What happens when you are put in the position of caring for someone who is dying and they tell you that they are scared? Paralyzed with fear to the point they cannot move or do anything apart from stare into space, cry and ask for your help?

What are you supposed to do for someone who is asking for the parent who is not there but the other one is standing there trying to help and they are shunned without malice, only because the only person that can possibly ease the pain is the parent that is not available?

What do you say to the shunned parent?

What do you say to the parent who has been anxiously waiting all day to see the doctor provide the reassurance that they cannot get from the nurses however the doctor after so many means of contact is yet to appear?

My only answer to this question to care for them with everything you have and make sure they have everything they need. There is no way that I can put myself in their position and think of something that I would  do if I was in that position as I am not.

With the help of some very supportive colleagues we are able to continue giving our all. This does not however stop me from shedding many tears every time I get a spare moment to think about this awful situation. My current solution is to keep my mind so busy that I do not have to deal with this reality and I am not the one suffering.

What would you do?

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