3 Simple Steps to Newness!

There are many candles in my house as not only myself but my mother has a slight obsession with the beautiful smelling things. From Yankee to Ikea we have a wide range of wax in our house. Thankfully it is not a house of wax (odd film!).

End of the Jar

As you can see from the above images from the small selection of house candles we are a different points with each candle. The one on the right is Fluffy Towels scent which seems to be a particular favourite especially in the bathrooms in the house. It smells incredibly fresh and comforting especially when sinking into a hot bath with a good book. Sadly this candle has come to its end (there are more in the cupboard!) so in the spirit of recycling the wax must BE GONE!

Step One

Fill your jar/container with boiling water from the kettle put the lid on and leave on the side.
Perfect time to make a cuppa and catch up on some reading or whatever else is on your to-do list!

Nice Hot Soak

There are many blogs around the blogosphere and pins on Pinterest linking to instructions of how to clear out that final bit of wax and make this large jar ready for use of something other than a candle! I have thought about sweety jars, flower pots, pasta containers but (and it may be slightly cliché) I will be using this lovely jar for make up storage and a few others I have got my hands on for make up storage. I cannot claim that it is something different but it looks nice and that is enough for me!

Step Two

After leaving the jar for about 30 minutes the wax should have slowly made its way to the water’s surface as shown in the picture below.

wax floating

Once you can see the wax at the top and the jar has cooled down it is time to get that wax out.


Step Three

Now comes the bit that might be a bit tough and take a few soaks. Removing the wick base.

For me this took two more soaks and about an hour in the cooled water before the base lifted out with ease.

All that is left after that is a good scrub inside and out and then you will have a jar ready to use.

dirty to clean

The only thing I noticed about the Yankee jars is under the sticker on the outside you are left with a residue. After scrubbing there is still a vague outline as you can see however I am sure if you pop it in the dishwasher it would come off. If not then you have the perfect place to put a label or paint over with some chalkboard paint!

Overall I am happy with my three simple steps and now have a lovely jar ready for my make up brushes.

ready & waiting

If you like this post then please do let me know and if you have any inspiration for other projects please do let me know.

Ciao Ciao!

  • Great post hun, Rubbing the sticky spot with surgical spirit will get it off. xxx

    • Fay

      I know I just really don’t like the smell! Might have to get over it! xx

      • I love the smell! I’ll do it for you. Xxx

        • Fay

          You may regret saying that! I may just wait until I have a stash and come over with them! BTW Text me!!!! x

  • Great post! If you love candles my friend makes her own hand poured soy wax candles and they smell amazing! I posted a blog about them if you wanna check it out?

    • Fay

      Thanks 😀 I will definitely check out those candles after reading your post – the Mint Choc Chip sounds AMAZING! x

      • She recently pitched on a market in Stratford upon Avon and did really well selling them. She’s just started out and wanna give her a helping hand! Thanks for taking the time 🙂 x

        • Fay

          No probs! Will head over – does she sell online? x

          • Yes I have a link on the post with her Facebook and website. The creamy vanilla is currently on sale at £3. The rest are £5 🙂 x

        • Fay

          Oops just found the link on your post 😀 x