The Network Phenomenon

Hundreds of people ready and waiting with a card or flyer promoting themselves. Bloggers, photographers, designers and the like all milling around in one room waiting for a keen ear to bend and a glint of the eye to catch anthers attention. With a real mixed bag of individuals Birmingham International Fashion Week was a real treat for the new networker.

Cards in hand I went all in (Go hard or go home as they say!). Ears were bent, eye contact was made and cards were exchanged. To be fair there are only about five cards that I managed to collect but better than nothing right?!

cardsTwo of the people who I spoke to the most throughout the night I have highlighted below so whatever group of blog you fall into or even if you are just reading go over and check them out as they are truly fab.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 19.15.18

Rosie is a photographer who may I add gave me some helpful tips about not splurging on excessive sized lenses for my camera but learning how to use it properly to get the ‘money’ shots. A petite vintage lover who is so down to earth and struck up great conversation. Her photography site M Haigh Photography is absolutely amazing so go over and check that out too. Looking at the picture with the cards above the gorgeous portrait in black and white is actually personal to Rosie and even more strikingly beautiful in person than on-screen.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 20.27.49

Georgie is a PR & Marketing assistant who has a penchant for all things fashion alongside her love for gin, cake and red lipstick. Georgie sadly isn’t on Instagram but does a fabulous Friday Round Up post on her blog where she showcases her snaps of the week.

Go ahead and let them know you have taken a peek.

My pictures from the runway shows on Saturday will be posted on Wednesday.

Hope you had a great weekend šŸ˜€