Cartoon’s Gone Bad

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From Warner Bros to ITV studios children’s tv shows are being slated from every angle. It is fully understandable that parents want to protect their offspring against everything bad the world has to offer in the current day. The problem however is now there are more people out there that would prefer to stop enjoying the comedy of a simple tv show and delve deeper in the attempt to try and complicate simple humour for children and add so many negative connotations that despite there being negative elements ‘adults’ take it too far.

One of my favourite cartoons when I was a child was Tom & Jerry, a cartoon that could be enjoyed by adults and children alike. That was until all of the racist bull crap that has been introduced into society these days and been inflicted on the children of today. It is infuriating that every programme that is aired today for children is so over sensitised that the humour has been drained out with adults hammering home points such as just because a show that was meant for pure comical value isn’t educational it should not be aired.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is the newest target for the media and parents alike to hack to pieces, damage childhood memories and portray as the psychosocial beast that is damaging the way children think. Sad when you think of it like that isn’t it!

Do you remember the days when you were sitting at home on a Saturday morning with your favourite cereal or snack with Tom and Jerry or Thomas the Tank Engine blaring out of the TV set? I do and I have to admit I LOVED it! Not once did my parents stop me in my tracks and say “Faye, now you can’t watch this because there is a misrepresentation of racism and equality and due to that it will warp your mind with regards to the way society really works”. Think about it seriously!

There is enough hatred in the world without adults distorting children’s innocent perceptions of TV programmes that were written for the purpose of humour instead of having a detrimental effect on societies overall thoughts and wellbeing. There is a place for humour in comedy and intelligence in some parts but there is also a place for education. That being said does not mean that each and every cartoon on the television has to be for educational purposes or making a political standpoint. Stop harping on about racism and other issues that the children do not actually see or understand until you sit them down and drill it into them and let them enjoy having a laugh and a joke.

How can a train, cat or mouse be a role model anyway?!

If you have the time to go through and pick holes in someone’s comic genius then take a step back, think about it and whether it is meant to harm someone and if not LEAVE IT ALONE.