5 Flamingo Gifts

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A couple of weeks ago the lovelies at Flamingo Gifts sent me a few bits and bobs to try out and share with you guys that pop by every now and then and read what I have to say about life, beauty and general chit chat – you get the gist.

The items that I received are things that I can use every day and so far have had a lot of fun with each one. Before I get started I cannot recommend Flamingo Gifts highly enough for their personal touch to gifts and wonderful customer services. Check them out on their Website, Twitter and Instagram.

Now with the introductions out of the way on to the fabulous bits I am using.

Dog Make Up Bag, Raw Xclusive, Make Up Bag, Flamingo Gifts, Gifts, Blog A Book Etc, FayDog Make Up Bag Raw Xclusive – £22.99 down to £19.54

As most of you know (if you don’t check my Instagram!) I love my dog and the Mr’s dog too and this little make up bag was just perfect for me. However I don’t wear make up to work so I use this little beaut for my keys, oyster card and random bits of change which is great. It sits in most of my handbags without taking up too much space and saves me digging in my bag for those little essentials.

Frog Shower Cap, Shower Cap, Bathroom, Bath, Shower, Cleansing, Beauty, Green

Frog Shower Cap – £4.50 down to £3.82

When I was a little girl I always remember my mum buying a me a pair of wellington boots with frogs eyes on the toes of each boot. There are so many cute shower caps to choose from but this one jumped out at me and I am so glad it did.

For the price it is great quality and considering I have quite a large head it fits very well (even when my hair is au natural!). I tend to use this particular shower cap when I am leaving a conditioner in for a while as it has no lining and can be washed out without having a bad effect on the cap.

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Recycled Lucky Buddha Beer Glass – £9.99 down to £8.49

This choice was made purely for himself as he likes quirky things like this and a buddha beer glass – let’s face it what is more quirky than that! He doesn’t really drink beer but it’s cool nevertheless.

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Freaking Organised Sticky Notes – £3.99 down to £3.39

This is a bit of an obvious one! Being the sort of person who likes to write a list of lists of lists this sort of thing is perfect for my Filofax – all I need now is the time to be creative!

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Ted Baker Coral Touchscreen Pen – £16.99 down to £14.44

Always nice to have a fancy pen and one that doubles up as a stylus is always a positive right. The pen itself is beautiful to write with and I use it mostly for my list writing and organising my diary instead of writing my notes at the end of a shift! For long sets of writing I prefer a pen that has a grip and is a bit thicker as it doesn’t make my hands seize up as quickly so this one is perfect for those short stints of writing.

Time Goes By

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Is it just me or have the past couple of weeks just flown by?! Between work and sleep I have had little time to do anything else. The rest of my time has been taken up by getting back into the swing of going to the gym and swimming and I have to say it is totally worth it as I feel so good after doing my lengths every other day. I have always been a pretty active person but lately I seem to have caught the itis (and not just after food!)! Everything is just so much effort and I would much rather relax than over do it!

Over the next couple of weeks I am hoping to break my non blogging cycle as I have a few posts in the pipeline that I am loving right about now. In the shorter scheme of things I will be looking out for new blogs to read and catching up with old ones too! Bloglovin‘ is an amazing thing isn’t it! All of my favourite blogs in one place!

In the meantime (!) WATCH THIS SPACE!

The Tide is High – Nails Inc

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Whilst perusing the latest of this months mags in the supermarket In Style jumped out at me not only for the beaut of a polish from Nails Inc but for the cover title of Read More →

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