REVIEW: Amelia Grey’s Fireside Dream by Abby Clements


Finpecia cost uk Back of the Book

Amelia has a dream: toasting chestnuts by the fire with her husband Jack in their own cosy cottage. Their real life is another world – a cramped one-bedroom flat in Hackney. But when life takes a surprising turn, removal vans are soon heading to the Kent countryside.

They soon realise the cottage makeover is a far bigger project than they’d anticipated. On top of that, there’s Amelia’s newly loved-up mum and her tear away half-sister, Mirabel, to contend with – pushing Amelia and Jack’s marriage to breaking point.

Amelia begins to strip back the wallpaper and fittings in the cottage and discovers the story of the cottage’s previous owner – and a hidden secret. As Amelia’s ideas about love and family change, will her fireside dream finally come true? My Thoughts

This book was the ultimate definition of chick-lit, pulling up the ranks so close to Kinsella the lovely Ms Clements really knows how to draw you in and make it your days mission to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and read until the end. Which is exactly what I did!

At this moment in time I am seriously contemplating finding a gorgeous loving husband, buying a cat and heading to the country. If only it was that easy right! Well no! Instead of recipes there are mood boards and plenty of ideas how to transform a complete wreck into something beautiful and loveable.

Amelia is a loveable character however parts of her however reminiscent to most women (including myself) out there really do touch on some raw annoying nerves. The one character in the book that I fell in love with was her ‘out of control’ sister. Now this is where I am burning to tell you how proud she made me and I was only the reader!

Focusing on getting to grips with her house and life instead of fitting in with village life was a nice touch as there are so many books out there these days that focus so much on the outside life rather than that personal to the main character.

Here comes the funny bit!

10 minutes after finishing the book I was on the phone to Catherine and surprisingly we had both finished the same book at the same time. And! Thought very similar thoughts with regards to the end. Now both of us love to read Abby’s books but this one seemed to be the only one that led to serious discussion. Topic being: What happened at the end?! Was it rushed, is it missing, is there more?

On that note I will say to you – DEFINITELY read it as I know you will enjoy it.

‘Jack caught my eye and smiled. “It feels like home now,” he said. I thought of the plans we’d made, and realised it was finally true.’

rating3*Mediocre Beans