Birmingham International Fashion Week 2014

After a long while I have managed to put together a set of my favourite outfits from the catwalk at the Fashion Weekend in Birmingham. There were many designers but there are four that stood out amongst the lot and the designs, colours and overall style was phenomenal. A colossal round of applause goes out to the designers and I hope you enjoy my favourites as much as I did.


Koyawo Line

Khloe Nova

This particular designer did not stand out because of sheer beauty or style but sadly out of disgust. The style was described as chic but personally (and I hope I do not offend by saying how I feel) it looked more like hooker chic. Sadly for the designer I was not the only person who seemed to think this thought about the collection as whispers were much the same around my seat.

Khloe Nova

Nina Naustdal

Nina Naustdal1

Nina Naustdal 2

Sofia Dourvari

This particular designer is most definitely my favourite her flare for the pure unadulterated beauty is unbelievable and to top it all off she is just such a lovely person. Myself and three other lucky bloggers including Catherine from Vintage Frills were lucky enough to interview Sofia after the show and even though I was a jittering mess I think it went quite well. There will be a video up eventually but I have to edit it first!

Sofia Dourvari1 Sofia Dourvari2

This last set of photos below showcase what I believe to be the most stunning piece in the Dourvari Collection. The impeccable detailing and just simplicity of the design is utter perfection. The statement headpiece and fan tail just top it all off. I can only wish for such a beautiful dress on a wedding day (If I ever get married that is!). The lovely Sofia also stated that she makes bespoke designs for individuals so every last detail is personal and will make you feel like a million bucks.

Sofia Dourvari3 Favourite