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Blogger Positivity, Cactus, Blogger, Plant, Life, Blog A Book Etc, FayYesterday I sat down in front of my laptop with the intention of writing a post all about that loveable hashtag that we cannot avoid #MondayMotivation. As I work shifts it is rare that I will be at work every Monday and have each weekend off so life can get pretty mixed up over here. So, in an effort to not come across as a smug twat and revel in my Monday morning in bed I figured it would be best to just have a bit of a chit chat moment. Over the past month things haven’t been great for me with regards to work, life and even this blog. With the blog I have been going through fits and starts of posting regularly and then not at all.

When I first started blogging it was all about getting my thoughts out there into the ether and not giving a damn what anyone else thought, the blogging community was like having a million penpals at your fingertips without even trying and those that were interested commented and those that weren’t simply clicked the ‘x’ in the top right (left if you are a Maccy like me!) corner and moved on to the next blog. The trolling community was rare back then and if it was apparently there was a sense of comradery where bloggers rallied to your call of ‘get this bitch of my page’.

Now, i’m not saying that every blog post that I read I will love and agree with regardless of the bloggers stance, BUT that doesn’t give me the right to poke holes all over their posts, blog pages, twitter accounts etc. If you do not like someones opinion say so if you absolutely must but have some decorum with it – otherwise you make yourself look like a heinous bitch for no reason. Of course let us not forget the ‘freedom of speech’ argument that many of you may be screaming out right now. YES, you do have the right to say and do whatever the hell you like but would you like it if someone was doing that to you or a friend, loved one etc. Just having a little prethought can change an outcome massively and really work for you and the other person. So to keep the peace around the blogosphere here are a few tips just for you!

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Blogger Positivity

Share the love, if you see something that you disagree with like another bloggers behaviour towards someone don’t get involved and inflame the situation. Direct message, email, privately show that you are there to support the wounded party and if you are COMPELLED to get involved do not as I mentioned just now inflame the situation by engaging with the attacking side just show your support to your friend/blogger that is getting slammed at the time. If you see something that makes you smile, will spread happiness or just something that reminds you of a specific or all bloggers out there POST IT and share the love.

Negative Feedback

For as long as I can remember there has been a ‘report spam’ button on every inch of social media, therefore if you see something that fits the bill then HIT THE BUTTON. Recently I posted a selfie on my instagram and some twat thought it would be nice to make a lurid comment to which I was unaware until a fellow instagrammer alerted me via direct messaging that this particularly breed of vermin has spread to my little corner of the IG world. Now she could have got involved and called him names but I really appreciated that little message just giving me the heads up. This also applies to blog posts – if you are not feeling what the person has written and you just cannot ignore because it offends you on such a deep level then email or private message them rather than blasting them on their post or sharing your dislike on social media.

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You would be AMAZED at the power of a good cuppa and it is no longer just that British tradition that has got everyone going mad. The aussies have very much jumped on the bandwagon and embraced the world of tea. As many of you may know I have a bit of an obsession with tea and coffee but in particular some of the tasty teas that you can grab at T2. Not only can you get a great breakfast tea (many different regions available) but for those of you with a sweet tooth there are so many options out there. This is most definitely not a sponsored post just a friendly share for a brand that is pretty awesome! Anyway, back to the power of tea!

With a cuppa in your hand and the keyboard in front of you it is highly unlikely that you are going to explode into a rage over a blog post that you could skip to the next and smile your way through. If by chance you are completely outraged then leave your screen, grab a cuppa and chill before you comment, reply etc. Take the sting out of your venom with a sweet cuppa and hopefully you will feel better. Personally I try not to drink coffee when I am angry as it just makes things worse – tea is just settling!


Whether it is reading, listening to music, taking a walk or just getting your camera out and wandering to keep your mind occuppied distraction is the best thing to get your mind wandering away from any pent up anger or negativity that has been looming over you. As we all know exercise releases endorphins so why not grab your camera, phone or camera phone (!!), stick your earphones in and hit the road. There is nothing better than an aimless walk when you have a lot on your mind, you are alone, chilled and walking to your own beat or that of the music you are listening to. Whatever your chosen chill out activity is just remember that you are not staring at the screen and hating on whoever just pissed you off

Now, all that being said you might think that I am talking a load of old shit. If you do then fine, but in the instance that you think i’m not a total mong for sitting and typing this spiel then happy days and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday (Thoughtful Tuesday – no?!). Time for me to grab my trainers, headphones and phone and head out to the coffee shop – i’m not angry but need some air!