BLOGMAS DAY 15 | Gadget Gifting

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So, who’s done all of their Christmas shopping? No?! I’m not far off but there are a couple that I still need to get. With that in mind I have put together a list of gadgets as not only are they useful but for some reason the loved ones in my life seem to have become tech savvy over the past year. This is great news for keeping in contact but not such great news for my wallet. However, my belief is that if you are going to get a gadget get a good one. Of course everyone has a favourite brand when it comes to tech bits but if the product is a great one then why not mix it up a little. Let’s face it guys gadget gifting isn’t always the easiest thing to do now is it . . . well unless of course you are clued up on all the specs of the latest thingamejig that your loved one is dying to get their hands on! I got a new compact camera last year and I have to say it is pretty amazing but literally every day since I bought it I have noticed a million and one different ones that I think I need or actually want.

BLOGMAS DAY 15 | Gadget Gifting, BlogMas, Christmas, Xmas, Technology, Tech, Electronics, Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, Panasonic GX80, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Amazon, FitBit, Beats by Dre, Beats Studio Wireless, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

First on my list is one of the 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic have just launched with a range of features that not only includes amazing stabilisation in the lens and body to prevent that well known blur for those of us that do not have a steady hand (yep, thats me!) but is nice and compact so it can fit in most bags. I know that there are a lot of phone cameras out there these days that are truly amazing but there is something about having and holding a camera that I just cannot stop loving. On top of that you can capture some amazing videos on this thing and as we are living in the world of daily You Tube, Instagram stories and the like this particular camera will sort you right out. There is of course the updated version to my lovely little Samsung but as I said above people have preferences and Panasonic is my dear fathers. I believe the specs I got for his present this year were – “Compact that takes amazing pictures but isn’t one that will fall apart” so there you have it guys I am sucker when it comes to my parents – let’s see if he finds something else in the meantime.

BLOGMAS DAY 15 | Gadget Gifting, Gadget Gifting, Gadgets, Gifts, Gifting, Presents, Christmas, BLOGMAS, XMas, Technology, Amazon Echo, Amazon

Even though this collection of gifts seems quite male orientated I am hoping that I am appealing to the ladies out there that love tech too?! I know that I would be ecstatic to get any of the items from that lovely collection especially the click Amazon Echo! I’m pretty sure I could wait for some of the other stuff but I have had my eye on that for quite some time now. Just imagine you are cooking your dinner and your favourite song pops into your head, all you have to say is “Alexa, play {Enter song name here!}’ apparently you can even link it up to audiobooks and all sorts of other things. I know that this may seem terribly intrusive to some but I am often caught in a bind of doing one thing and thinking about so many others that it would be great to be able to actually do something else at the same time without stopping the other. Okay, so obviously I can multi-task because I’m a woman (put away your claws – it was a joke!) but it really would be quite nice to have a little extra help and Alexa may just be what I need. Have you got one?

BLOGMAS DAY 15 | Gadget Gifting, Gadget Gifting, Gadgets, Gifts, Gifting, Presents, Christmas, BLOGMAS, XMas, Technology, Samsung,

If I had to choose one present out of the collection for A it would have to be the Samsung Tablet as he doesn’t like taking photos or having his picture taken, doesn’t see the need for a fit-bit (which irks me!), listens to music in the car and cannot stand Apple products (this MORE THAN irks me!!). So with the thought of each to their own in mind the tablet is the best bet and it is something that he would actually like BUT (yes there is always a but!) I think I would get it in black to match his phone.

What’s on your gadget gifting list?!

*Although this post was sponsored by Panasonic all opinions are my own