Day 21

Day 21


Word of the Day



– restless in desire or expectation; eagerly desirous.

There are like many other words in the OED, many definition phrases for this particular word. However the one above is what I think relates to me right this moment. This week I am actively counting down the days for Thursday to arrive. Hubby’s birthday and I get to go home and see him again. Now we have only been apart for a short time but I am really missing him.

Impatience in general can be related to many daily situations and it is all around without us even picking up on it, it has become impasse. At the traffic lights there are horns hooting (at 7am!), at the bus stop people push in front of you even though you will all easily fit on the bus, walking down the street at full pelt and someone still feels the need to push past you aggressively without looking back to excuse themselves.

Time to just breathe and reboot – let it all go and just think – I will take each step as it comes and embrace it for what it is. Otherwise the time you were so impatient to get through will be gone and you will NEVER get it back.

Have a great day people!