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My previous post (rant!) regarding the tube strike has attracted only what I can call quite volatile reactions from some members of the general public. I am writing this post just to clarify a few things as I believe that due to my thoughts, feelings and overall perspective on the matter I came across as an uncaring (apparently), uneducated twat.

Personally I am quite saddened that my post came across the way it did as it was genuinely a rant from a disgruntled end user who is sick and tired of View Full Post

tfl every journey matters!,London Underground, Mind the Gap, Tube Strike, Tube Drivers, Tube, Strike, Life, Blog A Book Etc, Fay, RantI thought I would add a little finishing touch to the regular sign! 

You may remember me writing a post about London Underground’s 150th Birthday (in 2013!!!), however this post in particular is not one that will be of praise or joy. Over the past month or so London’s beloved underground system has not only been going through a major overhaul to provide more trains for the increasing population but commuters have View Full Post

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A couple of weeks ago I went along with my dad to do his weekly shop – of course it was the perfect opportunity to throw a couple of bits in for myself. Coffee is usually the first thing that we pick up on our weekly shops as we are both avid coffee drinkers. Now although we try to limit our intake we View Full Post

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It has been a long while since I last posted my week in pictures but over the past couple of week I have taken quite a few lovely ones that I would like to View Full Post