Mr Robot

Amazon Prime, TV, Mr Robot, EntertainmentMr Robot is a show that was written by the creator of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and was always going to be one that I just had to watch. If I am completely honest the first episode was a little bit odd but I was hooked from then onwards. Heading towards the end of the season and I have taken a little break for studying but over the next couple of days I will be hopefully finishing it off.

So, what’s it all about?!

Mr Robot, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Entertainment, Blog A Book Etc, FayA socially anxious computer programmer with insanely great hacking skills that would rival Lisbeth Salander (same creator!). Surrounding by people that are just as socially awkward bordering on paranoid schizophrenia Elliot Alderson and his gang of ‘friends’ tries to take down a major co-operation that is potentially destroying the world.

Do you like computers? Most probably yes as the majority of the things that we use are controlled by computers or bit parts at least. Give it a go – I would say I am sure that you will like it as it really is a good show. That however would be incredibly presumptuous of me, so this is where I say – I HOPE you enjoy it :).

Mr Robot, F Society, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Amazon Prime, Entertainment, Blog A Book Etc, FayI was able to watch this as I have Amazon Prime.

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