Pamper Session

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On Sunday after a trip to the Flower Market I decided to have a little pamper session. Mainly because I was soaking wet and just felt a bit meh at the time. Now pampering to me should be an all over experience but today I cut that down to lips, hands and nails.

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The Lush Lip Scrub is one of my favourites from that particular shop and I have to say my lips are so used to being looked after by this awesome little pot of joy that I think they might just weep without it. I have previously used the Bubblegum and Popcorn scent but they seemed to dry up a lot quicker than this one so not only for the awesome scent of Mint and the refreshing tingle but for the long lasting feature of this particular one is my choice made.

Do you have a favourite lip product?

Carmex is a brand that I have used for years and is just basic maintenance for my lips before and after scrubbing. It maintains softness and smells divine (cherries!). I use the dippy tub for days off and the tube version for whilst I am at work with the mint flavour for that extra ZING! The tube version at work is best for infection control!

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My collection of Essie polishes is growing steadily but this one in particular is an Autumn favourite. Now I know we haven’t quite finished Summer yet but I wanted something dark and with staying power. For dinner the other night I wore ‘Thigh High’ which started to chip quickly as I didn’t put a top coat on. The decision today was made by going through a selection process and A decided on this one overall. I have to say that I most definitely agree on the colour and hope it stays as we are going away tomorrow.

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After my top coat was dry I lathered this amazing balm onto my hands and wrists. This particular Aesop balm is a handbag staple of mine that I take too and from work and everywhere else that I can remember. On days off I use it for mini pampering sessions and it is just the most deluxe feeling when rubbed in.

Have you tried it? Do you like it?

Happy Birthday to Me!

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So today is my birthday! Yesterday afternoon the hubby took me to my favourite flower market in London and how lovely that it was only about 15 minutes from the house. Despite the grey clouds and the rain lightly coming down at the time we left the house we continued on our venture for my bedside flowers!

Luckily as well as raincoats we took an umbrella, the one thing I didn’t change was my footwear. Twice in one week and i’m left with wet stocks – what has a girl gotta do to get some sun to her feet! Especially as the tootsies have been painted and everything. Anyway back to the market – as usual the area was packed but this time we were able to grab a cup of coffee at what I only knew as ‘the hatch place that serves coffee’!!
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So now I know the name of the shop is ‘Captured By’ – what I didn’t know is that if you want coffee you can only seem to get it queuing outside. As it was pelting down by the time we got to the hatch we headed inside to find a queue only to find sparsely laid out items for sale and coffee being handed to customers THROUGH the hatch! Back out we went and up went the umbrella again.

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Whilst waiting in line we bumped into a family who had already got their fare from the market. And what a beautiful choice they made with two beautiful colours for hydrangea and some other bits I have no clue of the name.

Do you know the name for those beautiful green buds?

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After a little chat about rainwater and saving bills of hair washing (it was a little weird!) – Ladies & Gents I can tell you now that if you are ever caught in the rain at Columbia Road Flower Market and you want a coffee this is one that is worth the wait (without sugar as it was left in the bottom!). Despite it being £2.50 for an unusually small flat white – I would pay it again and hopefully there would be less rainwater in my coffee next time.

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As we got ready to head into the crowd we spotted a couple (the woman is in the car!). We were almost doubled over in laughter, much like the other couple that had also spotted this couple. Luckily the couple also found it funny as they tried to figure out how to fit the tree of gargantuan size into a Prius. Not a van or even a 4×4 but a PRIUS!!! We left before spotting the end result but live in hope that the plant was flexible to bend without breaking.

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Within a couple of steps into the crowd the rain started to fall a little harder. As we were determined to get in and out with as little faff as possible the umbrella came down and we went under! As I was now on a time limit for photo opportunities I had to be fast and quite accurate.

Red Roses, Roses, Flowers, Columbia Road Flower Market, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

These were the first beauts that I laid my eyes on and aren’t they just gorgeous. All packed together so tightly but blooming individually in their own right. Not wanting to separate one from the sea of red I decided to leave it there and walk away.

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Next up were these gorgeous Sunflowers – now correct me if i’m wrong but they may be Gerbera’s but from recollection by eye they look like sunflowers! Something about the fact that it was pouring down but these just looked so cheerful drew me closer!

Are they sunflowers? Do they make you smile like me?

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Moving slightly over the way – not only can you see how saturated the ground is with mother nature’s finest but aren’t these blooms just lovely to look at. Once again I am unsure of the name and couldn’t see a name plaque anywhere so up until now I have named them ‘wild flowers’. These make me think of vintage weddings with mason jar candle lights and plenty of bunting.

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Everyone loves Hydrangeas right? With 3 stems for £10 I had to say no but could not resist getting a couple of snaps. As the sun started to shine through the rain I thought it was the perfect time for a pit stop and some serious snapping.

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As you can see there were three different colours so if I were to buy some I would have to go for one of each. Such subtle colours would fit with most room schemes so why not splash the cash for a little bit of living in your room?!

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Another flower with no name but irresistible to the camera lens. So guys, help me out here – what is spiky, purple and quite pleasing to the eye at the flower market?! They look very exotic don’t you think!

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We made it to the end of the stalls and decided that getting under the umbrella was best and heading back was an even better idea. As we turned and got ready to plough through this was our view. Hmmm!

Extra Large Cactus, Cactus, Cacti, Spikey, Plant, Green, Columbia Road Flower Market. Blog A Book Etc, Fay

As we eventually made it through the throng of bustling wet bodies and cute doggies (check out Mr Man here!) I almost walked into this spiky beastie. Now I love cacti but this bad boy was sadly left at the market as we currently have nowhere to put it. If we did have somewhere to store it my next question would be the price and right about now I doubt that would happen either.

Do you like Cacti?

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We finally made it out and despite being drench from head to stocks we were happy campers and ready to eat. Homeward bound for a bacon sarnie we hot-footed it out of there as quick as possible. If only we knew the sun would be coming out sooner rather than later, maybe we would have changed our minds and stayed put.

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Safely back in the car and my lovely buds are just waiting to flourish. I was told that in bloom they would be a dark pink so I look forward to seeing these beauts come to life. I think they enjoyed the rain whilst we were out but their wrapping seemed to be a little worse for wear. What happened to wrapping flowers in plastic – I suppose the planet is thanking us for using brown ‘recycled’ paper.

This post has been quite picture heavy but I do hope that you liked my snaps. If there are any in particular that you liked and would like to see more of the same do let me know. I love to take pictures and to have little projects always gets the mind going so let me know!

As I mentioned at the top of this post it is my birthday today. A is taking me away somewhere unknown (all I have been told is that it is coastal and not Pontins!). Of course I will be getting snap happy so you will be able to see what we get up to – within reason of course.

Have a great Monday.

Birthday Time

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Over the next couple of days I will be working but after a stretch of three long days I will be off for about a week. As I get older I need more time to get over a night out or even a day so I figured what better time than now to celebrate an entire Birthday Week. Monday 24th is the big day so hopefully between now and then I can fit in some posts!

Champagne, Alcohol, Beverages, Celebration, Drink, Blog A Book Etc, FayWhat I Will Be Doing

– Shopping

– Pampering

– Relaxing


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With my nearest and dearest it will be a week of celebratory actions that I am hoping will keep my nice and chilled as I tread carefully into my 29th year.

Have you recently celebrated a birthday or do you have one coming up?

What are your plans?

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