Carry On Essentials

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Carry On Essentials

Recently we got back from Las Vegas and let me tell you guys – it was bloody brilliant. So, we didn’t go to any fancy bars or clubs but we slot jockeyed to our hearts content and despite feeling like part of the official blue rinse club I had so much fun. We laughed every day and night that were were there and had coffee and cocktails on tap – literally! (24 Hour Starbucks peeps!). Before we made it to Sin City though we had the long haul flight to get through of course. And for that there are a number of essentials that got me through the 10 hours!

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The American Tourister Valise Pasadena Spinner (55cm) is my choice of cabin buddy and boy did it do me some good. I no longer need to feel the weight of a backpack or shoulder bag with all of my bits and bobs that I like to take on board – I am mobile and hands free. Weighing in at 2.7kg this bag gives me plenty of room for tech, beauty and all the other little home comforts of daily life. Inside this little bad boy I took with me . . .


Laptop & Charger – As I had some work to catch up on whilst away and a couple of our favourite shows ready to watch my laptop was a given for the trip. I did plan on blogging whilst away but we had such a good time that I didn’t really get around to it. The one mistake I did make however is not getting a nice cushioned cover for it and the hard casing got slightly damaged on the trip there and back.

Headphones – I opted for my Beats by Dr Dre Studio Over-Ear Headphones as they have noise cancelling and block out all the coughing, spluttering and just bare airplane cabin noise. Despite being quite bulky they are incredibly comfortable for when you want to take a nap and handy for travelling they come with a USB charging port and a hard carry case for safe storage.

Camera – I chose not to take my big camera away with me as with the extra lenses it can not only be time consuming when trying to get a quick shot but packs a punch on the weight side of things. My go to choice for quality snaps when I don’t use my phone is the Samsung NX3000 – this camera is a nifty little thing and can transfer files straight to my phone if needed.

Portable Charger – One of my faithful travel buddies is the Power Case Universal Charger and has been for quite some time. With two ports to charge a multitude of devices that can plug into a USB and a micro USB inlet to charge it this little device really is a must have. From fully charged to completely out I am able to charge my phone at least 3 times and my camera the same (one of the other!). The charger is also very light and streamlined so fits in most bags with ease and little hassle with regards to weight.

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Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste – It’s always a good idea to pack these as if your suitcase gets lost in transit then at least you can maintain fresh breath. But whilst on board a long haul flight you may not get a kit with this in if you are flying in daylight hours and let me tell you after plane food and a few G&T’s before or after your nap a freshen up will make you feel the world of good. Also who wants to be sharing their not so morning breath with the person in the next seat even if you do know them intimately!

Deodorant Stick – Much like the above it is nice to feel fresh before you land so after a spit wash in the bathroom you will be grateful for this and not a spray that may even get you a little choked in the minuscule on board bathroom/toilet (bathlet?!). I took along my old favourite Dove Deo Dry Stick as the creams and regular roll on tends to leave residue on clothing.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin ProtectantThis is part of my every day bag and if i’m honest it is good for many different things from chapped lips to cracked cuticles and even dry feet. On-board this is a lifesaver as the air really is incredibly dry up there and when things get a little cold and cracked protection is needed. If I can survive a 13 hour shift with bad air circulation and this bad boy in my pocket it was a definite must for my trip.

Cleanser – It’s always a nice little treat to cleanse your face and if you want something a little more nourishing then the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser is the way to go. Thankfully I had a travel size and fresh cloth ready to go. It is like having a mini facial whilst on board. Despite looking like a bit of a yeti for a while in my seat my skin felt amazingly fresh afterwards and I was thankful for it when I landed as I didn’t feel like a shriveled old prune.

Moisturizer – From hands to face I had a little bit of everything for this trip. For my face I opted for Clinique’s Moisture Surge which I have heard such great things about and it really did deliver, I cleansed after eating and put this on for the rest of the flight and I was good to go. It is a mixture between a cream and a gel and the formula was not only light but felt amazing fresh after my cleanse. For that added bit of moisture around the eyes as I tend to get quite flaky dry bits in that area I used Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich cream which was very soothing. Just in case the first two didn’t cut the mustard I took Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer – this is a cream that I have used for many years and with my skin being very sensitive I knew I could fall back on if needed.

Handy Wipes & Alco Gel – You guys already know I am a nurse but at that to being a bit of a germaphobe on top and this is what you end up with in almost every bag you own. I can clean a surface and my hands right there and then if I cannot get to a sink and feel comfortable eating my food and using the surfaces in front of me. The handy wipes also come in handy for wiping down my face if I get a bit hot and bothered.

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Travel Wallet – A wallet that is different from your regular one at home that has two sides to it is a must as you can keep your home currency and travel currency together without the two getting mixed up. The DKNY Saffiano Organizer is my travel love at the moment as I can keep two currencies with change and the option of a third if needed in the back as well as my passport, drivers license and other cards (debit etc!) it is just great! Not only that but it is pretty cute to boot. Another one that I have had my eye on for some time is the Smythson Panama Marshall Travel Wallet but it is a lot bigger in size therefore less handbag friendly – still, I covet thee!!

Scarf – I usually pack one of my Zara scarves as they are not only incredibly cosy but can double up as a blanket and are just so warm. It can get pretty nippy up in the air and if your neighbour or someone nearby decides to blast the air con on full for the entire trip you can stay toasty. Zara is just my preference but i’m sure there are many more out there that are just as good.

Socks – Something else that you might not get given in a goody bag unless you are taking a red-eye flight. So to keep cosy and hygienic get your feet into some of these bad boys and settle down. I usually take a pair of socks that aren’t too fluffy as they attract dirt and you end up taking it with you! Much like the scarf there are plenty of options out there depending on personal choice.

Leggings/PJ bottoms – These are purely for comfort because there is nothing worse than trying to cosy down in a pair of jeans.

I realize that this has been a rather lengthy post but I figured that I might as well try and get it all into one – this may also help if you are getting ready to go on a trip yourself. This list applies not only to flights but road trips too as when put together in the neat wheelie case you can go just about anywhere. I am still a bit of a haphazard packer and end up usually throwing a few bits in and out before I leave but I don’t travel that much anymore so I guess with practice I will perfect the art of minimal packing eventually.

What are your go to travel items?