The Morning After

How do you get through your morning after?

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One thing that you have to get used to when you are a nurse that works shifts is the feeling you have ‘The Morning After’. Now sadly there is no spring glow although there is a feeling of great relief that the shifts are over. BUT! The morning after you finish a row of night shifts is something that is reserved for the privileged groups of us shift workers of the world to either fall into a deep sleep knowing that you will not wake up for love nor money possibly until the next day OR endure the day ahead in a last ditch attempt to right your body clock for the next set of shifts that just so happen to be a set of long day shifts.

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Now this post is not specifically directed at nurses but being one I feel that my experience may be guided in that direction – does that even make sense? If not then it is most likely because I am sitting up writing this on my break during my last night shift from this weeks group of shifts. It may seem a bit off to be writing posts whilst at work and some may even shout from the rooftops – have you not got patient care to be getting on with? My answer to you is even nurses need breaks and I choose not to sleep on my night shifts and feel that I may not wake up until the end of the shift bleary eyed if I do. Nobody including my lovely patients was a bleary eyed nurse in the morning especially when handing out medications! Am I right?!

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A quick question to throw out there. How do you spend your days post night shift (If you don’t work shifts – how do you spend your day after you have had a particularly stressful day at work/home/generally?).

Unfortunately tomorrow (Today – Monday!) I have a list of things that I need to be getting on with and one includes going for a swim and steam post work. Despite the fact it might make me want to sleep for England it also makes me feel incredibly fresh to steam out all of the toxins that I have acquired from spending 2-3 solid days in the hospital. Swimming is something that calms me more than tiring me out, obviously if I swim at a vigorous pace for a lengthy period I tire eventually but when i’m on the go slow I seem to eat up the lengths and feel much better for doing it even after a 13 hour shift.

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After I have steamed myself into oblivion it is time for a light breakfast and much needed coffee. I usually head to Starbucks, as I have the app on my phone it is so easy to just pop in scan and go plus at the odd chance there will be a seat I can catch up on some work. This time however I will be taking some pics in the park down the road in hope of catches the bloggiest of blossoms on offer!

When pictures are being taken an outfit must be chosen but as I am currently between two places of residence my wardrobe is a bit scattered (much like my thoughts these days!). I will be posting on Instagram also so keep your eyes peeled on there for any outfit shots.

Aside from all of the gut wrenching excitement of gym going and photo taking I will be taking my mum shopping in the afternoon as she has a voucher of mine to spend on something nice. We are heading to Debenhams as I still have my voucher from the Press Day as I haven’t had the time nor inclination for shopping lately.

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So far this is shaping up to be an extremely busy day. The one thing I will be thinking about the most is getting home to my lovely man in the evening so we can snuggle up and chill together.

What are you doing today?