Thank You

thank you

I would like to dedicate this post to a patient that was dear to me but sadly lost his battle to cancer last month.

This man was an extraordinary person with a love for life that I have not seen for such a long time. An avid traveler and one that was great to give advice whether it be about places to see, people to meet or just that ear that listens when you least expect it. When he was having a bad day it was really bad but you would never tell as his smile was always in place and his dry humour there to pack a punch or two with his many jokes.

Before I went travelling this wonderful person introduced me to not only another amazing person but to a different way of life.

Thank you for everything you have led me to see and encouraged me to try.

Thank you for allowing me to care for you at your worst and see you at your best.

Thank you for introducing me to one of your dearest friends who in turn lent me her ear and spoke honestly about things I wished to share.

Thank you for being you.