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Lush, Lush Oxford Street, Oxford Street, London, Beauty, Bath, Skincare, Blog A Book Etc, FayThere is something about finding a new Lush store, even though the products are the same the space is always different. The teams of people that work together at Lush always seem to gel incredibly well together and share one of the happiest workplace environments that I have ever seen. Coming from a career that is highly stressful to be able to walk into a store that is just chilled and functional is great experience.

From bath bombs to hair oils this place really does HAVE IT ALL, like I said at first there are no two stores that are exactly the same. As we were walking around we made our way downstairs and went peeked behind a black curtain, luckily one of the lovely members of staff talked us through the entire ‘behind the curtain’ experience. At the end of the experience the only thing I can really say about it is that I am still not sure how to describe it.

Lush, Lush Oxford Street, Oxford Street, London, Beauty, Bath, Skincare, Blog A Book Etc, FayLush Oxford Street really is a big deal guys, I mean seriously just look at the test pool for starters (that is just at the front!)

Many different products in a variety of alcoves and room spaces with descriptions of the thought that went into them. Before we reached the exit there were three perfumes on a podium with a cloche over each one, we were about to lift and sniff and two were a little too overpowering for my tastes. It was lovely to smell something that you knew was completely natural. For the life of me I cannot find the photo of the three perfumes or think of the name of my favourite but I will have another look and if still unsuccessful I will just have to go back (oh the horror!!! – of course I am joking!).

Lush, Lush Oxford Street, Oxford Street, London, Beauty, Bath, Skincare, Blog A Book Etc, FayEverywhere I go these days I see things that I would love to have in my future house and this sink is one of them. Being used to one at my parents I think has spoiled me a little and I would just love one of these for myself. Aside from the sink, check out all the lovely bits elsewhere. Lush’s entire shop seems to be based on ‘Indulgence‘ and the best thing about that is that it is luxury with a not so hefty price tag. You know those days when you really could just do with a day off from life in general . . . well this is one place that you can come to get all of the ingredients to put into such a day and I can almost guarantee that you will feel chilled out and ready for the world at the end of it.

Lush, Lush Oxford Street, Oxford Street, London, The Experimenter, Guardian of the Forest, Hair Products, Bath Ballistics, Bath Bombs,Beauty, Bath, Skincare, Blog A Book Etc, FayA favourite of mine is Guardian of the Forest and I don’t think it is available at other stores so this was one that made it into my basket with no hesitation whatsoever. The Experimenter is one that at the time I was yet to use so of course that made the final cut also. As we head into the month of December I am putting the finishing touches on my Christmas shopping, getting all previously bought presents (from throughout the year) out of their hiding places and am getting started on my wrapping plans.

I love to make Lush goody baskets for my mum and the boyf’s mum so this year will be no different. The only thing about that is that I don’t like to buy the bath bombs until a little closer to Christmas as they can be quite messy if left out. I have got so many ideas and cannot wait to get back to this store as soon as possible. If Guardian of the Forest is available I will definitely be including that one.

Lush, Lush Oxford Street, Oxford Street, London, Beauty, Bath, Skincare, Blog A Book Etc, FayAs you may already know I have quite difficult hair, despite having mixed Caribbean heritage I am far from the desired tight curls that I used to have when I was much younger. After years of relaxing, heat treating and just not a lot of TLC I am trying to get back to my roots and hopefully revive my locks. There are so many products out there promising so much from themselves and unfortunately quite a few that I have tried seemed to have just sagged and been an overall waste of my time and money.

Lush have got an incredibly vibrant selection in their Oxford Street store and the assistance is also top notch. Whether it is the person at the front of the shop or the one right at the back there is always a warm smile and hello waiting as you stroll in and waft for a fair while around this beautiful fragrant goodness.

Lush Oxford Street, Lush Soap, Lush Fresh Face Mask BarAs you can see there is so much to take in and if you go with a strict budget then it is probably fair to say that you will not be sticking to it. Between three floors you are likely to find something for yourself, your loved one and even a friendly next door neighbour. I was thinking about heading back soon whilst in the area to get a few little Christmas stocking fillers but I am not sure if my wallet is prepared let alone myself.Lush Bath Products, Top Floor Oxford StreetIf you have a favourite then you are almost sure to find it and if you let one of the staff know what you are looking for they will find you some delightful accompanying products. For some it may be an overload on your senses but really it is totally worth it for the experience. Once you have been in you would think that you could go back and straight in to pick up those few essentials – well, let me tell you now that no matter how many times you visit this amazing store you will never leave in 5 minutes unless you are pretty militant with your time.Lush Ocean Salt Scrub & Oxford Street SoapWith that in mind I am setting myself a 10 minute Lush challenge – I will post the details of it in another post but seriously this is something that I am slightly already doubting myself. If you would like to get involved then sure – give me a follow on one of the following . . .





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