2 Hours of Bloggiesta!


Well the starting line has already been crossed as officially this blog-tastic event started on Thursday 27th March but finishes on Sunday 30th March!

Are you involved? Let me know if you are!

Bloggiesta is the time of year when many of us make that endless list of projects that we have let fall by the wayside with regards to blog improvement/change. My blog has gone through many changes over the past couple of months and I find recently that I am heading towards the minimalistic side of things with clean-cut communication lines in place. Easily reachable is surely a better angle than crowded, cluttered and cute!

Back to the title. I am putting aside two hours later today where I can snuggle up with a glass of red or cuppa and crack on with the following list.

To Do List

1. Change blog theme

2. Schedule 1 week of posts/templates

3. Filter saved image

4. Clean up sidebars

5. Comment 1o new blogs

6. Update instagram and post at least 5 #tagged photos

7. Update Goodreads

8. Find 10 new blogs on Bloglovin

Now my grand plan was for a nice even list of 10 however due to time I think 8 is more than enough! Well, it’s time to get started!

Bloggiesta Starting Line

See you on the other side!