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Happy 1stDecember you lovely lot – I haven’t been around for a while despite my last post about getting back into the game. BUT I have a very valid reason for my absence! I HAD A BABY – yes peeps it’s not just me anymore, I am responsible for another human. However, the month of December is upon us and time is flying by at an alarming rate. It has been a long year but the past month seems to have vanished into thin air so I have no doubt that this month will be gone in a wink so I am trying to get through my December to do list before things get on top of me.

My December To Do List

Put Tree Up | The tree is in the box and ready to be put up, it’s just finding the time between looking after baby and the rest of life. Once the tree is up and we have all of the decorations out it really does start to feel Christmassy around here. We are a little late on the organisation side of things this year – blame the baby!

Write Christmas Cards | Usually by this time I have a list of cards to write and have reached the half way mark – once again it’s the baby! That being said my list is not far off complete and I have my cards and stationery ready and waiting.

Fill Christmas Eve box| The box I chose wasn’t massive so there may be an additional bag in the mix, but my aim is to fill it with some awesome little Christmas treats for bub and me. There will be a post about what goes into the box so keep your eyes peeled.

Christmas Market | I love a good Christmas market and there are so many good ones out there. I’d love to get up to Winter Wonderland, but I might stay a little closer to home and head to Winterville – looking at some of the pictures from last year it looks so cute. If you have been, I’d love to know how it went for you?!

Christmas Movie Marathon | It’s time to get out all of my favourite Christmas movies as well as other favourite films and plot up for the day. This is the perfect day to snack throughout the day, so it is the perfect opportunity to get all of my favourite foods and just veg out. Once again there will be a post of what is on my list. Do you have a favourite Christmas film?

Wrap presents with Christmas soundtrack | This has been a tradition in our house for so many years and it really does mean that Christmas is just around the corner. Our album of choice is Christmas with Nat & Dean and although it is on repeat whilst wrapping it doesn’t get annoying. Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

List of Appreciation | This may sound a little bit odd but this year I have had a lot to be grateful for and I look forward to listing it all, so it is there in front of me. It hasn’t been the easiest year and there have been a lot of things that haven’t gone according to plan, but I am so grateful for everything that has gone right. What are you grateful for that has happened this year?

Of course, there are other things that happen across the course of the month, but these are the main branches to the tree (see what I did there – ok! Mum joke!).

A list of things to do in December to prepare for Christmas, My December To Do List, December, Organisation, December To Do List, BlogMas, Fay Simone, Blogger

Do you have a list of things that you get up to through the month of December?

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Right about now I really want to get myself sorted and start blogging again.

I have lists upon lists of ideas that I want to blog about but I think the one thing that I am going to do is get rid of those lists and start afresh. This is not a post where I go on about having a full time job and blogging as things have changed and life goes on. There is a high percentage of bloggers that have full time jobs and keep their blogs more than afloat so there really isn’t any excuse. I work shifts so in the future I am a going to take a leaf out of my old organised blogging book and plan ahead.
There will be no promises until I get into an actual routine but one thing that I really want to have at the forefront of my mind is that I want the direction of my blog to change. I want my blog out there and I want it to mean something.
Do you ever feel like you want to be more out there but you’re not sure quite how to go about it?
If you have any suggestions then please don’t be a stranger!

Happy 70th Birthday NHS, NHS 70, NHS, Nursing, Life of A Nurse, Nurse Life, Blogger, Fay Simone

Happy 70th Birthday NHS

Do you value the NHS?

From cradle to grave the NHS is one of the greatest achievements this country has, one that continues to function under the continuous pressures. Though forever changing and adapting in a method that some may deem darwinism it prevails over all that continues to be thrown at it.

Happy 70th Birthday NHS, NHS 70, Big 7Tea, NHS, Nursing, Life of A Nurse, Nurse Life, Blogger, Fay Simone

Can you see yourself getting old?

Think about it… Over the time it takes you to get there think about how many times that you would have been in and out of your local or any other hospital, to your GP, seen a health visitor or any other medical professional along the line. If all of the hard working individuals that work for the NHS making it what it is today and continuing to keep it ticking over put all of their hours together there would be a significant amount of time of the clock. Enough time to save a life some may say, enough time to make a significant difference at least. Think of it in air miles – around the world isn’t far enough even twice. 

From 1948 until the present and far into the future (I hope) the NHS is the one pillars of the community that despite vigorous scrutiny remains a constant and pushes through all of the tough times, fighting battle for us all and coming out on the other side wounded, battered and severely bruised but still fighting for another day. The stories that have been told from day one right up until today and the stories that are yet to be told are those that will be listened to in awe – whether bad or good the NHS is always there. 

It may have days where it is thin on the ground and seems a little old and frail, as we all will at some point. However, please remember that with time it continually evolves and like a phoenix rising from the flames is reborn again ready to take on yet another challenge. As a nurse, a patient and relative that has at many times in my life in some way been intertwined with this great being I am personally grateful for the NHS. With both of my parents being NHS retirees the NHS is always something that will be special to me.

Happy 70th Birthday NHS, NHS 70, NHS, Nursing, Life of A Nurse, Nurse Life, Blogger, Fay Simone

This photo was taken at the hospital I am proud to work for showing the changes that have happened over the years. Plus right in the middle there (bottom pic) is my Head of Nursing – I’m very proud.

Why do I love the NHS?

Well, that’s for me to know. BUT, I hope that you will join me in saying Thank You and HUGE HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY. This day is especially personal to our family as every year on the 5th July we celebrate my dad’s birthday and my parents anniversary even though he is no longer with us. So as you can imagine this is a triple whammy for me.

Happy Birthday to my beloved NHS and I wish you many more.

**I cannot take credit for any of the media used in this post so please click on the images/media for the links to where I found them – if I have used one of your images and you are not happy with this please email me or direct message me via Twitter – Many Thanks**




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20 Weeks Pregnant, join me by saying #ThankYouMidwife!

Yep I did the deed, took a test, said it out loud and it’s happening. I’m 20 Weeks pregnant and still in a bit of shock if I’m completely honest. I’ve had a few appointments and I can safely say that some doctors can be pretty bloody unpleasant – not all of them obviously but my particular Obstetric Consultant wasn’t exactly a bundle of fun. After being told that I had a high BMI, I was then told that despite the numerous birth option out there I am limited to but a few due to my significant mass. Being a nurse I am perfectly aware of my BMI as well as the risks that go alongside having a high BMI, on top of the lack of evidence to support a lot of the decisions made purely on height and weight measurements – this is something however that was not even considered and I was treated like a child who needed to be spoken at rather than in open conversation. Just FYI here guys my BMI is not tipping the scales hence the upset. THEN the midwife saved the day. At this current moment in time all of the midwifes here are superheroes to me.

If you don’t know already (i’m sure you do!) there is the ongoing campaign to say Thank You to all Midwives in the UK and from the perspective of a nurse and expectant mother this is something that is important to me. Pampers originally launched the campaign over the Christmas period and publicised that they would donate £1 per social media post with the hashtag #ThankYouMidwife – this campaign has however continued and that is just wonderful.

The aim of the campaign is to donate a pound for each social media post to the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Benevolent Fund – we are sharing much deserved appreciation for a group of people who give it their all 100% of the time, no less but plenty more. It’s not always smiles and tears of joy they experience at times it’s tears of sadness and a feeling of being bereft whilst not knowing what to say to a mother in her time of need. This is our chance to be there for them.

So… getting back to my lovely midwife saving the day, from a nurse and mother to be #ThankYouMidwife you are bloody awesome – her name is Emily (I don’t want to put her full name as I don’t have permission) and she works at St George’s Hospital in Tooting – Thank You Emily you are amazing and I am lucky to have you as part of my team of midwives. To anyone reading this that have had the privilege of being cared for by a midwife or knows someone that has been or even is a midwife please share a message on social media with the tag #ThankYouMidwife and tag @PampersUKIre on Facebook, #Pampersworld on Instagram or @Pampers_UK on Twitter to give something back that will cost you nothing but a couple of seconds away from the regular time we all know that we love to spend on social media!

Moving on . . .

I am 20 Weeks pregnant and as far as I know things seem to be going well. I have my 2nd scan on Monday 2nd July (20 Week anomaly scan – things are done a little different to the US!) and even though things have progressed I am still very nervous. Apparently in the second trimester you start to feel a bit like your ‘old (pre-pregnancy) self’ and I can see that in me right now – personally I have never felt less pregnant and actually called the midwife for a heartbeat check – once again #ThankYouMidwife. 

There is plenty more to be said about how amazingly overwhelming the experience has been from start to where I currently am. The problem I have however is that for the first time in my life I just don’t have the words. On that note, ill leave it there and get back to you sooner rather than later I hope!

Are you pregnant?

Let me know, would be great to chat!

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It’s International Women’s Day 2018 beautiful ones.

It is a day to share the love, discuss our thoughts and plan for the future and not only for ourselves but for the generations that follow. International Women’s Day shouldn’t only be thought of as a day for women but for what the female sex represents.

Feminism has been somewhat fashionable recently however there are a lot of people that don’t actually know what it means and actually embrace the reality of it. The dictionary definition of Feminism is ‘a doctrine or movement that advocates equal rights for women’. I would love to paint it high and bright and call myself a feminist but if I am going to be brutally honest I have all of the thoughts of a feminist but none of the gumption.

International Women's Day, Women's Day 2018, Lifestyle Blogger, Fay Simone, my mission, survive, thrive

That being said I honestly believe that we all have a deep dark feminist streak in us, the other thing I am pretty sure about is that a lot of us just don’t know how to unleash it. I am undoubtedly grateful for the many years of suffrage that I thankfully missed (oh what a millennial things to say!) and now have many luxuries in life owed to that period. I will sign petitions, I will join a march (or two!), I will campaign online but that at the moment this is my limit not only physically but emotionally and mentally right. Of course things change but for now I am firmly in my corner fighting the good fight on paper, screen and foot.

Everyone has an idol, someone that they look up to and see as a role model. There are so many inspiring women out there but a few of the ones that really inspire me are the likes of Coretta Scott King, Maya Angelou, Meryl Streep and in a very odd way Margaret Thatcher. They might all sound a bit wanky to say but you know what it really is a personal thing and they are all very different but the same in a weird way.

International Women's Day, Women's Day 2018, Lifestyle Blogger, Fay Simone, embrace, be yourself

Who are the wonderful women that inspire you?