BEAUTY | Studio 8 with Clarins

Clarins GiftsA couple of months ago I attended my first John Lewis event, as we entered the store I felt a little nervous but as we approached the escalators my fears were soon quashed. We were welcomed by a lovely lady holding a sign who also directed us to the next member of staff who escorted us to the back office of the store (where the magic happens!). We were once again welcomed by one of lovely hosts and offered snacks and bubbles. Gratefully after rushing around during the day I put my bag down and indulged in the moment.

Fashion Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Fashion, Studio 8, Phase Eight, Autumn, Winter, AW15, Blog A Book Etc, FayWith a rack of clothes on one side and a massage chair and table full of beauty bits on the other I was ready to get stuck in. Surrounded by a number of other bloggers I was amazed by how chilled and friendly they all were – when I say amazed I guess that is a slightly harsh word, I just mean that after the day I had it was nice to be in the company of people who were so chilled with the same passion as mine.

Over at the beauty bar we were able to get a soothing back massage and a hand treatment which really was a nice cherry on top of a very tasty cake. I love Clarins products with any extra encouragement so this really was a nice treat to start the evening ahead. Whilst we were getting our hand treatment we were asked to take some snaps and enter a draw to win a large Clarins goody bag with some full sized products and other bits. All that was needed from us was to tweet about it and the funniest tweet won the prize. Unfortunately I was not the lucky winner of this awesome goody bag but it went to a lovely welsh blogger called Duniye – everyone was lovely but I just loved her accent and she travelled a fair way to be there so she definitely deserved that little extra.

Clarins, Beauty, Spa, Beauty Blogger, Blogger, Blog A Book Etc, FayNot sure what happened with my hair there but I had a rough day so cut me some slack!!!

Onto the evening ahead. . .

We were sat down and involved in a discussion about current plus size fashion in correlation with smaller sized clothing and what ladies of such sizes really want. We were then shown a range of clothing (Studio 8) that I have to say really did take my breath away, with soft greys amongst bright patterns I just wanted to try it all on. Of course this was the next step for the evening ahead. Studio 8, Phase Eight, AW15, Work Attire, Fashion, Business Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Blogger, Blog A Book Etc, FayA dressing room was cordoned off just for us and we had the assistance of our own personal stylist and photographer. Posing for photos is something that I really don’t enjoy but what better time to get over myself and just get on with it (this is something that I am still battling with but hopefully will come out of my shell sooner rather than later).

Studio 8, Phase Eight, AW15, Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Blogger, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Studio 8 Night at John Lewis dress and cardigan coatLooking back over the photos I want it all, I did feel pretty silly standing there with my hands on my hips but hey, getting in the spirit was extremely fun. My favourite section had to be the cardigans as they were all just so wonderful and snugly and exactly what I wanted for the winter ahead. The materials were soft, well cut and easily matched with other items that you would wear on a daily basis. Pairing them with the jeans and converse that I wore to the event I think I managed a very casual and comfy look.

As we went to leave we were given a goody bag it was fully of delightful goodies for us to take home including something for the men in our lives. It also came with a very pretty cosmetics bag.

John Lewis, Clarins, Gift Bag, Blogger Event, Event, Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Beauty, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

John Lewis, Clarins, Beauty, Men, Beauty Blogger, Blog A Book Etc, FayCute right?!

Do you have a favourite Clarins product?

Have you seen the Studio 8 brand yet?

Season Change

Lavender, Autumn, Blog A Book Etc, FayEven though we are almost at the end of November and the season change is apparent things have been extremely busy for me at work and home. It is rare that I get minute to just take a step back and look around. With that in mind over the past couple of weeks I have managed to take a couple of strolls. Whilst out and about I have been snapping until my hearts content.

Seasons, Autumn, Blog A Book Etc, FayDespite a lot of dead leaves it was all just so beautiful. The fact that next to a pile of dry old twigs is a beautiful red, orange and yellow tree. Just think when you are feeling sad about the summer passing you by you can look up and around and see all of this. My back garden is one of the places that on my days off I like to potter about with a big cuppa and just take it all in.

Trees, Treelined, Blog A Book Etc, FayUnfortunately my dog can only go for short walks now due to his arthritis and a couple of other issues with his muscles and legs. Despite having to walk quite slow it is always lovely when you see such beauty all over. We walked around a couple of local streets and took in the sights and although it was freezing these colours really lifted my mood.

Dogs, Labrador, Black Labrador, Autumn, Seasons, Blog A Book Etc, FayAfter the streets we hit the park and he just loved it. Whilst I was walking around with my camera up in the air and all about the place Hector was rolling around in the leaves having a ball. This park is not far from our house and the first park he ever visited as a puppy so it definitely has a place in both of our hearts. At this time of the year it really is just beautiful as it is surrounded by trees and plants. True beauty.

Yellow, Autumn, Seasons, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Conkers, Orange, Berries, Autumn, Seasons, Blog A Book Etc, FayWhenever I see conkers that have dropped from the trees I know it is autumn. Back in my primary school days we used to make up all sorted of games with conkers. It really does make me think about all of the unnecessary things that children have to entertain them these days. BUT saying that – times change right?!

Blue Skies, Autumn, Seasons, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

It has been a great couple of weeks embracing my camera and just putting my school work to one side whilst enjoying the great changes happening around me. The last couple of pictures are from my back garden and the park we visited, the colours are just outstanding and the fact that despite being so cold old the sky was still bright blue really did once again lift my mood.

What do you like about the change of season?

Men’s Winter Footwear ’15

Mens, Winter, Fashion, Footwear, Adidas, Converse, Nike, Blog A Book Etc, FayPack up your short sleeve shirts and vests with shorts and get out the warm winter woollies with scarves, gloves and hats. Men’s Winter footwear really has got better over the past couple of years, with the birth of the metro-sexual man designers have had to step up their game for the ‘average’ man. From ear muffs to cosy socks it’s not only the ladies that can stay warm and on trend.

Usually I only post about the fashion I like to wear, look at and wish for in the near future. As most of you will know if you have been reading over the past year is that the Mr is quite a prominent part of my life. We are not your typical out every Friday night kinda couple, BUT when we do go out we like to make an effort. I would say that I am going to include his thoughts but he really isn’t that into fashion, as long as it’s comfortable he will wear it!

Winter Boots

Timberland, Clarks, Russell & Bromley, Jack & Jones, Boots, Mens, Footwear, Winter, Blog A Book Etc, Fay1. Jack & Jones Monton Leather Boots
£75 – ASOS

At first thought we both looked at these and thought that they looked very similar to a pair of Timberland. Personally I think they would make good every day footwear as if kept clean they can be smart casual. Now i’m not saying put them on for a night out but with a pair of jeans and a jumper for a nice pub lunch – you’re away!

2. Clarks Bushwick Hi Black Leather Boots
£60 – Clarks (Previously £90)

For years now I have been a lover of Chelsea boots and these are my choice from the winter selection of Clark’s mens footwear. The perfect mix of hardy and sleek and at just the right price. These are perfect for a night out at the weekend with jeans and a shirt or even trousers for a smarter look.

3. Timberland Splitrock Hiker 2
£110 – Timberland

Dog walking and days rambling through the nearest common or forest. These boots are ideal for everyday wear and those days that most boots just are not cut out for. Even in the pouring rain these boots stay in shape and look good. Despite the price they really do last a long time (I had a pair of the female version!).

4. Russell & Bromley Poplar Dress Boots
£225 – Russell & Bromley

Ever wonder what to wear to one of these trendy hipster cocktail bars throughout London. These are perfect for an evening out somewhere even if it is your local boozer. Comfortable and long lasting when looked after with the correct care these boots can be paired with a sharp suit or dressed down with a sports jacket and jeans.


Adidas, Converse, Nike, Nike Town, Size?, Footwear, Winter, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

1. Adidas mi Gazelle – Customized
£80 – Adidas

It’s always nice to have some footwear that you know that no-one else will have. There are only a couple of choices for a sole but there are plenty of other options to choose from for the rest of the shoe. This particular trainer is available for men and women and this particular design is one that I made for myself. The colours just seemed to fit together, that being said out of all of the colour choices the Mr was on board with my choices.

2. Converse All Star Double Collar Ox
£55 – JD Sports

Everybody loves a good pair of Converse right?! I know that I do. From traipsing to and from work to weekend trips to the Flower Market, my converse have seen me through all weathers and many different types of trips. They come in a variety of colours and sizes and nice cheap pair of kicks to get you through the season. Dress them up or down, either way you will be comfortable.

3. Nike Air Max 90 Mid Winter
£110 – Nike

A snug fitting shoe with an inner sleeve for added warmth on those cold blustery days. Nike seemed to have pulled it out of the bag with the little added extra to their previous well known and loved Air Max 90 shoe. Saying that both myself and the other half like these. This post seems to have prompted a visit to Nike Town or Footlocker at least!

4. Nike Flyknit Roshe
£96.99 – Office

When you are trying to keep yourself trim over the winter it can be difficult with so much yummy chow surrounding you. Mince pies, roast dinners and of course lots of chocolate are stacked on your nearest supermarkets shelves in abundance. Ditch the pies and pick up these beauts before heading to the gym or for a run.

One thing I have noticed about mens footwear after making my selection for this post is the functionality. For myself I have different shoes for different outfits and types of outing, whereas the man in my life has a couple of well rounded pieces of footwear that are quite universal. I think I need to start thinking about a capsule wardrobe – I’ll probably end up asking the hubby for tips!

Do you like my choices?

What would you choose?