Yet another week has gone by and a little bit more reading has been achieved. Have I been listening, well . . .

Currently Reading

60 postcards

This book has been to so many places with me that I had to take off the wonderful cover in fear of more damage!
I am trying to pick it up at every interval I get and I am so close to the end now that in a way I don’t want it to end.



It ‘s still early in the day and I am hoping to get to the end of 60 Postcards! Who knows it might be an audio week over here!


Currently Listening

mercedes king

So far I like the concept of this book but it really is just weird. I like a good mystery like most but this is a few steps beyond!

Song of the Week

 I have listened to this song so many times this week and each time I hit play I just smile.
On a recent walk to Wimbledon this came on and I just bopped along smiling and singing in the sunshine.
Don’t you just love it when that happens!

What are you reading this week?

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 13.53.51

Once again I am on night shifts and the weather is just fabulous. It is great for you lovelies that are out and enjoying it but for me it is bed time – well after this post anyway!

This week I am proud to say I was slightly more organised than I usually am. However I still find myself putting the photos together today – I need a system! Although some of the pictures are blurry I had a blast taking them and can only hope that the next batch will come out better. Progress is what it is all about right?! I used my trusty Canon this week with one sneaky one taken with my iPhone as I just could not pass the opportunity.

On that note I welcome you to my interpretation of this weeks words!


On a walk home after sitting in the park and reading (where most of this weeks pictures were taken!) I saw these beautiful flowers and just had to stop, have a sniff and click away!


This little set of wheels was a picture I took on the way home from work. I spied the little beast in the car park whilst on a break and luckily it was still there as I was leaving so I snapped it quickly before it zipped off home as I would shortly be doing!


Whilst sitting in the park and soaking up the sunshine these two ladies caught my eye. It is so lovely to see two people just sitting, talking and enjoying each others company. Usually everything is so rushed.


I took this picture about a month ago however it popped up on my screen and couldn’t resist putting it in. It is just the perfect picture to show a feeling of happiness and contentment with oneself. It makes me smile when I look at it and makes me remember that I need to stop over complicating my life and just enjoy.


Isn’t he just so cute! So determined.

(Any issues with this photo please email me – many thanks and no offence I know people get ancy when children are involved – sad times)

How was your week in photos? I am looking forward to checking out the collections tomorrow when I am off and seeing what other peoples interpretations of the titles were.

I am already gearing up for the end of the week! And although we do not celebrate 4th July as a holiday I will give the pictures a good go. They are after all our colours too! Kinda!

Have a great week and on this lovely Sunday morning I will leave you with this tune!


Last week was a busy one over here on the work side of things as I had one day off which was used up to catch up on sleep and a new hobby.

Currently Reading

60 postcardsThis book is a real heart-breaker and due to not having a lot of time I have not really made any progress on this since my last weeks post. My currently reading book you may have noticed has changed but that is just the way the cookie crumbles! This book is part of Books on the Underground which I am taking part of and it is really just lovely.

Currently Listening


So far there hasn’t been an attachment to this book but I am sure it will come.

Just Downloaded

mr mercedes

This is most definitely not my type of book but I have heard such good things about it. Very much looking forward to listening.

Finished Listening

The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne

It took a while but I got to the end finally. The review will be up either this week or next so keep your eyes peeled. It was a fabulous book and the narrator was just so sweet. Kudos and thanks to Audible.

What’s Next?


The Unfinished Symphony of You & Me by Lucy Robinson

I did start this book however put it down to skip over to 60 Postcards – this will possibly be the next listen and read over here.

So what have you been up to and what are you reading right now?

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 13.53.51

This week I have to apologise for some blurriness as the photos were taken on my iPhone and once cropped looked a bit worse for wear!




There have been times that I have literally plugged in my phone and the actual plug has not been plugged in or turned on!
Luckily these days I carry a portable charger but the double whammy is when I have plugged both in and neither have charged! Dummy award goes to me!


After a long day of driving and trying to find somewhere to eat lunch myself and a friend came back closer to home to this hidden gem and enjoyed a tasty curry.
To aid our digestion we decided to take a little walk through the gardens and this was just such a modest view.


Every time the sun comes out this bad boy is unleashed on the unsuspecting parents of my area.
The corner is rounded and the music is played!


As I was in a bit of a rush I made a boo boo on the label but will fix it later when I get home.
This was one stalky bird that did not want to be disturbed!


Out shopping with my mum today I managed to catch this lady completely unaware! Great T-Shirt!


Every week the lovely Sheila sets aside some time and puts on this great meme for us all to join in.
It is such a great opportunity to check out other bloggers and see what books are out there that we may not have even heard of yet.

The only downside is that every week piles of book that should be read seem to grow just that bit longer.

But as we all love books and you really just cannot have enough books – no probs right!

Let’s get cracking then . . .

Currently Reading

60 postcards


This fantastic book is one that I have just started and was sent by the absolutely lovely Hollie from Books on the Underground (A project I will go into more detail about at another time!)

I am not that far into this book but I have already shed some tears – truly fantastic so far and worth the read!

Currently Listening

The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne

I am still stuck with this one! I can’t seem to get past where I am – however I find it an easy listen to get back into. Soon!



When I say currently listening to what I mean is that it is next on my list!

Finished Reading & Listening


What a delightful book – perfect summer/beach read or one for just chilling with a large chilled glass of white/G&T in the garden which is exactly what I did!

A review for The Lemon Grove will be posted closer to the end of the month as I am attending my first book group meeting with Books on the Underground and this is the book of discussion!

What have you been reading?