Halloween Safety

Halloween, Party, Celebration, Trick or Treat, Pumpkin, Safety, Child SafetyOn Saturday night you may be taking your little ones out and about for a little bit of a trick or treat session, please remember Halloween safety is something that should be taken just as seriously as fire safety and every other type. Please be mindful when picking out their costumes and whilst you are on your travels collecting all of those lovely little sugary treats (Jamie Oliver might keel over!!).

This is not a scare post to warn you off of Halloween as even though I am an adult I still enjoying seeing the little ones having a good time. If anything I just want to highlight a few pointers that might keep your little mites safe.

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Now as lovely as it is for girls to have wafty little dresses with lots of netting and other frilly bits these are exactly the types of outfits that will literally go up in flames if too close to a naked flame. If they are going to be donning their Elsa and Anna dresses or anything full of synthetic material please make sure that they are wearing cotton clothes underneath as these are less likely to melt onto your skin in the event of being burnt. If possible try and get costumes that are less synthetic and with less frilly bits such as one piece items.

Halloween, Candles, Naked Flames, Child SafetyNaked Flame

If you are lucky enough to be the host of a Halloween party please try and use battery operated candles. When you are using real candles then make sure they are in the appropriate holders and not on surfaces where they can be caught by wafting costumes.

Learn Not To Burn, Stop Drop and Roll, Child Safety, Safety, Fire SafetySTOP, DROP & ROLL

In the event of actually catching fire just remember these three VITAL words. follow url STOP, DROP & ROLL. If you are going to drill anything into your loved ones for their safety on this spooky night let it be http://nikkijaynepapery.com/2016/07/ STOP, DROP & ROLL.

If you have any advice that you would like to add then please do leave it in the comments below.