Frozen Berries

Smoothies, Healthy, Frozen, Berries, Blend Active, Blog A Book Etc, FayThis is the first smoothie where I have used Frozen Berries with a multitude of other ingredients. You may have noticed on Instagram that I have started posting my smoothies when made – this is partly for me documenting what recipes I have already tried as well as seeing how they turn out.

frozen berries, smoothies, health, blog a book etc, fay


– Strawberries

– Frozen Blueberries

– Frozen Raspberries

– Frozen Cherries

– Honey

I managed to get my frozen fruit from Asda however I have heard that I can get some great frozen Mango but cannot remember where. If you know where I can get some scrummy frozen fruits then please do let me know!

Have you had a smoothie today?