Lest We Forget

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how_silence_286x161Please give two minutes silence . . .

Another year has passed and many more wonderful people are still fighting or have sadly been taken out of the fight to solve the worlds problems. Away from their homes, families and every they know they put themselves on the front line to give us the life we would not have otherwise. These people go forward selflessly to protect us all and serve their country whole heartedly without asking questions or squabbling over little things.

lest we forget living and dead

Remembrance day always makes me reflect with an ache in my chest about all of the useless things that the regular person argues about. Not the right butter from the supermarket? I’m in my overdraft by a couple of pounds?

These wonderful people have to think such thoughts as ‘If I take a step to the right will my foot be taken off by a mine?’, ‘Is my brother/sister in arms going to make it back to base with me?’. Such real problems make the little things such as daily life seem so inconsequential.

http://epetsure.com/tag/chance-pleads-with-harley/ This video is from Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph London 11th November 2012

This is not a post to say that daily life doesn’t matter. This is a post to say that these wonderful people matter more. When you see that elderly gentleman sitting or standing outside the tube station with a bucket full of change and poppies for sale on his arm even if it is just 20p and it is the last 20p that you would have used to buy your daily paper – give it to him as that might just make his day. Give that 20p to the ladies and gents who fight battles day in day out without their families and loved ones by their sides but in their hearts.

This is a post to say Thank You for providing me with the chance to live my life the way I do. Thank you for giving up your life without question or argument to protect and serve us all.

Thank You