Love Him

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It’s time to Love Him.

The main message from these little love posts is that to show love it is not always about materialistic things. I’m sure that we can all agree that it is nice to get a present that means something from our significant others but if it is just a token with no thought then it can be rendered meaningless as it sits on the side gathering dust. In comparison making memories with someone and actually putting a bit of thought into things really does go a long way and will be remembered for years to come. From me to the Mr this year I have got a jokey pressie, one that he actually will love and other things on the peripheries that he appreciates more than anything else.

Love Him, Love, Relationships, Relationship, Romance, Friendship, Male, Valentine's Day, Cupid, Valentine, A Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones, Books, Reading, Fiction, Fantasy, GOT, Blogger, London, Blog, Blog A Book Etc, FaySomething He Will Love

If you are going to get someone a present the best thing that you can get them is either something that they have coveted for quite some time or something that you know that they will genuinely love and cherish. As mentioned above it is pointless buying a meaningless piece of tat for both parties as it is money wasted and nothing gained. However, when you go out of your way to think deeply about what the recipient of the present would like you not only spend wisely but get that great feeling of knowing they will love what you go them and when they open it they will be smiling thinking not only how great you are but how awesome their new gift is. I have to admit I have bought frivolously before without much thought and if I’m honest I feel a little hollow when giving it and always end up wonder should I have bought something else.

The Mr loves a good book both writing and reading and one of his favourite series before it was even televised was Game of Thrones. Being someone who has quite an active imagination he loves illustration as it lets out his thoughts in a way that sometimes words just cannot quite capture adequately. With that in mind the illustrated edition of Game of Thrones was the perfect present for him and as we are not seeing each other on Valentine’s Day I gave it to him this morning and he LOVES it.

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There is nothing better than hunkering down and snuggling up with your other half. We love our cuddles and his scent drives me insane – I know that sounds quite animalistic but you know who gives a shit – he is my man and I am damn proud. When we are at home we just kick back in our PJ’s and can watch film after film, there are no awkward silences, if anything he is telling me to shut the fuck up for talking to the screen (my mother’s child!). When I think of things that both of us would enjoy the one thing that springs to mind is a nice hot bath and a couple of drinks at home. Despite loving the great outdoors we are big home bods incase you haven’t noticed already!

Whilst out and about I picked up a few Lush goodies for our baths this weekend and they are just divine. Of course there are the special valentine’s range but he has quite sensitive skin (even more so than me!) so I have gone for one of his favourites which are Blackberry Bath Bomb mixed with a new one of mine Lover Lamp and the luxury bath oil Floating Island to make sure there is nothing too intense that may irritate. Despite being a bit of a mixed bag I love all of the scents and I think the bath oil tones down some of the more pungent scents and of course softens the skin at the same time.

There are so many ways to show the man in your life that you love him, please don’t do it on a whim. Take a step back, put some thought into it and really go for it because you know what guys – when you find the one you can give your all to they do the same back and it feels fucking amazing.

I’m not sure if he will read this but if he does this is for you A – I love you more than anything in this world baby.