1 & Only

Well. . . Not so much!

Things have been a little bit quiet over here on the blog and in general as night shifts started after only one day off. Hence the lack of time to blog a frolic!

If you remember a couple of posts ago I was letting loose about my feelings towards dating, online dating and the sites that provide such services. Now sift through if you wish but if you do remember Date 2 was the one that I was hoping to ‘revisit’. Needless to say it happened and we have had quite a bit of fun since, HOWEVER on one particular ‘date night’ the question was asked. No, noooo! Not will you be my . . . whatever you would like to enter in there.


Should we . . . um . . . invite someone else to join us. . . ?

At this point in time I will not be going into past experiences but for the present this was one experience that I was not willing to re-try. When asked why such a thought had crossed this particular guys mind the explanation was one that much thought had gone into – well possibly. The fact that his previous girlfriend was nothing but ‘frigid’ turned him into a wildling! Lucky me!

There are people out there that have been in relationships for years on end and those that have skipped from one relationship to another without any breaks and admittedly I used to be one of those as the comfort is something that is truly wonderful. After being single for almost two years I have to say I know how he feels to be free after years of one bad thing after another, yes there were fabulous times but you are single now so there is obviously a reason why things did not work out.

Being in a relationship is not a bad thing in the slightest but it is something that takes a lot of work from both sides and sometimes if one side just cannot be bothered things start to flail – which is a shame. He is one of the latter varieties (relationship to relationship) but even after a while away from attachment he is still wild. Now please do not mistake this post as me putting it out there and trying to change him as that is something that I out-and-out refuse to do. If a man does not want to change and actively goes out to do it himself then there is no woman out there short of Halle Berry (in the catsuit!) that can tempt a man.

Currently I would like to be in a relationship but I am at that point that I can take it or leave it if it is too much work at the start – I want something nice and easy to start with!


REVIEW: Ghostwritten by Isabel Wolff


The Back of the Book

She listens to everyone else’s story, but can she find her own? Jenni is ‘ghost’ writing the lives of other people. It’s a job that suits her well – still haunted by a childhood tragedy, she finds it easier to take refuge in the memories of others than to dwell on her own. Klara was a child in the Second World War, interned in a camp on Java during the Japanese occupation. She has never spoken of her experiences there, but as she turns eighty, she knows that the time has come to share her extraordinary story of survival. As Jenni helps Klara to shed light on her childhood, and a neglected part of world history, she is forced to explore her own past, too. Can Jenni and Klara help each other to lay the ghosts of their pasts to rest?

My Thoughts

Originally this book landed on my doorstep from the lovely Hollie at Books on the Underground. After spreading her love on the underground for many lucky readers a copy winged its way to me and after the previous smasher of a book I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. At first look the book and title did not look like my kind of thing, however not being one to completely judge a book by its beautifully wistful cover I read the back. May I just say Isabel Wolff has a very interesting way with words that had me hooked from just the back. A secret fan of history and having travelled around the outskirts of where parts of this book was actually taken back to in the main story lines I wanted more already. Java here I come – fictionally of course!

Day 2 of reading and the pace was slow as work was heavy and time was thin on the ground. On my next day off I decided to push everything else to one side and just read and boy am I glad I did. Through tears of anguish, hurt and just pure joy this book was a roller coaster of emotions that if the reader can embrace will love the book just like I did.

Jenni being the main character has quite a story that I will not give away as you clearly want to read the book yourself (!). Whilst writing under a bushel and in the shadows of those around her (so to speak!) the other main character Klara as she gives up more of herself can see it happening it front of her eyes. When both parties realise that their encounter by a previous chance meeting is one that neither of them have ever forgotten and will never forget in the future a dear, close friendship is formed and the bond is one that seems everlasting.

The research that must have gone into this book seems immense as the facts just keep pouring in and the mind boggles as to how some of the people in those days got through such awful times. This book makes you grateful for the world that we have today and take a step back and take stock instead of taking advantage of all of the luxuries and wonderful opportunities we have in front of us that those fought for and never had.

A beautiful tale of how two very different people can feel very similar things from extremely different experiences but share something wonderful together. There is a lot of good feeling in this book but also a lot of gut wrenching story telling which Wolff really builds and leaves you in suspense just gagging for me.

Top read and highly recommended for the summer ahead even those snuggly evenings with a G&T when you just don’t want to leave the house.

I can see myself digging out A Vintage Affair and cracking on soon!


rating4* worthy fix

That Time . . .

It gets to that point in time (of the month) where there are certain days that you really need some alone time. By alone time I mean sitting in the coffee shop sipping on your favourite beverage, a spot of people watching and documenting my not so inner most thoughts for you guys to indulge in over coffee and the croissant that I have been dreaming of eating ever since starting Slimming World eight weeks ago.

Watching tortured souls sitting across from me pondering the meaning of life whilst pouring their life’s worth into their computer screens on nearest notebook. The wi-fi thieves (non paying customers), the book readers, the girl groups, the boy groups and the other loners. People, people everyone and such wonderful peace and quiet.

The phone rings and someone I met on one of the dating sites I previously mentioned is on the other end wanting me to pick up the phone. As I am in a fairly anti-social mood I figure it is better for both of us and my reputation as the nice one (don’t laugh!) to ignore the call send a polite I’m sorry message and continue this post. The call cuts off, message sent and the phone resumes its jingle imploring me to ‘ANSWER THE SODDING PHONE‘. One day I will learn my lesson and not give out my number – when I am not sure but I feel it is coming soon. The days that mobile phones were used in emergency only have long been forgotten and now with myself being one such individual like many others out there is usually glued to her tech device that does everything bar take a dump for you.

Now back to me . . .

I can safely say that I don’t think I am the only person in the world that feels fowl when it gets to a certain point in the month. However I can only speak for myself and I much prefer to be left completely alone if possible. That being said when I am at home I rarely get time alone to shit in peace so I seek solace elsewhere (the coffee shop) where my laptop and headphones are my great companions that assist me in shutting out the outside world whilst cracking on with doing just me. As you can tell I am quite an insular person that is more than happy to enjoy my own space without interruption or distraction.

When it is you time of the month how do you shut out everyone else? For guys do you have grumpy periods in the month where you just cannot be bothered with others?

Open up people, don’t just hit like actually say your piece. If it offends someone then they choose to read it and have to deal with it.


Love, Sex and Other Stuff

At the moment the presence of love in my life is pretty much non-existent but the sex oh no sir! I do not make a habit of skipping merrily between sexual partners as I am not a predator but more a creature of habit so as long as a clean bill of health is there and we know a bit about one another then why not. Many may admonish this behaviour as tactless but when you are single and young (bordering!) why is it so wrong to have fun.

There is the age old debate of when men do it they are legends and woman branded slappers but you know what that is such a ludicrous thought that the majority of people who think that way are either too old to be banging someone else or just attached to someone else.

It is rare that I write like this on this blog but taking my blog back to its ‘roots’ (yes I said it!) I think it is time for me to just write sometimes instead of following form and complying with the masses. If you read it then hurrah and if not then it is a place that I have been able to document my thoughts and feelings and if I feel to in the future share and/or look back and weep with shame or laugh my ass off.

Now on with the show.

Over the past week I have been reading more and more blogs about sex, love and the like and have found myself in stitches as the writers really have had some experiences that I have either shared or just gawped at whilst reading as I could only imagine such things happening to me. Whatever the weather fun seems to be the main word and I am looking to have more of it so hopefully my blog pages will be slightly more colourful. However knowing myself I will most likely fall into a relationship get a bit tubby and just crack on with the boring!