6 Tips to Maximize Me Time

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As promised in my Alone Time post over the past couple of days I have been taking at least 1 hour out of the day to spend with just me, myself and I. This is where I have to tell you, even though it was just two days, so far I am LOVING it! Me time really is the key to relaxation and that is something that I really do need right now, as I’m sure you guys do too. Check out my list of the 5 tips to maximize your ‘me time’.


If you use your phone as an alarm then charge it far enough away from the bed that you have to get up to turn it off. By doing this you don’t getting constant buzzing from junk mail in your inbox and a whole heap of other notifications at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. Also if you are having your much needed me time this can stop you from getting distracted.


I am currently not reading any paper books at the moment as I am constantly surrounded by revision for the course that I am doing. Last week A and I headed to do some shopping and got a couple of books for ourselves, mine are neatly wrapped and waiting until the course finishes. In the meantime however so I don’t go completely crazy from withdrawal of the written word (!) I have taken to the spoken word and boy does Audible do the trick (*high fives* all round Audible peeps!).


Now before you think I actually know how to do this, for me it is more about me sitting in complete silence for about 10 minutes and just being. There is no chanting, humming or even sitting with legs crossed over each other. Just silence. It really has made a difference just to sit there for that time and then kick start into action afterwards, quite refreshing. There are apps and all sorts of other paraphernalia around to ‘help’ you meditate or just chill, this is something that I disagree with as if I have my phone with my I am usually distracted. I think I will stick to silence for now!


As most of you know adult colouring books are peppering their way into our daily lives. They are in supermarkets, book shops, online and many other locations. From a young age I have really enjoyed colouring in and now even more so do I find it a very relaxing activity. On those days where I have a lot on my mind colouring is the perfect activity to just blank things out and start afresh when I am ready. Recently I found a new colouring book that I really do want to buy but I think I should crack on with the ones I already have!


Spotify really is amazing, whatever mood you are in there is a playlist for it. Not only is it a great way to discover new music but it is awesome to be able to add old to the new. Over the past couple of days I have been loving listening to music from the 90’s that I listened to when I was younger and LOVE it!


You may already know that I am a bit of an organisation freak and this is something that really does take all of my stress away. Being able to sort out my to do lists, set new goals and try and plough through old ones is something that I find really calming. Washi tape and Sharpies in hand with my printer at the ready my Filofax is open and in bits – for now. With my bright blue Finsbury in hand I am ready to organise my life!

There are many benefits to spending time alone and over the past couple of days I really have noticed that I feel a little bit calmer. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to continue to try new things and spend more time with just ME!

Have you tried it yet?