#1 Match

No I am not going to start banging on about Germany’s A Game! This post is about internet dating – yes that’s right the one thing that all of us singletons love to hate.

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From Tinder to Match there are plenty of little holes all over the internet that accommodate each style or type of person. There are those who are looking for undying love and those that are look for short bursts of lust that are quick to be forgotten. Somewhere between the two there are also those that are seeking a companion simply for those moments that you just don’t want to be alone. At this point in my life I am not ashamed to say that I am part of the internet dating group/phenomena (what to call us! – socially inept individuals or those with no time?!).

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The world of internet dating is extremely vast when it comes to the point where you fill in ‘what you are looking for?’ so to narrow it down slightly lets just go for what I want!

Age: 28 to 36

Height: 5ft9 or taller – Height seems to be a real issue and for me it is purely because I would like a man to be taller than me so I can feel protected (as well as wearing heels!)

Weight: No preference as I really am not one to talk! I am not fat but I like everyone else am not in any kind of position to lecture people about their weight!

Relationship Status: Single

Children: None – this is my ideal but this seems like it will be unlikely to find nowadays, not that it is terrible but 5 children 5 mothers? Really? Personal preference here!

Living Situ: Alone! After moving back with my parents and feeling like a reborn virgin my ideal other half needs a haven for me to visit!

There are many other questions about what I do and do not want however these seem to be the most important questions and I have left out all of the answers as there really is no need to put a list of everything about what you want. If there is too strict a list then it takes some of the fun out of getting to know someone – well I think so anyway! There would be no unanswered questions which would be slightly pointless.

Moving on to the pros and cons of sites like match and apps like Tinder.POF

Let’s start . . .



– Selected individuals from a personalised search that you can tweak

– Location based finds

– Due to subscription charges there are a limited amount of ass holes!


– Can be expensive

– Still idiots make it there

– Cannot stop liars, cheats and just general nastiness – it is the internet after all



– Free

– Fun

– No commitment

– Like a game

– Location based

– What you see is what you get!


– Idiots

– Couples or those in a relationship just looking – after reading an article about this I was slightly annoyed but ah well!

– Bit weird!

Plenty of Fish


– Free

– Location based as well as world-wide


– More weirdos than most sites as it is predominantly (or used to be?!) free

– Search far and wide inaccurate locations

– Long questionnaires

– Pop ups and lots of them

Now onto the dates – I will honestly say I have further embraced internet dating in the past 6 months and just had fun with it. I am not a serial dater and never will be but I have been on about 10 dates now and I have to tell you about 7 of them were terrible. When people talk about the law of averages internet dating must be in a black hole when this comes into play. The three that I did enjoy well let us discuss!

The Dates


Met up at the Vintage Car Boot Sale on the London South Bank. The sun was shining and the car boot was packed to the brim, sunglasses on and camera in hand I was taking photos and it was time to meet. We got on quite well at first and had a little walk around whilst getting to know each other. On finding out that he loved photography as much as me my camera was taken over and some amazing shots were taken. After we were saturated with all things vintage we moved on to get something to eat at Giraffe where we delved into each others past, present and future with a variety of questions thrown to and fro. Appetite satiated we headed to Arch Duke for some cocktails and jazz. After this the day came to a close and we said our goodbyes.

We met up again a couple more times however things originally fizzled out and although we are like passing ships in the night and occasionally converse there seems to be nothing there. When I look back on this I think it was too much too soon and feel that a much more laid back approach is needed in future endeavours.

This was a Match date.


Not really a date and more of a hook up, we met up, fancied each other, got tipsy and took it from there. That place has been revisited and I do believe will be again soon – well here is hoping as that was extremely fun.

This was a Tinder date.


After a night shift and sleeping for two hours on my return home I awoke and made my way to Sloane Square. Lunch was had at The Botanist with a delightfully crisp bottle of cold white wine and good conversation. Knowing that the world cup was on we headed back to his place on Kensington High Street and watched the game with the company of a decanter full of Macallan 25 which went down incredibly smoothly as expected and I headed home before things got out of hand!

On speaking to each other the next day despite both expressing our like for each other I was apparently just not his type. In many ways that is a shame but in others it is a bonus as you really have to pass when it comes to the point of little attraction.

This was a Match date.

What Now?

After many bad dates and still remaining single if nothing good comes of it in the next couple of months then I will come offline and just declare myself single until found otherwise! Much like a leper being a singleton in certain crowds is scorned upon as you are the one that is either ‘man hungry’ or ‘looking at Mr . . . who is the husband of Mrs . . .’ this is not however always the case as there are people out there who can have FRIENDS of the opposite sex.

Anyway . . .

Am I the only one looking for someone? No!

Will I find someone? Maybe!

At this current moment in time does it bug me being single? Not really.

Being single can be great at times just like being in a couple can be, neither side of the grass is greener it is just all about perspective.

What is yours?