BLOGMAS DAY 13 | Christmas to me . . .

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What does Christmas mean to you?

Over the years the meaning of Christmas has changed for me, not just because I have been busy ‘adulting’ but because the feeling of togetherness means a lot more to me these days than presents. As the years go by I am forever grateful that my parents are still with me and I am acutely aware that life is so cruel and can change at any moment. Recently I read a post over at The Lifb Issue called enter site ‘How We Do Christmas’ and it really did warm my heart – Kirsten and her other half are just the cutest couple.

This year with regards to presents it has been a tough one as myself and A usually buy what we want and need there and then which leaves the list blank to short. With the above in mind we have decided to think of three things that we want/need and pick one from each list – coming up with the three is still in progress but nonetheless is the best idea we have had so far.

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The one thing that I am more than excited about is the fact that we will be spending Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day chilling together – this is a rarity as we are always so busy with work and life. I am going to try and Hygge it up to the max over the festive period so expect candles, blankets and all the cosy stuff you can think of on my Instagram.

On the work side of things as I work shift work (life of a nurse!) I get to pick whether I want to work Christmas or New Year’s and personally I would rather work New Years as I do not go out due to the overpriced and over hyped type of night it has become. I would much rather spend Christmas at home snuggled up watching Christmas movies, the queens speech and of course eating a hearty Christmas dinner pulling crackers with those that I love.

Much like many of you out there Christmas to me is a time for family and loved ones.