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One week of nights down and another to go before I get to chill for a couple days in the sun if it sticks around. The garden is a great place to hang out, drink copious amounts of coffee, smell the roses and save money at the same time. Both himself and I are on a mission to save as much money as possible as we are meant to be moving ASAP so every penny counts. Enough of us and on to the week!

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From the very beginning I was in love with this book – I am still not finished but I am going steady! Also the name of the main character is Fay – bonus right 🙂


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Ladies and Gents I can say with pride that if you do not already know from my instagram pictures I HAVE FINISHED this tome of a read. It was quite honestly one of the best books I have ever read and look forward to another tome some day soon. My review will be up soon – it is going to take a lot to put it together but I will get there eventually.


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We headed out the other day to pick up some new bed sheets but on our travels I managed to pick up some bargain beauty treats. The Spotless Blackhead Face Scrub is a bargain of a product that packs a fair punch but as I have only used it for a week I cannot really give it a fair review yet.

I picked up a couple of other bits but will post about all of the products together later this week. Keep your eyes open for Beauty on a Budget later this week.

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I am desperately searching for these bad boys last summer they were the most comfortable thing I could find and went just about everywhere in them. If they are not found then I will most definitely be buying a new pair!

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Although I am not feeling my best I managed to get out and about in a dress last week at Columbia Road and the weather really was a god send. The first day of the year that I could wear a dress and shades! This dress is one of my favourites of all time – it is from Collectif. Collectif clothes seem to fit me perfectly so when I get the chance I will get more. What are you wearing this week?


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We fixed up part of the garden the other day so we now have a little corner to sit outside and chill together in the wonderful that the UK is showering us with.

Just a little thought to leave you with . . .

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