4 Handy Hygiene Tips

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Now before we get into the nitty gritty this is not a post about general hygiene (if you would like me to write one then please just ask). This post is specifically about feminine hygiene and some of the issues I have come across as a health professional and female. Not to say that I spend my day digging around lady bits as that is far from what I actually do, but you would be surprised what questions you are asked by people in public, clinics etc. Please do not take what I am saying as absolute gospel as some things work for one and not the other.

4 Handy Hygiene Tips, Feminine Hygiene, 1950's

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Over the years there have been many a product punted to the ‘fairer’ sex with regards to cleanliness from Face Wipes to Botty Wipes (!) and Simple to Neal’s Yard there is a get link plethora of products on the shelves appealing to our shopaholic consumerist side and even those of us who just like the label from years of use and trust. This post is mostly about highlighting a couple of products that I use that have kept the dreaded stank away and after recommendation to others seems to have work for them also.

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When it gets to that time of month things can get a little hot and sweaty all over and there is nothing more that I want than to jump in a cool shower and scrub away my day. But, when you are at work or out and about from dawn until dusk there is little you can do in the way of a shower or subtle freshen up. This next bit may sound a little stupid but for the past couple of years the thing that has worked for me (tried and tested – AT WORK!) I exfoliate my arm pits every 3 days and then use a perfume free soap to scrub, scrub, scrub. To deodorize I have stopped using sprays and wet roll-ons and moved to dry roll-ons.

Have I noticed a difference? Yes! It took about two weeks to get used to the routine but it works and only on those absolutely awful days does the sweat break through.4 Handy Hygiene Tips, Listerine, Halitosis, Feminine Hygiene

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One thing that irks me more than anything is bad breath and no personal space, there are some in this world that really don’t know their own stank and always seem to be the first to get on up in your face. Well ladies, take heed and listen up. Don’t let it be you and don’t let the breath get the better of you. At work I have a toothbrush and toothpaste (amongst other things in my locker – my good friend and colleague Sash can testify to that!) and it is used on every possible break after eating that I have. I think the worst I have been lately is coffee breath – sorry!

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Last but not least, for the moment anyway – follow site FEET! (Sorry mate!). At work things can be a real struggle as we are on our feet for the best part of 13 hours a day. To find the right pair of shoes for work is a mean feat in itself (no pun intended!) but to keep those puppies smelling fresh is something else all together. Now for a ladies locker room you would think it would be all perfume and flowers – well let me tell you http://kellyscasuals.com/testimonials/ IT IS NOT! Fair enough the ratio of women to men is vastly larger however that does not mean that we have to stinky bitches. Take some pride princesses and open the door and waft it out every now and then. Also don’t leave your stinky ass shoes lying around for everyone to see, trip up on and smell. You are all fabulous but right about now a little funky and I’m sure that’s not just my lot! The point of this little rant is get yourself some odor eater spray and let it roam free in your tootsy shields!

All that being said, once again I am no expert but I figured that advice shared is information learnt so why not?! Well something like that!

How do you stifle the stench?