TK Maxx Haul

Tea, Brew Tea Co, Drink, Breakfast, Balham, Brother Marcus Balham, Brother Marcus, TK Maxx Haul, Blog A Book Etc, FayThe past few weeks have been a little hectic for me. Mixed up with working a variety of shifts that were packed closer together than usual and fitting in some awesome events I really have tired myself out. A couple of weeks back after a couple of my night shifts one of my girl friends and I headed out to breakfast in Balham at a place called Brother Marcus – somewhere that we had both wanted to go to for a while but never really got around to. For a good start to the day this was definitely the place to go, the service was great and the food just the same.

Sister Special, Breakfast, Food, Brother Marcus, Balham, TK Maxx Haul, Blog A Book Etc, FayAfter filling our bellies we had a little wander which really is a great past time in Balham as there are so many shops filled with knick knacks that you may not need now but definitely want. On a bigger scale there is TK Maxx. Mecca for bits and bobs that you never thought you would need but want nevertheless. I went in with a plan to just buy exercise trousers and things really were going well until we hit the nail varnish shelves and of course books and notebooks. This is where things got a little out of hand and the time just started to fly by.

Everyone needs a good TK Maxx Haul!

TK Maxx Haul, Exercise Pants, Training Tights, TK Maxx, Health, Fitness, Blog A Book Etc, FayOne plus point of the ‘excursion’ was that I actually got something that was on my list and they are pretty awesome too. The downside is that I spent much more money than I intended. That being said everything I bought on the day I was 100% happy with and was able to tick off most items from previous shopping lists. This may sound a little silly but if I start to feel bad about an item that I have bought it is usually because I really don’t need it and it will be returned. All of my wares that I took home that day are still with me and seem to have gained a staying power!

Notebooks, TK Maxx, Stationery, TK Maxx Haul, Slogan Notebooks, Blog A Book Etc, FayCan you believe these notebooks guys – I got a bit slogan happy and went all out with two of my favourites and another one that is just perfect because of its actual page layout. ‘Follow your heart’  and ‘Dance as though no-one is watching’ are two of my favourite sayings and to have them on the front of notebooks is just awesome. As for the ‘Day Dreams & Doodles’ the pages just had me stuck in one point for far too long so it just had to come home. Check out the pages for dancing and doodles…

Pages, Notebook pages, TK Maxx, TK Maxx Haul, Day Dreams & Doodles, Blog A Book Etc, FayCool right!!! Stripes, blank pages and room for so many ideas that I have already almost run out of things to jot and write. Do you have a to do list that you are just dying to get down on something so pretty and for under a tenner? Well what are you waiting for…

Get yourself down to TK Maxx sharpish and snap up some bargains!





  • Oh how I love TK Maxx!!! There’s a new store opening in Edinburgh this month actually – dangerous for me! xx

    • It really is just great – I love their notebooks a bit too much! Home Sense is great too xx