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The EU Referendum is THE hot topic on everyone’s lips and fingertips at the moment. From Facebook to face to face people are stripping each other down for being on one side or the other. Questions are being asked left, right and centre and accusations and malicious comments are being thrown further than your average cow pat at a country fair. With the stock market in apparent tatters and our country going to the proverbial dogs why are we fighting amongst ourselves and not coming together as what was once the ‘United’ Kingdom and ‘Great’ Britain. Over on my Facebook and Twitter I have really tried to keep schtum about all this political uproar but I really wanted to just get it out there about how ‘I’ am feeling. So…

 #EURef Did I vote?


How did I vote?

That is no one else’s business but mine!

Do I want to know how you voted?

No, I most certainly do not. People that voted out had their reasons, good luck to them. People that voted in had their reasons, good luck to them.

As it stands now the country as a whole is in turmoil but such bad feelings are being made worse by people’s unhappiness with the overall majority vote within our democracy. This is where we all need to stop, look and just hang on a minute before we start pulling at each others vocal chords and snapping heart strings.

Am I sad right now?

Incredibly. I was born in the UK, schooled in the UK and since the age of 13 worked my ass off in the UK. I have travelled to many countries in and out of Europe and met many people from all walks of life. I am sad that because this vote didn’t go the way of some that there are many in that group that take it upon themselves to tell others how they should think and feel. Now, to be clear there are many people on each side that are throwing their two pence worth in both #BREMAIN & #BREXIT supporters. Some of the posts that I have seen are truly offensive and to some may make them feel ashamed about how they voted either way – this is fundamentally wrong as in a democracy each individual has the right to vote for their choice and not have to justify it to anyone else. This is what makes me sad.

The Future . . .

Unfortunately I cannot predict the future otherwise right about now I would be rich! Working the many hours that I do will continue, loving my job will continue and life will go on. I’m not really sure what else to think right about now. But, with the rest of you I really do want to find out. As far as people like Farage go – if you believed that he was being honest by saying that a big chunk of money was going to be pumped into the NHS then in or out I have to ask REALLY?! Other than that – we shall see . . .

A Few Words

Instead of insulting, accusing and barating people just stop for a moment before you click send on a vicious post – no matter how mad you are about the subject just don’t send it. There is enough hatred in this world without another country imploding on itself due to the sheer ridiculousness of the politics allowed to continue in it.

Stop, Listen and Feel.

Spread the love people!

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6 Favourite Disney Films

Over the past couple of weeks I have watched a few films that I used to watch over and over when I was much younger and a couple that have been recently added to the group from pure fascination that I have with them. Back in the day (I’m not that old honest!) Disney films were those great films shown where kids would see so close to the screen that their parents would say the inevitable ‘If you stay so close to the TV you will end up with square eyes’. Being older I totally get the point of saving your eyes from the TV and other such activities that involve sitting on one activity for long periods of time (Social media etc!) but they really are GREAT films!

Aladdin, Jasmine, Aladdin & Jasmine, Disney, Films, Movies, Blog A Book Etc, Fay, 6 Favourite Disney Films


A Whole New World . . . need I say more?! OK, if I must. Just think way back when the racial connotations of this film were something that were just passed over as it was a film loved by all. Now, certain parts fall into being not politically correct but STILL a wonderfully imaginative and spectacular film. The animation, the songs and who wouldn’t want a cuddly tiger for a pet right?!

Aladdin, Genie, Robin Williams, Disney, Films, Movies, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Lastly, let us pay homage to the great man Robin Williams as Genie. Legendary! And now ladies and gents the great movie has been made into a stage play – can you guess how much I want to see it!! Hopefully I am lucky enough to get tickets soon!

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Lion King

Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa – gives you chills right?! Only now in adulthood did I figure out that was Whoopi Goldberg! This film made me laugh, cry and sing my heart out with joy and to this day I cannot watch it without doing at least one in that list! Mostly sobbing like a little kid and singing with joy at the top of my lungs. A guilty pleasure when I have felt a little off is to put the soundtrack on my Spotify and sing whilst driving – it really is great for the soul!

Disney, Films, The Lion King, Lion King, Simba, Timone, Pumba, Hakuna Matata, Blog A Book Etc, Fay, 6 Favourite Disney Films

This is truly one of my ultimate favourites out of the plethora of Disney films available and for some reason I can just sit and watch it over and over, whether it is in the background or I’m intently gazing whilst humming along. I will always remember when I was around 13 I watched something explaining all of the intricacies that go into making such a film and I was absolutely astounded. It is just truly incredible.

Disney, Films, The Jungle Book, Jungle Book, Snake, Tiger, 6 Favourite Disney Films, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Jungle Book

Yet another whimsical classic with a wild panther and bear as your friendly neighbourhood helpers defending against a crowd of an impolite yet incredibly well spoken tiger, an incredibly untrustworthy but charming snake and boogooloo monkey pack that just seem to make life in the jungle a fun part of life for a lost child. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not a cat lover on a small scale let alone a big cat but I wanted to be part of Bagheera and Baloo’s happy clan!

Disney, Films, The Jungle Book, Jungle Book, Elephants, Marching Elephants, 6 Favourite Disney Films, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

As much as it is great to see that there has been a remake of this film by Disney with real people and animals I think I will always hold the classic musical cartoon close to heart – I am a 90’s child after all!

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Cinderelli, Cinderelli – who didn’t like the mice?! I mean Gus – how cute could you get for a fat little mouse friend of a pretty girl made to be a slave to her awful step-mother and hideous sisters. And who doesn’t want a fairy godmother. I mean I am a godmother but certainly no fairy, although the meaning of Fay is apparently fairy and not the liquid so who knows!!! Lucky girls right!

Disney, Films, Cinderella, Sing Sweet Nightingale, 6 Favourite Disney Films, Fairy Godmother, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Cinderella alongside Beauty & the Beast and of course Sleeping Beauty were obviously some of the most influential Princess movies of my time and most girls really just wanted to be a Princess. Despite being a bit of a tomboy there was always the wish that one day my prince would come – how about you?!

Disney, Films, Frozen, Queen Elsa, Elsa, 6 Favourite Disney Films, Blog A Book Etc, Fay


For so long I refused to go with the hype and watch this film. On a rainy day however after listening to my beautiful goddaughters singing the songs for the lord only knows how long and people at work asking me ‘are you SERIOUS, you HAVEN’T seen Frozen, WHYYY?!’ I gave in! The Verdict = I LOVE it!!! I just figured it was time to Let It Go! Good right!!!

Disney, Films, Frozen, Queen Elsa, Elsa, Anna, Princess Anna, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff, 6 Favourite Disney Films, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

From the lovable Olaf to the nose biting Sven this movie is packed with laughs, tears and a whole host of other emotions that when you watch it i’m sure you will tumble through as I did. It really was worth giving in to and I have actually lost count the amount of times I have watched it as well as sang along on Spotify, I know I am a grown adult but who cares!

Disney, Films, Inside Out, Adult, Child, Teenager, Psychology, 6 Favourite Disney Films, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Inside Out

This has to be hands down the most imaginative and quick thinking film that I have seen in a while. Made for kids and adults this really does go above and beyond for what you would expect for the average modern day Disney film. Both myself and A LOVE this film and cannot wait until part 2 is released. Have you seen it? If not then watch it ASAP it really is amazing.

Disney, Films, Inside Out, Adult, Child, Teenager, Psychology, 6 Favourite Disney Films, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Each character is a little bit of an individuals personality and despite trying I cannot find one part that I identify with the most as they really are all so relevant. As an adult I found myself reminiscing about some of the behaviours that I acted out when a teenager so I can only imagine what it is like to watch this film as a kid/teen!

What are you favourite Disney/Childhood Films?

*All images in this post were found via Google by typing in the names of the films – if you find an image that is yours & would like it removed please contact me and I will do so.

Happy Feet, Instagram, Blog A Book Etc, FaySummer’s here, get your Happy Feet on!

With the sun out and the majority of fabric being buried for use during the winter periods it is time to get the summer shoes out and get your happy feet on. I have always loved shoes and what better way to celebrate summer than adorning your feet with the perfect accessory to your outfit. This isn’t something that needs to be expensive either, it is an opportunity to get a couple of pairs of shoes that will see you through the season and a little more hopefully. So let’s get started shall we . . .

Happy Feet, Footwear, Shoes, Summer, Toms Light Grey Lace Women's Classics, Light Grey, Lace, Womens, Blog A Book Etc, FayLight Grey Lace Women’s Classic – £41.99

I have looked into buying a couple of pairs of Toms over the past year and never got around to it. There have never really been one specific pair that stick out and shout BUY ME when I look at them but these are pretty cute. Just imagine all of the lovely summer dresses that they would compliment whilst keeping your tootsies covered in style. This particular pair could also easily transfer to an evening look after you have spent your precious day off wondering around your beautiful city, why not plot up in a cocktail bar for a few with a girlfriend or two. The possibilities are endless and you never know you might end up feeling like Dorothy in Oz!

Happy Feet, Footwear, Shoes, Summer, Havaianas, Havaianas Slim Logo Metallic Flip Flops, Flip Flops, Womens, Blog A Book Etc, FayHavaianas Slim Logo Metallic Flip Flops – £28

For the past I don’t even know how many years I have had at least one pair of these comfy beauts on the go throughout each season. Whether I wear them in or out of the house they have still been kicking around. Only last week did I say goodbye to my beloved all black pair that have been in the family for almost 3 years. That is a testament to how long these beauts last. I know it seems like a hefty outlay for a piece of rubber/pair of flip flops but they aren’t any old pair of flip flops darling they are Havaianas babe! With these in particular dont think, just buy!

Happy Feet, Footwear, Shoes, Summer, UniQlo, Liberty for London for UniQlo Room Shoes, Red, Floral, Flowers, Room Shoes, Slippers Womens, Blog A Book Etc, FayLiberty London for UniQlo Room Shoes – £9.90

Even on the nicest of summer days where you want nothing more than the feel of wet grass between your toes when you are moseying about in your humble abode there is nothing better than walking into your most comfortable pair of slippers and mooching around. Liberty London collaborated with Uni Qlo recently and my, my what a collab it has been. From shirt dresses to shoes they have got your summer covered literally in florals and other pretty Libertyness! (I know, NOT a word but come on!). I think my need list just got a tad longer!

The selection above are but a few of those that I want to actually buy, but I thought for sanity and bank account’s sake that I would stop there. If there are any shoes that you think are just must haves then I would love to know.

What makes your feet HAPPY?!