REVIEW: A Beautiful Day by Kate Anthony

beautiful day

The Back of the Book

Rachel is looking for her beautiful day. She’s worried about everything: being a good mother, money and starting a new job. 

Philip is a lost soul in the world and he could do with a friend. 

They are just about to meet and when they do everything will change. Rachel and Philip don’t know it yet, but they each have what the other needs. They can save one another, and not in the way you might expect. 

This is a story about finding happiness and love in all their forms. And how sometimes you can find them in the most unlikely of places.

My Thoughts

This book most definitely lives up to its title. A beautiful story full of twists and turns that make you laugh and cry. The one main theme throughout was how real the book seemed and it struck true with every day working and home life.

Initially I disliked Rachel’s character as I found her slightly whiny and some of the things she actively moaned about seemed unnecessary with a slight touch of paranoia. However about ⅓ of the way through my heart went out to her with the realisation that all she was trying to do was keep everything together with minimal help and a heavy heart. Her children are just a great bunch and they really do range from each end of the spectrum as far as children go!

Phillip was loveable from the start and with every passing chapter I secretly hoped that he would begin to speak and converse with Rachel in the hope that he would be able to begin an independent life. Obviously his method of communication was very different to the rest of the world but he knew who he cared about and Rachel was clearly one of the selected few.

The one person that I wished bad things on (which I never do!) from the beginning was Denise – ooooooh! She was a BITCH. As I cannot tell you what happened without giving away the story what I can tell you is to expect to want to slap her and push her from a tall building!

Overall I love that the relationships that are built-in this story all seem to link together and make the reader realise that whatever and wherever you do what you are doing in life may have a chain reaction on someone else’s life or another part of yours. This book challenges your inner angel and demon.

I started reading this book prior to Dewey’s Read-a-thon and could not wait to get back to it afterwards which I promptly did.

This book is on my list of recommendations and I am still unsure what category it would fall under as yes it is chick lit but it has a little of something else I am just not sure what! Let me know if you have read it and you know what I mean!

“But for now it’s a beautiful day and I’m going to take a very long, deep breath, stop what I’m doing, and enjoy it.”

I just love that sentence as it really does grab the essence of just ‘Breathe and reboot!’

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