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When you spend the majority of your free time writing a blog I don’t think those who don’t write blogs realise just how much work goes into it. Downtime from the blog life really is something that is necessary as a temporary measure for those moments when you just are a little exhausted – it’s your blog, do as you wish. From the actual written content to the photos that actually make it to a post it is quite an extensive activity, despite being mostly computer based.

Over the years I have gone from only writing book reviews to beauty products and general life chit chat. It has been an outlet when I am happy, sad and even a little stressed. The support of other bloggers out there really is astounding and there is always someone around the world that is up and about. Now I am not going to go on about the wonder that is the internet so sit tight.

One thing that I have noticed more so since blogging about lifestyle bits is the increased need to document what is going on around me most of the time. This type of documentation can really encroach on day to day living and this is by no means a moan but more of a realization that I need to take a step back. It is all shits and giggles when you are out there and doing something when you go back and blog about it later. However, recently I have found myself trying to plan things so I have an opportunity to blog.

Fed Up, Face Down, Life

Currently outside of my blog world I am working my way through the Intensive Care Course and let me tell you now if any of your have done it (HATS OFF), working full time alongside studying really is a task in itself. I have never been very academic and this really is testing me to my limits. If I’m honest I don’t think I have ever been more stressed than I am right now.

With regards to having some down time it is not something that I want right now as despite being stressed the outlet of my blog is something that has really helped. In a way by writing content for this space it gets my brain into gear for the more in depth studying that I need to do for my course. But it has come to the point where I really do need to have maximum concentration on my course bits. Things may seem a little scarce around here and on my social media accounts but now you know why. Don’t give up on me just yet as when the course is done I have a whole host of ideas for my lovely space. I am incredibly grateful for the support of the blogging community and will most definitely be back as soon as possible and hopefully with a new enthusiasm for it all.

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