A/W 2014

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The above is a little collection of items that I feel would be staple pieces of clothing throughout the autumn/winter season. Perfect for those one-off shopping trips or just strolling to meet the girls for coffee. Two of the items on there have seen me through a couple of winters so far with a slight alteration to one.
Mulberry Alexa – £1,100
My change here is that I have the chocolate-brown Bayswater bag – it is a classic that will see me through many more years if looked after well. 
Chanel – La Vernis – 505 – Particulière – £18.00
No matter what time of year I always seem to have this particular colour in my collection – effortlessly chic when you can think of nothing else to do.
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The footwear from the previous set was left out intentionally due to my love for these red bottomed beauties and the accessories have just that touch of red so you know who made the item without asking.
The hat is not Louboutin but throughout the autumn and winter months it will come in handy for keeping those wispy hairs in place. It was around last season and will be for some to come I suppose for its clean and easy ability to just finish an outfit.
For a splash of colour on those dark days ahead these items are perfect (if you have the cash to splurge!) to jazz up any outfit and if I could I would with the outfit at the top of this post. Shoes and clutch for the evening and the boots and panettone bag for the day out.

What are your plans to jazz up or tone down your autumn/winter wardrobe?


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This week my reading schedule has been a little crazy and when I say that I mean from 0 to 60 within nano seconds. Throughout a nasty bout of acute tonsillitis I have found it hard to stay awake, concentrate and generally just function so reading has been quite a challenge. My DVD collection however has most definitely taken a bash as it is a lot easier to just fall asleep with a movie on.

That being said I have made good progress with the book I am currently reading.

Currently Reading

The Mill River Redemption, Darcie Chan, Fiction, Reading, Books, Little Brown Books UK, Sphere Publishing, Blog A Book Etc

When I started this book my initial thoughts were not great but now that I am into it things have most definitely changed.


Our Tragic Universe, Scarlett Thomas, Books, Reading, Fiction, Canongate, Blog A Book Etc

This is one book that I wanted to love but some things just are not meant to be! Well at least not yet!
This book has been shelved for a while.

Still Unsure

Bridget Jones, Helen Fielding, Books, Reviews, Reading, Fiction, Chick Lit, Blog A Book Etc

This book did not start off well for me – having watched a couple of the films and not read any of the books I think I need to start from the beginning. What a shame!

What Next?

What I Had Before You, Novel, Sarah Cornwell, Reading, Books, Blog A Book Etc, Fiction

Adultery, Paulo Coelho, Reading, Fiction, Books, Blog A Book Etc

Little Lies, Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies, Penguin, Random House, Michael Joseph Books, Reading, Fiction, Hardback, Blog A Book Etc

John & George The Dog who Changed my Life, John Dolan, Books, Reading, Hardback, Non Fiction, Blog A Book Etc

One of the above two but I am not sure which once may get chosen.

What are you reading?

August Book Round Up

So at the start of the month I put up a list of books that I planned on reading. This is the post that lets you know how I got along over the course of the month with my reading. For Once in My Life, Marianne Kavanagh, Books, Reading, Review, Fiction, Relationships, Blog A Book Etc


I finished this off early in the month and have to say I really did enjoy it.
Check out my Review

Our Tragic Universe, Scarlett Thomas, Books, Reading, Fiction, Canongate, Blog A Book Etc

I have started this book and only reached up to page 30 before I had to put it down. There are two reasons. One – this book is nothing like The End of Mr Y and I LOVED that book. This is the moment that I stop comparing and just get the hell on with it. The other reason is that I have been sent a book by the lovelies at Sphere publishing to read and review by the 28th (Hmm?!).

Bridget Jones, Helen Fielding, Books, Reviews, Reading, Fiction, Chick Lit, Blog A Book Etc

So – about this book! I started to read it and couldn’t get past the couple of pages as apparently Bridget Jones is a mother?! I may be the only person that doesn’t know this as I also may be the only person that hasn’t read the other books. I have however seen both movies and do not recall her being pregnant. Maybe I will have to re-watch! For that sole reason I just had to stop reading as I don’t really see the point in reading about something that I do not know about!

mill river redemption

This is one that I did not intend on reading until I was asked to by the 28th for review purposes. Sadly I was unable to meet the deadline due to sickness etc. However on reading it now I can tell you the review will be positive as the story is just lovely.

What have you read this August?

Terrible Tonsillitis

Yes ladies and gents I am sick. Not fed up but full-blown medically sick. After a short visit to the doctor today it is confirmed that I have quite an aggressive bout of acute tonsillitis with badly blistered tonsils so painful that I can only take in fluids and other such items like ice lollies. Oh how I wish for some tagliatelle and cheese! I will be heading to my local italian on the first day I am back to normal. One of the many dishes of dream of eating is the one below which can be found on the BBC Food website HERE.

Tagliatelle, Pasta, Food, Blog A Book Etc, BBC Food, Chick Peas, Pecorino, Cavolo Nero, Italian, Italia, Italy


Now most would not complain about my current diet as it consists mostly of ice cream and ice lollies but when you are used to a life of stodge – its HARD. It may seem that I have nothing to complain about but not only was it my birthday but I’ll damn well cry because I want to.

Whining, Bitching, Moaning, It Keeps me Young, Quotes, Blog A Book EtcOne year older and with tonsillitis as a present – yay for me!

How are things with you?

I look forward to reading about your lovely selves after I have showered yet again due to continuous sweaty bouts!