Date Night with Jack – Blogmas Day 21

As it is so close to Christmas most restaurants and bars are packed to the rafters and it really isn’t a tempting thought to be jostled left and right until I am finally out of the door. So to keep our spirits up we bought a couple of bottles of jack and bunkered down. With a Family Guy christmas special to watch and plenty of snacks – check out some of the pics I managed to take before we started our night!

Crisps and Nuts
family guy christmas special
Haribo Goodies
KK Heaven! Box of Joy

Don’t you just love it when there are so many treats that you do not know where to start?!

Obviously we started with the Jack!

5 days of Christmas – Blogmas Day 20

Originally this post was called the ’12 days of Christmas’ however due to numerous items on my Christmas agenda it is a little late – even in the day. For today I am thinking seriously about who I have forgotten on the Christmas card list. This years list is much shorter as my time has been incredibly tight but the cards that I sent abroad went off just on time I think. Check out some of the Christmas cards that I am coveting for the January sale!

Blue & Red Robin cards - Etsy

Pack of 6 Cards & Envelopes (10 x10) by Mad Parrot Crafts – £2.75 – Etsy

Ginjas Etsy
Holiday Cards – Ginjas Set of 6 by Mud Splash Studios – £11 – Etsy

Christmas tube map charity cards - pack of 8Christmas Tube Map Charity Cards pack of 8 – £3.50 – Paperchase

Box of 15 kraft & neon glitter Christmas cardsKraft & Neon Glitter Christmas Cards pack of 15 – £6 – Paperchase

4 3D Festive Town Scene Christmas Cards

4 3D Festive Town Scene Christmas Cards – £5Now £2.50Marks & Spencer

Aren’t they just great :D – what sort of cards do you like to buy?

Christmas Playlist – Blogmas Day 19

Whether it is wrapping presents or just driving to the shops christmas cheer is spread through music everywhere. From Michael Buble to Frank Sinatra my christmas playlist is something comes out every year from December 1st until boxing day. The oldies are usually the best but there are some newbs that are climbing the ranks. Check out a few of my favourites and please do get into the Christmas spirit and share yours!

As I am getting ready for my work Christmas party I must apologise for this media heavy post. But can you really complain when such great tunes have just been played?!

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Christmas Party Time – Blogmas Day 18

Yes people we all know it is almost ‘that’ time of year again and once again we are all preening for Christmas Party time to end the season for work and let the family time commence – well for some. For once I am in this bracket as I have Christmas off and will be spending it at home (family away and himself by my side!). Whilst I long for that special day of snuggling up with the dogs at our feet and watching old movies whilst getting merry I am also getting very excited about my work Christmas party this week. Now I have already put up pictures of what my christmas outfit choices are. However I thought it would only be right to put together a ‘dream’ christmas party look. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Christmas Party Time
Christmas Party Time by blogabooketc

From the selection above I think my favourite items would be . . .

- Christian Louboutin T-Bar Nude Shoes

- Coast Dress

- Chanel Bag

- NARS Lipstick

Each item could be dressed up and down for many more occasions which is also an added bonus!

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