In a workplace that used to run like a well oiled machine why have things changed so much for the worst. Every day I go into work with a fresh mind that things will be better than the last day. This is not always the case. It is true that it depends on who you work with, however this should not be so as no matter who you work with you should feel that your patients are safe and things will get done as that is what people go to work to do (or should go to work to do!).

aricept retail price Whilst I was a student I was most definitely spoilt and that includes the ward that I am currently on, which was also my first ever placement as a student nurse. Now that I am a staff nurse things seemed to have changed drastically. For the past two years it has been a constant battle of wills to get the smallest of jobs done by people who are here to ‘help’.

i can but i wont

My understanding of a nursing assistant is not a general dogs body to do all the things the nurses don’t want to do. We are not afforded with such a luxury of picking and choosing the tasks we do during a shift. And my point of this is why should Healthcare Assistants (some not all!) have such a luxury whilst being paid almost a similar wage to qualified members of staff (some of them) and doing almost 20% of the work. Please do not mistake this as a health care assistant bashing session as it is not all HCA’s that let the side down.

I currently work with a lovely bunch of people (some not all!) and those that pull their weight are most definitely worth that and more in gold. Those that do not however really do make things difficult by starting petty arguments which are picked up by management and over inflated into something that is so insignificant that the time wasted on it could potentially be used for quality patient care.

One saying that I find myself constantly repeating is ‘I would never ask any person to do something that I am not willing to do myself’ I stand by this statement vehemently. My reasoning behind this is because the only reason I will ask someone else to do something is because I am busy doing something else at the current time and the job that I am requesting to be done cannot wait.

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Why is it so difficult to get people to do the job they are paid to do? Why do people always want more for doing less? And WHY does it seem that those that word hard never get recognized but those who moan and groan and do the bare minimum surf to the top with ease.

This post is not about lack of recognition as I know what I do and I know I do it well. It is about those that DO NOT ‘DO’ or work collaboratively as a team and the managers that support such a backwards system.

The NHS is full of policies and procedures, some of which protect those who do so little. It really is time for a change and this change needs to happen soon. That is unless they want nurses to walk away from jobs they truly love because those that only work because it is ‘money in the bank’ are taking away what it means to care.

Most days nurses are bashed in the press as ‘uncaring, without compassion, lazy’ does anyone ever think to write about the support from above or below that they receive? How about an article titled ‘Healthcare buy Mysoline (Primidone) ASSISTants – there is a hint in the job title!’ where do i buy proscar

enter RANT OVER!

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