My Nightly Routine

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Whether I am at work the next day or it is a day off I like to stick to a loose bedtime routine that really does help me get a good night sleep as well as up and out the next morning. From serums to silk wraps it feels like an extra treat each night before going to bed.

  1. Set an alarm
    Before I get home after work I set my alarm for the day after. On a work day I get up at 5:45am if i’m in South London and 5am if i’m East even though it is only a 45 minute gap it really can make the difference when getting up and ready. Weirdly enough I am better at getting up at 5am and getting ready than I am 45 minutes later.
  2. Put your clothes out
    After showering I lay out my clothes from underwear to my scarf and hat ready for the next day. This is something that I have been doing for well over a year now as it saves around 15 minutes in the morning which I can use for other things such as sleeping for longer!
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  3. Moisturise
    Whether it morning or night I have now started to moisture post shower/bath. In the evening after showering when I get home from work I use a toner spritzed on double sided cotton wool pads, squeeze one large drop of facial oil in the palm of my hand and rub over my face and neck. After doing this I massage my hands with my current favourite hand cream/balm.
  4. Prepare your daily fuel
    Whilst waiting for my lotions and potions to dry I head down to the kitchen and get my morning coffee cup and lunch for the next day ready. Another time saver of about 15 minutes for making the lunch and about 5 with the coffee.
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  5. Wrap my hair and settle in
    Being mixed race my hair is a mix of coarse caucasian curly and afro tight curls. You can imagine that when it is straight it is a blessing and a time saver, also a style that needs to be maintained through a variety of time, care and products. I usually wrap my hair in a silk scarf, cover it with a silk bonnet and then i’m ready to get my head down. Just a little handy fact – if you sleep with your hair on a cotton pillowcase it will draw the moisture out of your hair. By sleeping with a silk wrap on the moisture will remain where it should be.

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A couple of other things would be plugging my phone in away from my bed so I actually have to get out of my bed in the morning to turn off my alarm. Rather than having my ceiling light on I use a softer bedside light that I can just tap off before going to sleep, the bulb colour is softer than my harsh ceiling light. Last but not least I go to the bathroom as going to sleep on an empty bladder is so much more comfortable than with one that is full.

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