The Aftermath

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Isn’t it sad when that one day that you have been building up to for the past month or so (a couple of days or on the day for some!) is finally over. What happens to all of the presents and cards that were bought? What happens to all of the jovial spirit that was out there in the open prior to the almost atomic combustion on the day? Do we/should we come to such a grinding halt just because that ‘one’ day is over?

Or do we carry on saying I love you for the rest of time?

Valentine’s Day or St Valentine’s Day is a tradition that has been embedded into society as the one day a year we say I LOVE YOU but why just one day?


I ask myself the same question about Christmas these days. For a religious holiday it has turned into a consumerist feast where people spend what they don’t have to give to those who want and some of whom do not appreciate. Why not buy all of your Christmas presents on boxing day, save half the money and the people you like/love still get those fabulous things?!

Just saying!