Bridget Jones’s Baby Film

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Bridget Jones’s Baby HAS TO BE WATCHED!!

15 years ago (Yeah I know!!) Bridget and her massive granny pants made their debut on the big screen and ever since then my love affair with her hopeful hopeless self began. Let me start by saying to prepare myself for the newest installment of Jones and co I watched both of the previous films before going to see this one. There isn’t one particular moment that I can remember laughing out loud  and feeling as if my sides are going to split because the ENTIRE film had me in stitches whilst nudging my friend sniggering to ourselves about similarities to real life. You know that you have all done it!!

That fact that such a klutz can clumsily fall into a love so deep within minutes but hold a candle burning for her one and only truly is the best reality check ever. Not only did this film make me realise how much I do love my other half and appreciate all of the little things we do for each other but it allowed me to happily reminisce about by what some may call lurid past with friends, lovers and all of the above.

Bridget Jones's Baby, Bridget Jones, Film, Movies, Selfie, Rare Selfie Time, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Over the years just like Bridget I have evolved and whether or not I am more sensible for it I honestly couldn’t tell you but as sure as shit I wouldn’t be the strong willed person I am right now if I hadn’t been through everything I had. The same can be said for all of you I am sure and if by some strike of utter genius that someone under the age of 25 reads this post and things this old lady is crazy, all I can say to you is …

I ain’t no old lady bruv!

Just like your mother will probably tell you, you will see when you get older!

Just go with it – I speak the truth and wouldn’t lie!

If you are feeling lost at the moment then don’t fret as eventually you will find yourself and if you feel like you are drowning the best thing you can do is talk to someone. If you feel weird talking to someone then just think that either they have been through something similar and if they haven’t then you could possibly help them by talking about it now so… WIN, WIN!