mr in your life as well. He may not like those sexy silk boxers that some may love but nice fresh clothing is just a nice treat for you both. For us ladies this could be just the right time to break out that highly impractical but über sexy lingerie. Not that it should just be Valentine’s where these little beauts make an appearance but why not go all out.

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Favourite Movies

It could be action, comedy or even a good ol’ chick flick (not gonna happen in our house!) but sitting down together without any other distractions to just snuggle and watch a movie with a nice bottle of wine is just so nice. It breaks up the day and really gives you that time together that can sometimes just fly by without you even noticing. With kids thrown into the mix (not yet!) and animals running riot all around the house time together just you two really is underrated.

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It’s time for presents, once again I cannot stress enough that Valentine’s day is not the only day where you should be showing each other how much you love each other. It is however one day that is recognised by the general public to celebrate this so why not jump on that overly hyped, consumerist band wagon and part with your wonga. The little things really do count and sometimes just the silliest of gifts are memories just waiting to be made. I think it’s time to get myself to Ann Summers and pick up some sex cheques and cheeky dice. I’m not sure what he will be doing on the gifting front but watch my insta space – it might be a blank year though!

Even if you don’t ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day I do hope that you have a wonderful day alone, together, whatever the weather. I would love to know if you are celebrating what you plan on doing and actually get up to – I’m nosey like that!!

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?

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