2 Shoes on the Hit-List!

Holiday Vans

As I passed by source link Office in Kingston I saw these just inside the door and had to go in a check them out.
They look super comfortable and would be light enough to get around in when I go away. Interesting!

Snug Doc Martens £105

These bad boys take me back to my middle school days when I got my first pair of Doc Martins which were black patent!
These look warm and snuggly and would look great with leggings and a dress or top! Ooh and my Ray Bans!

These were found in the Fincar without script Bentall’s Centre in Kingston although they are available at http://countryqwips.com/product/woo-ninja-2/?add-to-cart=56 Office as well!

Looks like my bank account will be going lower again!