REVIEW: The Unfinished Symphony of You & Me by Lucy Robinson

The Unfinished Symphony of You & Me by Lucy Robinson

The Back of the Book

Sally is a woman of many (hidden) talents. She’s been working as wardrobe mistress at the Royal Opera House, not telling a soul she’s a damn good singer. But then, she’s only able to sing if she’s shut inside her wardrobe, where it’s safe.

But she made a promise to her cousin Fiona that she would audition for Opera School and for complicated reasons, she can’t get out of it – even though she’d rather claw her own eyes out than sing in public. Sally has a lot to learn, but will she figure out that stage fright is about more than forgetting the words? And that perhaps her real problems lie very much closer to home?

My Thoughts

There were so many thoughts whirling around in my head whilst reading and once I had finally closed after the last word that I had to actually write them all down.

Let me go through my thoughts character by character!

Sally – A hidden talent with a lot to give as far as caring for loved ones and those around. Scared witless of being heard and seen by most of the general public and this includes friends and family. Sally is the sort of person that would have been told as a child that ‘Children are to be seen and not heard’.

In a way Sally’s crippling fear of being heard is very sad as it can really spoil something special. However there is a point in life where you just have to forget about others and think about yourself. The trouble with this is that not everyone feels that way. Poor girl. On top of everything else having to deal with her tear away of a cousin just WOW!

Sally’s Parents – Throughout the book I just wanted to slap her mother and then shake her dad straight after just to wake him up from his life long comatose state. Unfortunately for Sally her parents seem to have taken to being in hiding and push it to the extremes.

Fiona – The tear away cousin! Her character at the beginning of the book was great as it was vibrant and exciting. However after a while it begins to wear a bit thin and she started to really annoy me. Sometimes I would think – stop being so selfish, wake up and take a HARD look around you and see what you are doing to the people who love and care for you. There is something that happens in this book that is MASSIVE and is based around this character but as I am not in the habit of giving away spoilers I will say ‘READ THE BOOK’ it really is worth it. By the time it happens you will probably have figured it out which will make you really feel like part of the story.

Brian – An old friend of Sally from her days as a wardrobe mistress Brian is someone who she can trust and really be herself around which is lovely. Brian is like the father figure that Sally has always wanted as he is there rooting for her and telling her how proud he is throughout her time at Opera School. Without being forceful Brian is the one that keeps Sally grounded. You just have to LOVE him.

Jan Borsos – When you read the book you will realise why I am using his full name and will forever more! This fabulous specimen of man/character is one that if was in film would just light up the screen with his presence. The parts of the book that Jan Borsos appeared just felt exciting let alone making the writing feel a lot more fast paced than it probably should have been. His character was a real lightning bolt. He certainly jazzed up Sally’s life. Underground (Literally!) Hip Hop and Rap night in a converted public toilet sounds awesome right?!

Julian – Well where do I start with this one. For some reason this character made me think of Christian Grey! If there is anyone out there that has read this book then please do let me know if that happened to you. If you haven’t read the book yet – read it and let me know! Julian is the other half of this book and whilst reading about him and reading him next to Sally you cannot help but love him. There were points where my mouth literally hung open at the dramas surrounding him. I will reassure you however my jaw is now back intact.

This book made me swoon, gasp, laugh and cry – most definitely worth the reading time which did not take that long at all. The short reading time was due to me not wanting to put the book down. It really made me think if life was like this book and chivalry was not all but desecrated then maybe the whole opposites attracting may work out.

As I have never read any of Robinson’s books I really am on the look out for another one. Her style of writing is fresh, clean and enjoyable. Her sense of humour is not only relevant but piques interest for the rest of the book but doesn’t make you think too much. Perfect chick lit summer book with an edge of depth thrown in for good measure. When you read this book be prepared for romance in epic proportions.

Where is my opera singing Mr Perfect?!
I really should go to the Opera and Ballet!


rating4* worthy fix

Thank you to the lovelies at Penguin Books UK for sending me this advanced copy and sorry it has taken me so long to read and review.